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Hobbs, M. K. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 27, Number 10 (Aug. 1926)

Class news,   pp. 351-356

Page 352

Indians in the battle of Little Big Horn. The
services were held at Mandan, N. D.
  Change of address: Bent6n Bayard BYERS,
1O7 Devonshire Apts., Duluth, Minn.
           18nx Jefferson St.
  Prof. E. B. ROWLEY, a member of the fac-
ulty in the engineering department of the
University of Minnesota, presented a paper
on "Electrical Inventions" at the Electrical
Engineers Convention held in Lexington,
Ky., in June. Professor and Mrs. Rowley
motored to California for the summer.-
Edward JORDAN, head of the Jordan Automo-
bile Co., Cleveland, 0., should be placed in a
hall of fame for advertising writers, if there
were one, according to the opinion of Cyrus
H. K. Curtis, famous publisher.
  Change of address: U. R. SCHMIDLEY, 1133
Drake St., Madison.
   Sec'y--L. W. BRIDGMAN, Madison
           191o Kendall Ave.
  Arthur B. MELZNER, once of Butte,
Mont., and Washington, D. C., is hence-
forth a Californian,; judging from some
emphatic asseverations made in a letter
to DonMowry. "The Wisconsin Alum-
ni Magazine has just caught up with
me," he said, writing from San Diego.
"Under the influence of California's se-
ductive climate, we almost forgot there
was a celebration by 19o6 this year, We
can't be with the good old crowd just
now but can't resist letting you know
that we wish we were. Five years make
many changes and all I can hope is that
the next five are as kind to all of you as
have been the last five to us . . . Hav-
ing been permitted to view nearly every
city of importance in the United States
from the advantageous position of rear
room hotel windows, I discovered that
California is about as near heaven as
most of us will get. We are here to stay
and have arranged an extra room where
any reasonable number of the old crowd
is welcome, provided they don't stay
long enough to become eligible to the
Native Son Club. When that inclina-
tion seizes them, we can put them up in
congenial and convenient quarters. Re-
member us to the old crowd, and 'may
they all live long and prosper.'" Melz-
ner is sales manager with Slemons In-
vestments, 951 Seventh street, San
Diego, Calif.
   Raymond A. SULLIVAN (law) visited
 Madison in June, driving with Mrs. Sul-
 livan from Portland, Oregon, but did
 not make connections with the reunion.
 This was his first sight of the University
 since I9o6, and he sent his sincere regrets
 for not being able to see old classmates
 again.-Irving W. HULL is service man-
 ager, Cadillac Motor Car Co., South
 Michigan avenue, Chicago, and resides
 at 814 South East Avenue, Oak Park.-
 Albert Earl JAMES is one of the judges on
 the board of income tax appeals, with
 his headquarters at I5th and K Streets,
Washington, D. C.-Matilda DYRUD
Lien has changed her address from R. F.
D. 4 to 1441 Center Avenue, Janesville.
-Helen A. ROSENSTENGEL is addressed
at Black Lantern Cottage, Walnut
Street, East Aurora, N. Y.--The new
home of the Rev. and Mrs. E. W.
2302 Dana Street, Berkeley, Calif.-
Harold A. WHITTAKER is director of the
Division of Sanitation, Minnesota State
Board of Health, Minneapolis.-Leroy
F. HARZA, consulting engineer, a recent
reunioner, has changed his home address
from 547o Everett, Avenue to 521O
Greenwood Avenue, Chicago.-W. S.
LACHER is engineering editor of Railway
Age, 6o8 South Dearborn Street, Chi-
cago.-Elmer T. HowsoN is western
editor of the same journal.-Harry
STOCK is at 3236 Humboldt Ave., S.,
Minneapolis, Minn.-John W. BRAD.
SHAW is.addressed at 195 Broadway,
          7ames L Bush. 'o6
