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McCormick, Bart E. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 28, Number 2 (Dec. 1926)

Alumni news,   pp. 72-73

Page 72

                                            Alumni News
    Notices of engagements, marriages, births, and deaths should be brief,
definite and accurate.  Correct spelling of proper names should
receive careful attention.  Requests to insert pictures should be accompanied
by 13 em half tone copper cutof 133 screen or by photograph
and check for $2.50.
Faculty Louise Lockwood, Seymour, Conn.,
1914 to Russell CARPENTER, Madison.! Miss
      Lockwood, a graduate of the Yale Uni-
      versity School of Music, is assistant
      professor of music at the University.
      Mr. Carpenter is vice-president of the
      Realty Investment Company, Madi-
1920  Elizabeth LAMB, Janesville, to Glenn
      Jones, Merrimac.  Mr. Jones is a
      graduate of the Short Course in Agri-
      culture, 1917.
1922  Helen CHASE to Edward Hamlin. Mr.
      Hamlin is a graduate of Washington
      University at St. Louis.,   .
ex' 23 Winifred' HASE to Linden MORE-
ex '22 HousE, both of Milwaukee'.
1924  Mildred OWENS, Utica, N. Y., to Olin
      Ten Eyck, Ilion-, N.1Y.
ex '25 Caroline STRAUSS to Jacob: ALSCHU-
1923  LER. Mr. Alschuler received his law
      degree from the University of Chicago
      law school this year and is now prac-
      ticing in Aurora, Ill.
1925. Laura WHITE, Washington, D. C., to
      Gor.don Taylor, formerly of Madison.
1925  Katherine MORTON to Clifford NOLTE,
ex '25 both of Wauwatosa..
ex '26 Mildred Johnson, Madison, -to Rowen
      JOHNSTONE, Jr., ReedsburA.
1927  Marjory BIGGAR, Oak Park,* Ill., to
      John H. Lucas II, Kansas City, Mo.
Faculty Marie BoissoT' to Maui-ice Weiler,
      Miss Boissot, who received her M. A.
      degree from the University in 1926,
      is an instructor in the department of
      Romance languages. Mr. Weiler, who
      completed his work in the Ecole Nor-
      male Superieurs, Paris,. in 1925, is
      lecturer in French.
1901  Mrs. Nellie GILLILAND   Tirrill to
      Laurance Wilkinson, June 13. After
      a wedding trip to Alaska they took up
      their residence at Newport Beach,
1901 Katherine Crocker to Neely PARDEE,
      September 25, 1926. At home at 2517
      Blaisdell Ave., Minneapolis, Minn.
ex '05 Agnes -VINCENT, Milton, to Paul
ex '03 TAYLOR, Janesville, in September.
      At home in Milton.- ,
1912  Mary GRATIOT, Shullsburg, to John
      West, July 24, at West Palm Beach,
      Fla. At home at Raleigh, N. C.
1912  May Adams Lincoln, Louisville, Ky.,
      to Morris MITCHELL, Minneapolis,
      Minn., July 20.
ex '14 Martha Glogauer to G. B. SIPPEL,
      April 6. Mr. Sippel is superintendent
      of the American Diamalt Co., Cincin-
      nati, 0.
1915 Jennie Winsink, Plymouth, to Carl
      WEHRWEIN, Manitowoc, October 16.
1916  Marie Augier to Dr. Frank DowNs,
      November 9, at Toledo, 0. At home
      at 490 Post St., San Francisco, Calif.
1916 Emma Youmans to Winfield SMITH,
      August 16.   Mrs. Smith is doing
      graduate work at Northwestern Uni-
      versity, majoring in religious educa-
      tion. Mr. Smith is studying at the
      Dental School of the same university.
ex '16 Frankie TRAINOR to Prof. Laurence
1910  F. GRABER, October 25, at Jackson
      Miss. Mrs. Graber was formerly a
      member of the staff of the dean of
Katherine Morton,    Adeline Pepper Bowen,
       '25                    '25
      women at the University and later
      went to the University of Arizona as
      assistant dean oLwomen. Mr. Graber
      is professor of agronomy at the Uni-
      versity. At home after January 1 in
      the Vroman Apts., 152 W. Gorham St.
ex '17 Nathalie Groesbeck, Fond du Lac, to
      Henry CASSELL, Hot Springs, Ark.,
      September 4.
1917  Vivant Mary Stewart, Chicago; to
      Leo SCHAEFER, June 16, at Villanova,
      Pa. At home at Meribon & Lancaster
      Ave., Bryn Mawr, Pa. Mr. Schaefer is
      professor of business administration at
      Villanova College, Pa.
1918  Martha HEALEY to George BOTHUM,
1916  October 16, at Webster Groves, Mo.
1918  Catherine! HIGGINS, Madison, to
1924  Claude KENNEDY, Waukesha, Oc-
      .tober 16. At home at 857'N. 12th St.,
 1918 Gertrude Baker to Joseph B. WEHI,
      both of' Oconohnowoc, October 23.
1920 Virginia Ellis, Roanoke, Va., to Don
      HARRISoN, June 29.
ex '20 Lenore Andes, Shelbyville, Ill., to
      Leroy HASENPFLUG, Cleveland, 0., in
1920  Orpah MOE to Norman Anderson,
      September 14. At home at the Black-
      stone Apts., 102 E. 19th St., Minne-
      apolis, Minn.
1920  Margaret REEDDER to Edward Huke,
      New York City, June 19. At home at
      2437 Broadway, ToledoO.
1920  Marie WiTTWER, Madison, to Robert
      Brannen, Seattle, Wash., October 27.
