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McCormick, Bart E. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 28, Number 2 (Dec. 1926)

The military service record and honor roll,   pp. 62-63

Page 63

"U"'have been bobbing up ever since I
left college. I met too many in the army
and elsewhere to enumerate here.
                -W. P. JACOBI, 'I6.
  I met more Wisconsin men during my
service in France than from any other
college. The one outstanding fact com-
mon to all of them was that they all had
learned to play "Black Jack"-expertly.
       --W. L. BRECKENRIDGE, Jr., 'I5.
  I recruited a band by voluntary en-
listment entirely in Wisconsin. Half
of the membership of the band was com-
posed of University of Wisconsin mu-
sicians.         -J. H. JAQUISH, '23.
  On the night of January 17, 1918,
twenty-four rookies left the enlisting,
office at Chicago for Columbus Bar-
racks, Ohio. Eight of this number were
students of the University of Wisconsin.
                  -L. C. JACOBS, '21.
  Ran across a U. W. law graduate,
Koelsch, of Boise, Idaho (graduated
,about 1914), who *was with the 5th
Division Artillery, in Waco, Texas.
In France the 5th ,Division Artillery
backed us up on the front and I- saw
him again. He was a sergeant.
               -W. W. HUBBELL, 'I4.
  At camp Hancock in training with
Edwin Moffatt, '18, Bernard Drow, '18,
Lloyd Strope, 'i9, Russell Smiley, 'i9.
At Domgermain with Cecil Holman, 18,
and with him attended University of
Besancion,- France, froin March until
July, i919. Together we collected about
So pieces of money issued to French
municipalities and this collection is now
the property of the Historical Museum,
Madison, Wis.
                -G. A. HILL, Jr., '18.
  I got a bit of a thrill in seeing enough
Wisconsin men, and faculty members,
too, in France to have justified a good
sized convocation.
                 -D. H. HIGGINS, '15.
  Saw University of Wisconsin men
everywhere 'I went in France. There
were two in the '9th Aero Squadrons
beside myself. Harvey Connover, pilot,
and McCollenn, radio officer..
   I might mention that I found in this
branch of the naval service a surprising
number of my recent Wisconsin class-
mates and encountered many more at
meeting places of service men in the
port of New York.
                   -H. W. GOFF, '17.
   It was a common experience in
numerous places in the A. E. F. to meet
American officers and soldiers whom
you had known at the University of
Wisconsin, but whom you had not seen
since graduation.
                   -F. R, DUFFY , '10.
   The gamest man I met in France was
1Sheep" Alexander, U. W. '15, who car-
nied two other wounded pilots to a field
ambulance and then collapsed from his
wounds; the luckiest man, Walt Bur-
roughs, U. of C. '17, who, when the
grave digging detail went out tobury
him, bleated out, "Hell, I'm not dead,
take this damn plane off my neck!"
while the busiest man during the whole
show was Carl Russell Fish, who found
time while he was directing the Univer-
sity Union in London to keep up aper-
sonal correspondence with dozens and
dozens of U. W. men---just how many,
he alone knows.
         -ROBERT H. R. BENSON, '20.
  Hundreds of alumni who have service
records are still lost to the University
because of the failure of mail to reach
them. Some of them are listed below.
Any clue to their whereabouts will be
very welcome at the Records Office.
Address' communications to' Porter
Butts, Recorder, Alumni Records Office,
772 Langdori St.
Schapper, Ferdinand E., 11-I 5
Schell, Lionel, 17-ý18
Schilleter, August Edward, Grad. 16-17
Schilling, George S., I4-15
Sehlueter Henry J., 16-i8
Schmitz, Dietrich G., Ad. Sp. 13-14
Schreiterr Herbert Gustave, B. A. '18
Schroeder, Guido C., 15-17
Schroeder, William George, 15-i6
Schuette, John A,, 16-17
Schultz, Edwin W., o6-i I
Schultz, Emil 0., 18-19
Schutte, Albert G., B. S. '20
Scott, Ian C., Sept. 196
Scaright, H. E., i5-i7
Sedg-wick, J ames Howard, 15-1 8
