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Crawford, Robert S. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 27, Number 4 (Feb. 1926)

Class news,   pp. 106-114

Page 108

108                                     THE WISCONSIN ALUMNI MAGAZINE
munity something in return for what it has
given him and Spokane may well be proud of
this "political paradox"-"a lawyer who does
not practice law and a politician who never
sought or found office," a man who not only
is successful in his own business but brings
success to every worthy project which his
city or state undertakes.-Zona GALE was
one of the principal speakers at the Matrix
Table dinner at the Loraine Hotel, January
9, given by Theta Sigma Phi. Her subject
was "Collecting Material for Drama and Fic-
tion Writing." In the January issue of the
Century Magazine appears a sketch by Miss
Gale entitled "Portage, Wis. What Only a
Native Knows."--In a "Who's Who in Mil-
waukee" column of the Sentinel of Dec. 24
appear two interesting pictures of Matthew
DUDGEON, who celebrated his fifth anniver-
sary as head of the Milwaukee public library
last August. The one shows him a whiskered
young man as he appeared while practicing
law in Madison and as a volunteer during the
Spanish-American war, the other as he ap-
pears now.- Since student days at Wisconsin
he has to his credit such jobs as secretary of
the Wisconsin Free Library commission, di-
rector of the Library school of the University,
organizer of camp library service in this coun-
-try and overseas during the war, and now
head of the Milwaukee public library. With
all that he is looking younger "Now," with
clean shaven face, than "Then." Perhaps it's
that round of golf at Lake Parkevery morn-
ing that helps keep him so.
   Change of address: William SCHAPER, Uni-
 versity of Oklahoma, Norman, Okla.
  Sec'y-G. F. THOMPSON, Chicago, Ill.
          4/00 W. Madison St.
            Reune in June
   Prof. Grant SHOWERMAN contributed an
 article entitled "Progress" to Volume 27,
 1925, of the University of California Chron-
   Change of address: L. E. LEMON, 4131
 Drexel Blvd., Chicago; W. J. Conway, 2o4
 S. Hamilton St., Madison.
        Madison, 1O2 Spooner St.
   F. H. CLAUSEN, president of the Van Brunt
 Manufacturing Company, Horicon, delivered
 the third of the series of Capital-Labor ad-
 dresses at this University on January 12. Mr.
Clausen has a thorough knowledge of the
problems of labor and capital gained through
nearly thirty years of experience in the financ-
ing, buying, selling and manufacturing de-
partments of the industry which he now man-
ages. He also has a broad understanding of
Wisconsin industry -in general, secured
through his activities as president of the state
Manufacturers' Association. As Mr. Clausen
graduated from the law school in 1899, after
securing his B.L. degree, he has always had
an extensive acquaintance among Wisconsin
alumni, which was greatly increased during
the two years he served so efficiently as presi-
dent of the Alumni Association.
  Change of address: Edward SCHILDHAUER,
The Solvay Process Co., Syracuse, N. Y.
     Milwaukee, 4oo0 Highland Blvd.
   "Abou Ben Adhem, may his
 tribe increase."'
   So sings the poet, and when one
contemplates the later inscriptions
on the scroll of the Class of 19i1,
there is seen the names of those
numbered on the Silver Jubilee Re-
union Committee inscribed thereon
by   President Lynn Tracy.        He
penned the names of the Faithful,
and if his strength and the ink had
held out, the names of each and
every one of this, the Greatest Class,
would have appeared thereon. He
did, however, name some of the
Elect, sufficient to shoulder the task
of marshalling the hosts of 19Ol into
the Great Pilgrimage in June to that
Shrine of Shrines on the Hill.
   From the four corners of the earth
 will they come,-fathers, wives and
 children, and the few lonely bach-
 elors that are represented by the
 naught in the; procession depicted
 above. Now that the call has been
 sounded, there are heard evidences
 of a great preparation.
   "Father," asked the child, "does
not the wind seem to blow harder
tonight?" "Be not afraid, my child,
'tis but the echoing murmur of the
deliberations of the Reunion Com-
 Sec'y--MAY CHURCH JOHN, Milwaukee
           635 Shepard Ave.
  Change of address: J. E, DAvIES, 402 Smith
Bldg., Washington, D. C.
      Madison, 518 Wisconsin Ave.
  Change of address: C. E. GABEL, 1902
Washington St., Charleston, W. Va.; Myra
KIMBALLL, 2i I E. Elm St., River Falls; Mabel
PENGRA Foster, 30 Richmond Ave., La
Grange, Ill.
   "Father," again asked the child'
"does not the thunder seem more
fearful tonight?"   "Nay my child,
'tis but the great brain of 19O1 in
   "Father, the earthquake is upon
us!" "Fear not, my child, Chairman
Paul Stover     has   perhaps just
evolved some great idea for the suc-
cess of the Reunion."
  Thus the Spirit of the Class of
19Ol asserts itself. And so will be
interpreted otherwise seemingly in-
explicable natural phenomena, for
19O1 has just begun to get started,
and in June on Der Tag, the welkin
will ring with the shouts of the pil-
grims, 'Second to None, Second to
None, U. of W., 19oi.'
  Below is given the personnel of
the august 190o SILVER JUBILEE
whose hands is given the great honor
of preparing for the Event. Hail! the
        CLASS 19io-25th
Chairman-Paul STOVER, 541 Wells
  Bldg., Milwaukee.
['ice-Chairman-Walter P. HIRSCH-
  BERG, Stephenson Bldg., Milwau-
  kee; E. J. B. SCHUBRING, Madi-
  son; Marie C. KOHLER, Kohler,

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