      At home in Seattle.
1920  Joycelin Woody to Bertram ZILMER,
      September 29. At home in New York
      City, where Mr. Zilmer is associated
      with the New York World.
1921  Celia Gazerwitz, Appleton,. to Leo
      'CONNEY, Ripon, October 10. At home
      at 3814 Sheffield Ave., Chicago.
1921  Gladys Clark, to Herbert MUTH, both
      of Milwaukee, October 30. At home
      in Milwaukee, where Mr. Muth is
      employed with the Allis-Chalmers Co.
ex '17 Edith Strassburger 'to Otto JUNG Jr,,
      October 6.
1921  Leonore WEBER to Dr. Granville
      Allison Bennett, May 15, at Keokuk,
      Ia. At home at Burkley PI., Iowa
      City, Ia.  Dr.- Bennett is on the
      surgical staff of the University Hos-
      pital, Iowa City.
1922  Mildred BLAKELY,    Evansville, to
      Charles Deer, Platteville, November
      4. At home in Platteville.
1922  Martha Buell to Louis-SLICHTER, both
1917  of Madison, October 20. At home in
      Madison, where Mr. Slichter is con-
      nected with the engineering firm of
      Mason, Slichter and Hay.
1922  Josephine Elfers, Sheboygan, to Dr.
      C. J. DOYLE, Milwaukee, October 2.
      At home at 428 Cass St., Milwaukee.
1922  Elsie EKERN to William FISHER, both
1921 of Madison, November 20. At home
      in Madison, where Mr. Fisher is con-
      nected with the French Battery and
      Carbon Co.
1922  Alfa Linden to Lester GRIEM, October
      9, at Marinette. At home at 3041
      Boston Blvd., Detroit, Mich., where
      Mr. Griem is connected with Ernst
      and Ernst, certified public account-
1922  Iona IRISH to Dr. H. E. Tomlinson,
      Washington, D. C., October 3, at
Ellen Barton Cooley,   Helen Urschel 7anzvr,
      "The Little Church    Around the
      Corner," New York City. They were
      the first couple to be married at the
      new  "Brides' Altar" on the 78th
      anniversary of the founding of the
      famous church. Dr. and Mrs. Tom-
      linson are at home at 1304 Floral St.,
      N. W. Dr. Tomlinson is at the Walter
      Reed Hospital.
1922 Ellen SWETIL, Milwaukee, to Paul
1924  SMONGESKI, Two Rivers, August 10.
      At home at 511 Hawthorne Ave.,
      South Milwaukee.
1923 Edith CRANE, Burlington, 'to Dr.
      Robert Reinardy, Milwaukee, Oc-
      tober 16. At home at 4315 Lisbon
      Ave., Milwaukee.
1923  Edna DICKES, Greenville, .O., 'to Jesse
      Brumbaugh, October 2. -Mrs. Brum-
      baugh has been a teacher of French in
      the Warren, 0., high'school for the
      past three years. Mr. Brumbaugh, a
      gra~duate of the University of Michi-
      gan, is an attorney in Greenville.
ex '23 Jo Virginia DORING to John SWIFT,
1923 both of Darlington, September 6.
      At home in Milwaukee.'
*1923 Catherine Frisch, Madison,' to Fred-
      eriek ELLIsoI, Fond du Lac, October
      12. At home in the Windemere Apts.,
1923 Dorothy Yelker to Herman HuFFMAN,.
      both 6f Terra Haute, Ind., October 14,
      1925. At home in Oimiaha, Neb., where
      Mr. Huffman is a member of the
      Executive, Council and is Summer
      Camp Director Of' the Boy Scouts of
      America, Omaha Council.
1923 Lillian Johnson, Lodi, to Dr. Karl:
      RANG, Oshkosh, Oct6ber 30. At home
      at Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada,
      where . Dr. Rang is professor of
      pharmacy and chemistry in the Uni-
      versity of Saskatoon.
1923  Margaret Lobban, Wilton    Grove,
      Mich., to Martin ROBERTSON, Detroit,
      Mich., in October.   At- home in
      Wyandotte, Mich.
1923 -Grace Raught, Kaukauna, to Herbert
      WECKWERTH, October 16. At home
      at 315 Crooks Ave., Kaukauna.
1924  Rosalie Bishop, Chicago, to Bowman
      BREED, Racine, October 16. At home
      in Chicago, where Mr. Breed is em-
      ployed with the Underwriters' Labora-
Marie KOLICEK, Mishicot, to Frank
BUESE, October 11. At home at 522
Wisconsin Ave., Beloit.
1924 Evelyn Pfister, Sheboygan, to Harold
      MAIER, Antigo. October 16. At home
      in Sheboygan, where Mr. Maier is on
      the staff of the Sheboygan Press.
ex '24 Dorothy Halter, Cleveland Heights,
      to Henry NOBLE, October 16.
ex '25 Myrna Walden, Clinton, Ia;, to
      Herbert LLOYD, Milwaukee, August 2
ex '25 Lucy King, Rochelle, Ill., to Gladwyn
      MILLER, Compton, Ill., in August.
1925 Adeline PEPPER, Madison, to Robert
      Bowen, New York City, October 11.
      Both Mr. and .Mrs. Bowen are en-
      gaged in advertising and publicity
      work in New York.
1925 Helen URSCHEL, Bowling Green, 0., to
1925 Lorin JANZER, Milwaukee, June 30.
      At home in Milwaukee, where Mr.
      Janzer is employed in the city en-
      gineering department in the construc-
      tion of a new pumping station.
Louise Durham Mead,
' 25                   '25
December, 1926
' 26

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