Sells, Jackson Johnson, LL. B. 'i5
Severance, Dean Carlisle, 16-g19
Seank, Carl Bradley, B. A. '7
Shape, Carl I, 15-18
Sharp, Manly, B. S. A. '23
Shattck, Lyle D.
Sheffer, Ralph J., B. A. '13
Sherman, William G., 05-0o6
Sherwood, John Newton, B.A. '18
Sichler, Clarence R., 14-15-
Simonds, Herbert R., 05-09
Simpson, Alexander L., Ex -
Skabo, Reider, L. S. AdSp. 13-14
Skavlem, Ovien B.,,-A. O-i I
Slater, Harry. V., L. S. 16-17
Smelker, William W., A. Grad 16-17
Smertenko, Johan J., C. J. 15-18
Smith, Claire Kendall, A. (M.) 16-17
Smith, Howell K., L: S. Grad L5-17
Smith, Melville A., L. 16-17
Smith, Perry C., Ch.E. 16-17
Smith, Robert N., A. 15-17
Snyder, Charles J., Ch. E. 14-16
Sorenson, Edmund D., A. 14-15
Speer, Bedell H., L. S. 15-17
Speicher, Paul, M. A. '17
Spiva, Hubert Tamblyn, E. 17-19
Squire, Lucius A., L. S. 2
Staley, Mortimer L., Ch. C. 11-14
Stander, Arthur E., L. S. 14-16
Standley, Elton Wood, Ex. o8-io
Stark, Harold, L. S. i
Stavrum, Edwin R., B. A. '16
Steele, Warren S., A. (M.) 13-14
Steelman, Albert Judson, C. C. 16-18
Stelling, Lenno, E. 16-17
  Steigleder, Emil 0., A. Grad 16-17
  Stembler, F. L., S. S. 14
  Stephens, Andrew, Ex. o7-0o8
  *Stevens, Elbert C., B. A. 24
  Stevens, Ralph W., C. C. 17-18
  Stockum, Samuel F., Ex. 16-17
  Stockwell, C. George, L. S. 15-17
  Stoddart, Albert T., E. 15-16
  Stoltenberg, Hugo A., B. S. A. 19
  Stone, Morton S., L. S. Grad i6-i8
  Storbraaten, John Herbert, L. S. 16-18
  Strange, Curtis A., S. S. 16
  Strasser, William, B. S. (Med.) 'I7
  Strelzen, Morris H., B. S. A. '17
  Strickland, William J., L. S. 16-17
  Sturtevant, Paul A., E. 17-18
  Sulger, Alden H., A. 14-15
  Sullivan, Eugene, Ex. 92-95
  Sullivan, James Colbert, Ex. I 1-12
  Sunderland, Dean P., C. C. 17-08
  Swan, George Dewey, L. S. 17-18
  Swinson, Carl, C. C. 13-16
  Sykes, Sherman Mead, E. i5-i6
  Talbot, Roy Maxwell, L. S..-o--o8
  Tashjian, Edward Hagop, B. S. (C. E.) '1
  Taussing, Warren A., M, E. 12-16
  Taylor, Emery Chase, C. C. 12-13
  Taylor, J. L., E. E. 16-17
  Taylor, Joseph V., B. S. (Med.) 16
  Taylor, William H., Grad 12-14
  Temme, William F., C. C. 15--17
  Ten Eyck, Lloyd E., i1-i6
  Tennermann, William A., 17-20
  Tennis,-Gilbert T., B. S. A. '2o
  Toweles, Monroe G., C. C. 16-17
  Thayer, Charles Ellery, L. S. 11-13
  Thomas, E. A., A. (S.) 14-16
  Thomas, George F., S. S. I6, 17
  Thomas, Roy E., M. E. 13-15
  Thomas, Sarah M., 03-04
  Thomas, Warren S., Nor. C. 14-16.
  Thompson, Charles A., A. 16-17
  Thompsoni John A.; A. 13-16
  Thorpe, Byron McK., L. 16-17
  Tilleson, Selmer J., C. C. 12-14
  Tillotson, Robert Forrest, A. 15-17
  von Toerne, Oscar T., C. C. 16-17
  Tollefsrud, Mervin B., C. C. 14-15
  Tousley, Henry D., Ph. II 16-17
  Townley, Hubert C., M. A. '22
  Trier, Celestin J., E. 17-18
  Truett, Albert C., o9-1o
  Truox, Lyle L., L. S. 16-17
  Uehren, Robert Monat, L. Sp. 16-17
  Valier, Ronald R., E. 1i6-I7
  Van Duzee, Roy R., S. S. I S
  Van Riper, Geo. P., 12-13
  Van Vuren, Floyd S., L..S. 18-19
  Vaughan, Donald H., A. Grad 11-13
  Vaughn, -Stanley T., B. S. A. '21
  Vine, Chauncey K., A. (M.) 16-17
  Vits, Albert L., L S. 16-18
  Vits, Henry W., C. C. 16-17
  Voss, Wesley, August, L. S. 17-18
  Wacek, William H., L. S, 2o-2I
  Wagner, Worth E., A. (M.) '16
  Wahl, John J., L. S. i5-16
  Waite, Mark Oakley, L. S. o9-1 i
  Wakeman, A. G., Ex. 18
  Wall, Arthur Raymond, L. S. 17-18
  Wall, James H., A. (M.) o8-o9
  Wall, James J., E. 13-16
  Wallis, John L., A. 10-13
  Wallis, Robert S., C. C. 16-17
  Walter, Gaines W., L. S. '17
  Walton, C. Wesley, Gem. C. 16-17
  Ward, R. M., C. C. 17-18
  Warren, John, C.-C. 17-18
  Warren, Wadsworth, Jr., A. 16-17
  Waterhouse, Clifford C., L. S. GradI6
  Watkins, John D., Ex. 18'
  Watkins, Sherman S., A. 15-17
  Weaver, Everett W., A. 10-14
  Webb, Frank M., C. C. 16-17
  Weber, Carl S., L. S. 17- 18
  Weber, George S., L. S. 14-1
.,Decemb~er, 1926

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