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McCormick, Bart E. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 28, Number 2 (Dec. 1926)

UW clubs,   pp. 70-71

Page 71

received with gratifying enthusiasm.
He told us of the experimental college
which was to be introduced into the
College of Letters and Science wherein
proper perspective and   constructive
ideals gained through the study
of past historical eras that. had much
to do with the development of our
modern civilization. He told us of the
problems confronting the large educa-
tional institutions and of the splendid
way that Wisconsin was meeting the
  Our interest in our Alma Mater was
greatly increased  by  this splendid
presentation and the several organiza-
tions were reatlv benefited by the new
interest and spirit introduced. New
names were added to our rolls and a
unanimous& pledge of interest and help
was made.
  President Frank "sold" us the Uni-
versity- more than we had ever been
"sold" before and we appreciate and.
honor him as the head thereof. We are
"for" him and "for" the ideals for which
he stands.--HARRY S. KEDNEY, '14.
  The second meeting of the year was
held at the Radisson Hotel at noon on
November i 2th, 1926. The attendance
was below normal on account of the
activity of many of the members in
soliciting funds for the Minneapolis
  The first' order of business was the
election of officers for the year. The
following were elected: Harry S. Kedney,
president; Harry A. Bullis, vice presi-
dent; Albert Schaal, secretary and treas-
  A motion was made and carried that
dues for the. Association should be
raised to include the cost (meals in-
cluded), in advance, of all meetings to be
held during the year. A committee was
appointed to initiate this plan which
should greatly increase the attendance
at the meetings and, more important,
the-interest of the members.
  The athletic situation at Wisconsin
was discussed and a resolution was
passed unanimously commending George
Little for his efforts as director of ath-
letics. The discussion brought about
by this proposal showed an extra-
ordinary degree of faith in his ability
and pride in his accomplishments.
  A committee was appointed to make a
survey of the accomplishments of out-
standing football players in various
high school teams in the state with the
idea of examining their scholastic stand-
ing and if high, to try to persuade them
to go to Wisconsin.
  A cordial invitation is extended to all
Wisconsin people to meet with us on the
second Friday of each month at the Rad-
isson Hotel. The meetings will be at
noon or in the evening. For any informa-
tion desired, inquire of the manager of
the Radisson Hotel, Mr. Buckner, or of
Harry S. Kedney,% Kedney Warehouse
Company, Phone Geneva 5328;' Harry
A.Bullis, % Washburn Crosby Company,
Phone Atlantic 4700; Albert Schaal, %
Dunwoody Industrial Institute, Phone
Main 1350.-ALBERT SCHAAL,'15, Sec'y.
            NEW YORK
THE NEW        YORK Association re-
    cently held a meeting of the Exec-
utive Committee to discuss activities
for the Fall season.
  It was, decided to have the initial get-
together in the form of a tea dance to be
held on November 6th, the date of the
Wisconsin-Michigan game at Ann Ar-
bor. Harold J. Bentson, '24, was made
chairman of the committee placed in
charge of this affair and he arranged a
very attractive program.  The party
had not yet come off at this writing, but
arrangements for a direct wire giving
reports of the game play by play have
been made and these reports will be
interpreted on  a large blackboard.
There will be dancing throughout the
activities and tea served at the proper
  At the meeting it was also definitely
determined to have Wisconsin lunch-
eons on Tuesday of each week, the place
to be up town on the first and third
weeks and down town on the second and
fourth weeks. Edwin P. Kohl, '13, was
put in charge of the up town luncheons
and Edward J. Connell, 'i5, was made
made the ring leader of the down town
affair. As soon as the luncheon estab-ý-
lisnment in eacn locality is aennitely
determined, announcement will be made
to the Association members at large,
as we sincerely desire to have out-of-
town Wisconsinites attend these affairs
when in -town. As and when present
out-of-town alumni should take up
residence in New York or its environs,
we c9rdially -invite and earnestly re-
quest them to make their presence
known immediately to the secretary-
treasurer's office* of the New York
.Association which is 383 Madison Ave.,
New York City, telephone Vanderbilt
2642.-RANDOLPH BROWN, 'i6, Sec'y.
 PLANS for College Nite on November
    8, got under way with a meeting on
 the night of October 14 at the home
 of Amy Comstock.     President John
 Sherwood named Florence Blackmer,
 Elizabeth Gaston, and Crawford Wheeler
 on stunts; and Helen Carlson on cos-
 tumes. Thursday evening, the 2Ist, the
 crowd met again at Dr. and Mrs. Harry
 Dale Murdocks. And still going strong.
 TWO WISCONSIN University gradu-
    ates have been added to the faculty
 of the University of North Dakota this
 year. Eva S. Schairer, '19, instructor
 in Home Economics at the University
 of Wisconsin from 1921 to 1925, has
 been made head of the Home Econ-
 omics department at North Dakota.
 Ambrose D. Cannon, '24, graduate
 from the Coursein Journalism, has been
 made instructor in journalism. During
 the past year he has been on the copy
 desk of the Milwaukee 7ournal. Previous.
 to that he had several years experience
 as editor of The Herald, Algoma, Wis.
   Other faculty members who are Wis-
 consin alumni are: Ezra T. Towne, '97,
 dean of the School of Commerce;
 Elwyn F. Chandler, who did his gradu-
 ate work 1897-99, dean of the College
 of Engineering'; Raymond R. Hitchcock,
 '07, head of the Mathematics Depart-
 ment; 0. G. Libby, '92, head of the
 American history department; Jesse
 H. Bond, who did graduate work in
 1915, professor of economics; Roy L.
French, '23, head of the journalism de-
partment; Edgar A. Baird, '14, associate
professor in biology; E. W. Bcllinger,
'23, head. of the manual arts depart-
ment; Louis 0. Anderson, 'i5, assistant
prDfessor in psychology.
          OHIO A. A. U. W.
Is Entertained by Wisconsin Alumniee
THE WISCONSIN members of the
    Cincinnati Branch of the A. A. U. W.
were most fortunate in having the op-
portunity to spend an afternoon with
Mrs. Marvin Rosenberry at the home of
Mrs. Robert Olesen (Florence Watson),
  Mrs. Rosenberry addressed the Ohio
Branch of the A. A. U. W. at a banquet
at the Gibson Hotel on October twenty-
third. "The Wisconsin alumnae were
seated at a special table directly in front
of the speaker.
  Those present were Mrs. Robert Ole-
sen  (Florence  Watson), '15; Julia
Sword, '16; Mrs. H. B. Whaling (Olivt
Simpson), '12; Margaret Schwenker,
'23; Mrs. John H. Skavlen (Helen Ti-
tus), '21; Marie Dickore; Mrs. G. T.
Mackenzie (Nellie Larsen), 'i6; Mrs.
Eugene Fishburn (Adelaide Paine), 'i9;
Mrs. Dana Walsh (Ella Shoemaker),
'i5; Mrs. Ellery Reed (Gertrude King),
'i9; Mrs. Jack Childs, and Mrs. Anne
H. MacNeil Johnson, 'o3.
  An occasional visit from one so closely
identified with and so loyal to Wisconsin
is much appreciated by the alumni.
December, ,926

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