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McCormick, Bart E. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 28, Number 2 (Dec. 1926)

The Memorial Union has a new secretary,   p. [59]

Page [59]

The Memorial Union Has a New Secretary
Thank You!
Jr., ILreorge I. 'i. 1aig/U, Louis Hianks,,
Charles Harding, Carl A. 7ohnson,
Hobart' 7ohnson,   Kemper   Knapp,
Walter 7. Kohler, C..K. Leithi Israel
Shrimski, Magnus Swenson, George
P/its-who as guarantors made $9oooo
quickly  available; those subscribers,
alumni, students and friends, who paid
their pledges; the regents and state officers
who expedited the letting of contracts; and
in particular Carl A. 7ohnson, of Mad-
ison, an -alumnus and former presi-
dent of the Wisconsin Manufacturers'
Association, who was of the greatest
personal service in negotiating and
making arrangements for the loan and
the letting of contracts.
  Mr. _7ohnson's service here is sig-
nificant as an example of the activity
of the Wisconsin Manufacturers' Asso-
ciation which has been working so con-
structively in the interests of the state and
its University. Another evidence of the
appreciation of this group for the service
of the University, is their $50,o0o gift
to the Agricultural College made last
  I hope that this dominant service of
the University alike to farm and factory
will produce continued interest on the
part of Wisconsin's industries, and that
we may look for further help from this
group of men who have already done so
much for the Memorial Union and its
                  JOHN DOLLARD.
unofficial acquaintance with Union
affairs since he was an undergraduate.
He has worked closely with Dollard in
recent student campaigns and     hag
handled publicity for the project during
the past two years.
   He will represent the interests. both of
 students and of alumni in the. period of
 organization and development which the
 project is now entering. Immediately
after receiving his degree in 1924, he be-
.came assistant alumhi recorder, organ-
izing the system of alumni records for
the University, a year later becoming
director of the Records department. He
is secretary of the University Alumni,
Committee on Commencement and of the
Military Records advisory committee.
   With   construction   started, major
problems which Butts as the new Union
secretary will consider, with the Exec-
utive Committee and Union Board, will
be the immediate retirement through
collections of the outstanding $9oooo
loan, the raising of an additional $3oo,-
ooo for furnishings and equipment, the
development of a decorative scheme for
the building, and the perfection of the
Union organization which is to operate
and use the buildinm
Good Things
   Wisconsin men and women, past and
 present, have had the vision to see that a
 community building such as the Me-
 morial Union supplies the essential and
 tangible working instrument for student
 self-expression and student union. It is
 significant that this building is to be the
 gift of the whole commonwealth of the
 University's alumni, faculty, students,
 and friends,--a direct and joint gift.
 It is further significant that it shall be
 first of all for the students to say how it
 shall be used.
   Happily, the project is entering now
 the season of its greatest prosperity and
 promise. Building has started and will
Sgo on, thanks to the splendid efforts of a
determined committee, a willing body of
z7,ooo subscribers,, and to two able
campaign directors, E. H. Gardner and
_7ohn Dollard.
  Much more money must be raised,
much more planning mitst be done, but
it will be only a comparatively short
time until the building is finished and
ready to make its contribution to the en-
richment, profit, and unity of life at
  I am glad to have a share, officially or
unoffcially, in such an enterprise.
                  PORTEIR BuTrs.
ITH the needed $774,ooo for the
      first two units of the Memorial
-Union building raised and construction
started, John Dollard, '22, secretary of
the Memorial Union Building commit-
tee, has resigned his position to become
personal assistant to President Max
Mason of the University of Chicago.
His new connection is the culmination
of several years' work with Mr. Mason
.when he was a professor at Wisconsin.
Dollard assumed his new    duties at
Chicago on November 15. His work
there will be concerned with the public
relations and other major problems of
and use the building.
   In leaving the University, I cannot
 pass the opportunity to point out an-
 other instance in which the service of the
 University to the state has been dis-
 cerned and appreciated by one of the.
 elements of the state.
   The wide service appeal of the Uni-
versity of Wisconsin has at no time been
better recognized than in the recent cam-
paign for funds for the Memorial Union
in which $3 ,ooo was collected, making
possible the letting of contracts and the
immediate beginning  of construction
   This important step forward in the
project could not have been taken without
the aid of devoted and helpful friends.
I wish to thank personally all those who
had part in this enterprise; the members
of our Executive Committee, who came
forward in the crisis; the following men,
-Harold Bradley, T. E. Brittingham,
.ti-ee--urversuty              Dyresi--
dent Mason.
   Porter Butts, '24, Alumni Recorder
 of the University, will succeed Dollard
 in the direction'of the Union work. His
 appointment was unanimously approved
 by the Memorial Union Executive Com-
 mittee following the recommendation
 of a special nominating-committee which
 last month considered more than a
 dozen candidates for the position.
   Butts has resigned his position as
Alumni Recorder to accept the Union
offer on December i.
   Dollard was the first Alumni Recorder
of the tUniversity and was instrumental
in organizing the Alumni Records de-
partment, holding that position jointly
with his Union office in 1924. His work
for the-Memorial Union project began in
January, 1923, as assistant to the former
campaign director, Prof. E. H. Gardner.
He was appointed general secretary,
succeeding Gardnerin the fall of 1923.
  *  Biittq hn hnd n r nnt';nvie n-rn,-rh
   The Memorial Union has always
meant to, me a good deal more than a
building \project. It has been, together
with the dormitories and an all-in-
clusive physical education program, the
embodiment of a fundamental .idea
about education,-the idea that only full
living induces full learning, and that
full living comes only where and when
there is the opportunity for comfortable
living, cordial and frequent human give
and take, complete self-expression, and a
certain feeling of unity of purpose and
action with one's neighbors and friends.

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