New York City.-James I. BUsH is a
vice-president of the Equitable Trust
Co., 37 Wall Street, New York City.-
John W. REID is located at 15 Park Row,
New York City.-Fred V. LARKIN, who
came back this year, is professor of me-
chanical engineering at Lehigh Univer-
sity, Bethlehem, Pa.-Raymond       A.
HAGGERTY (law) is with the Union
Trust   Co.,  Detroit, Mich.-Albert
TWESME, Galesville, is a candidate for
district attorney on  the Republican
ticket at the September primaries.
   Corrected addresses have been ascer-
 tained for the following: Paul KREMER,
 679 Marshall St., or 425 E. Water St.,
 Milwaukee; Carl SKINROOD, 1307 Stow-
 ell PI., Milwaukee; Robert THOMPSON,
 303 Gulf Stream Ave., Sarasota, Fla.;
 William GILFILLAN, 1207 Charles St.,
 St. Paul, Minn.
 Change of address: Benjamin READ, 327 S.
 La Salle St., % Utilities Power & Light Cor-
 poration, Chicago.
  Sec'y-RALPH'.GUGLER, Milwaukee
             694 Broadway
  Elizabeth Fox, registered nurse, was
  elected to represent the interests of the Na-
tional Health Council in affairs which might
concern the Council at Washington, D. C.
  Change of Address: Mary ORvIs, Exten-
sion Div., University of Wisconsin, Milwau-
kee; home address, 421 Sterling P1., Madison.
    Sec'y-F.'H. ELWELL, MDadison
         2025 Chadbourne Ave.
  Isabella MAcARTHUR      Thompson's
address is 1474 Van Buren St., St. Paul,
Minn. Her husband, Percy B. THOMP-
SON, ex 'o8, is superintendent of the
Minneapolis Gas Light Co. They have
three children, a boy -and two girls.-,
James 0. REED. is manager of the Gar-
land Coal & Mining Co., Stigleri Okla.
The Class History omitted mention of
his war service, which was in the army
with the Engineers.--G. B. H.
  Anna STEVENS presented her students in a
juvenile club recital at the Wisconsin School
of Music in June.--Edwina CASEY has re-
signed her position in the library at Tacoma,
Wash., to accept a-similar position in a library
at San ,Francisco.
  Change of address:'A, A. DAVENPORT, 211
  Lathrop St., Madison.
      Sec'y-E. E. WITTE, Madison
           16o9 Madison St.
   David GARDNER Jr., Platteville,.is the
 Democratic candidate for attorney gen-
 eral of Wisconsin.-Hilda VOLKMAN,
 head of the modern language depart-
 ment of the East Side high school,
 Madison, is spending the summer in
 travel in Europe.-A. H. GRUENEWALD
 is a member of the firm of Thompson
 and Gruenewald, attorneys, Oshkosh.
 -Charles PEARCE spent several months
 during the spring and early summer at
 his old home at Dodgeville to overcome
 ill health brought on by overwork. He is
 an attorney, with offices at I2O Broad-
 way, New York City, specializing in the
 law of foreign exchange.--George Ar-
 FELDT, Milwaukee, is the secretary for
 the personal campaign committee of
 H. L. Ekern, '94, candidate for governor
 of Wisconsin.
   Jennie TAYLOR, teacher of piano at the
 Wisconsin School of Music, Madison, pre-
 sented her pupils in a recital at the school in
 June.-Arthur PREHN, secretary of the Wis-
 consin Valley Fair and Exposition and an
 attorney in Wausau, has announced his can-
 didacy for congressional representative from
 the eighth district.
   Change of address: C. F. URBurT, % Anglo
 Chilean Consolidated Nitrate Co., Tocopilla,
 Chile; Mary RAYNE Byers, 1O7 Devonshire
 Apts., Duluth, Minn.
  Sec'y-E. D. STEINHAGEN, Milwaukee
              721-5st St.
   Teresa RYAN has returned to Kansas State
 Teachers College, Emporia, Kan., after a
 year of study at Oxford University, England.
 -Lillian FRoGGATT, who has been in library
 work at Racine, may now be reached at the
 Averill Apts., Menomonie.
,lugust, 1926

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