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McCormick, Bart E. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 28, Number 2 (Dec. 1926)

Gage, L. R.
U-rah-rah, Wisconsin,   pp. 66-68

Page 68

   share of tackles, and the passing of the
   former was superb. Welch and Cameron
   were apt receivers of Rose's well directed
   tosses. Burrus, who delivered the finest
   game of his career against Minnesota,
   was withheld from the Iowa encounter
   due to an'ankle injury.
     Toad Crofoot, quarterback, has been
   the outstanding old man in the Wiscon-
   sin backfield all season. Unfortuntely,
   in some of the recent contests the
   Badgers were never in the proper posi-
   tion to open up with their scoring plays
   and formations which so successfully
   tunctioned against Iowa.
   A. (Score: Wisconsin 14, Chicago 7)
             S BASKETBALL          .
   '  THAT Wisconsin's basketball pros-
       pects will be in the best of physical,
    condition when the season opens is the
    assurance offered by Dr. Walter E.
    Meanwell, coach.' Since the first part of
    October fourteen men have been meet-
    ing three times a week in the gymnasium
    for heavy workouts. The work thusl far
    has consisted of passing, shooting, and
    pivoting, in order that the men might be
    well accustomed to the ball. There have
    been no scrimmages and there will be
    none until after the return of Captain
    Rollie Barnum and otber men who are
    at this writing on the football squad.
      The team that will represent Wiscon-
    sin this year on' the court will be much
    heavier than- last year's "Ponies," ac-
cording      to  Coach  Meanwell.   The'
    g greater percentage of the squad ouv at
    present are sophomores, and include
    some of the biggest men that have
    played on a Badger team for. years.
    Only five men of last year's-squad have
been out for practice this year. One of
these, Ralph Merkle, Chicago, is a
senior, and the remaining four are
juniors. They are: Louis Behr, Charles.
Andrews, both of Rockford, Ill., George
Nelson, Madison, and Eddie Powers,
Fargo, S. D.
  The nine sophomores out for the team
are all members of last year's freshman
squad, which was one of the best-in the
history of Wisconsin basketball. They
are as follows: William Stotts, Appleton,
Minn.; Joe Murphy, Chicago; William
Freitag, Milwaukee; John Doyle, Wau-.
kegan, Ill.; Henry Kowalczyk, Fort
Wayne, Ind.; Elmer Tenhopen, Cleve-
land, 0.; Ray Ellerman, Chicago; Cyril
Koenig, Chicago, -and Lycan Miller,
La Crosse.
  Wisconsin's preliminary schedule this
year is one of the hardest ever faced, and
although the Badger teams have lost.
only seven preliminary games in four-
teen years, Coach Meanwell is none too
optimistic over the outcome. The big-
gest game of the preliminary contests is
that with Syracuse at Cleveland, Ohio,
on January 3. The Syracuse squad is
the same one that won the eastern cham-
pionship last year.
   The entire preliminary schedule fol-
   Dec. 17-'TFranklin at Madison.
   Dec. ý22-:Marquette at Milwaukee.
   Dee. 3o-DePauw at Madison.
   Jan. 3-Syracuse at Cleveland.
   Optimistic over prospects of the Wiss-
 consin cross-country squad, as the C on-
 ference meet at Minneapolis approaches,
Coach Tom E. Jones is even more
pleased with the opportunity offered by
the record number of men signed tqp, to
try out his own theory of combined
physical and mental development.
   Believing that cross-country work is
 especially valuable in this -connection,
 and subscribing fully to the old maxim
 of "A sound mind in a sound body," the
 veteran Badger mentor is enthusiastic
 over the chance to test his ideas on a
 large scale.
   Eighty-two  men   are out for the.
Varsity first and second teams, and-25
sophomores and    4o  freshmen. have
signed up for their respective- class
teams, in: addition to more than one
hundred freshmen who are taking cross-
country and track work to meet physi-
cal education requirements.
   Citing the high scholastic records of
his teams in the past, Coach Jones' is
confident that the work this year will
again result in improvement -of both.
condition and grades.... He intenrds to
keep on the squad even those who are
not candidates for intercollegiate com-
petition, to prove his contention that
the physically fit are also mentally fit.
   The dearth .of letter men has not had
 a serious effect upon -the calibre of the
 Wisconsin team. To date the Badgers
 have won every meet in which they have
 engaged, disposing of Indiana, North-
 western, Chicago, Iowa and Minnesota.
 Since 19o8, when 'cross-country work
 took its place on the conference sched-
 ules, the Badger harriers have taken
 ,more than half the championships, and
 the coach believes that the present squad
 will also make a creditable showing.
                          The team that brought Big Ten Championship to Wisconsin
at Minneapolis meet.       The Photoart House
                                   Team score--34 points-lowest a conference
team has ever scored.
Left to right-Charles Bullamore, Victor Chapman, John Petaja, Capt. George
Schutt, Lawrence- Gumbreck, John Zola and John Payne
                                                Inset-Coach Tom Jones.

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