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Hobbs, M. K. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 27, Number 10 (Aug. 1926)

Class news,   pp. 351-356

Page 351

                                   Class News
Class Secretaries are asked to get their material to the MAGAZINE before
the tenth of each month.
   Sarah HARDENBERGH Seger, who came all
 the way from California to attend her class
 reunion, may be reached at Box No. 176,
 Riverside, Calif.
       Sec'y-F. W. HALL, Madison
            842 Prospect Place
   Madison is the home of nine members of
 the class of '76, seven women and two men.
 The class historian, F. W. HALL, is now pre-
 paring a history of the class containing a
biograp y    ts individua-l-membi-s.
 Sec'y-SUSAN A. STERLING, Madison
             612 Howard Place
   Because of the secretary's absence from
 the city, the following item was not inserted
 at the time it came to her notice. In The
 Oconomowoc Enterprise, under date of April
 16, there is an interesting article signed by
 Lewis OSTENSON relative to women holding
 public office and referring especially to their
 representation on the county board. There
 seems to be prejudice in Waukesha county
 among certain men and even women against
 women being members of the county board.
 Mr. Ostenson takes up the cudgels for the
 women and pleads effectively for the replac-
 ing of the "shrewd and long-time holdover
 politicians" by women of ability interested
 in home and community welfare who will
 cooperate, in introducing'a clean, economical
 and efficient administration.
     Sec'y-F. S. WHITE, Chicago, Ill.
          53o8 Hyde Park Blvd.
   Change -of address: J. N .SANBORI%-, 109
 Franklin St., Waxahachie, Tex.
             Lathrop Hall
  Florence CORNELIUS Flohil has recently
moved' from 132 W. 36th St. into an apart-
ment at 4002 Aldrich Ave., S., Minneapolis,
Minn. She will be happy to have friends call
on her when they are visiting in Minneapolis.
-Frederick TURNER, 2214 Van Hise Ave.,
Madison, is spending the summer at Han-
cock Point, Me., and will return to Madison
about September i5.
 Sec'y-ERNEST     WARNER, Madison
             io9 W. Main St.
  Change of address: Jessie E. HUTCHISON,
1825 G St., N. W., Washington, D. C.
  Sec'y-CARL A. JOHNSON, Madison
            142 E. Gilman St.
  Carl A. JOHNSON, president of the Gisholt
Machine Company, told the Madison Rotary
Club at a noon luncheon in June, that it was
"unfortunate that such men as Walter
Kohler, Harry Butler, and A. J. Horlick and
others" were sacrificed as members of the
Board of Regents. He also declared that "if
there had been a deliberate attempt to
throttle industry in Wisconsin, it could not
have been more successful than it has been
of late," and that the future prosperity of
the state depends on whether or not the state
tax laws are so revised, that new industries
can be persuaded to come into Wisconsin.-
Bertha VAN DUSEN Matthews and Floy VAN
DUSEN Gale, who were in Madison for Com-
mencement and Reunion, visited their old
home at Portage before returning to *their
respective homes at Los Angeles, Calif., and
Benton Harbor, Mich.
 R. R. No. 6, National Road, Springfield, 0.
 -Ruth MARSHALL closes a letter con-
 cerning the 1927 reunion With "be right
 there for it."-Anna SPENCER Harring-
 ton, 21o7 E. IOO St., Denver, Colo.,
 writes: "As to reunion next year, it
 would give me great pleasure to be pres-
 ent. It is a little hard to say now defi-
 nitely, but I will come if I can and hope
 to meet many of our class next June."-
 Mary EVANS Mason, 14o0 Ridge Ave.,
 Chicago, answers: "It would certainly
 be most interesting to meet our old
 friends of 1892, and while it is impossible
 to make positive plans so far ahead, I
 shall surely keep the reunion for 1927
 in mind."-Anna ELLSWORTH Blount,
 M. D., 146 S. Oak Park Ave., Oak Park,
 Ill., writes: "Because June, 1927, is al-
 luringly distant, I hope to be with you
 for reunion of 1892. I have never yet
 been back to Commencement, but was
 there near that time this year to see my
 son who had just fini'shed his internship
in the Wisconsin General Hospital."
  Sec'y-ANNA GRIFFITHS, Madison
           131 W. Gilman St.
  The Burgess Laboratories, Madison, of
which corporation C. F. BURGESs is a stock-
holder, has changed its legal headquarters
from Wisconsin to Delaware, although the
laboratories themselves will not be moved.
The company is one that holds stock in other
companies throughout. the country in return
for patents and research work done by the
Burgess Laboratories for these various com-
panies. Under the present Wisconsin tax
law, the company has to pay taxes on the
holdings outside of the state. It is to escape
taxation on stock acquired and held in this
way that the legal domicile of the corporation
has been moved from Wisconsin to Delaware.
       Madison, 516 Wisconsin Ave.
  Mabel McCoy     Parkinson, the newly
elected secretary of the class of '96, will be
glad to receive news notes from members of
the class for publication in the Alumni
Sec'y-MAY CHURCH JOHN, Milwaukee
            635 Shepard Ave.
  Dr. Max MASON was honored by three
universities at their Commencement exer-
cises this year. Columbia University con-
ferred upon him the honorary doctor of
science degree; Yale and our own University
awarded him the honorary doctor of laws
degree.-D   Y. SWATY, formerly with the
Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Co. and the
Cleveiland Engineering Construction Co.
            D. Y. Sualy, 'ý8
has become an active partner in the firm of
J, G Kenan Co., general contractors, 6007
Euclid Ave., Cleveland, 0.
      ,Madison, 518 Wisconsin Ave.
  Change of address: Edythe GIBSON, 22
Shamrock St., Dundee, Scotland.
      Milwaukee, 4OOl Highland Blvd.
   Hylon PLUMB, now a resident of Salt Lake
City was awarded the doctor of science
degree by Milton College, of which he is a
graduate. Mr. Plumb delivered the Com-
mencement address at Milton in June.
  Change of address: Mrs. E. J. HARVEy, 206
  16 St., Racine; C. R. ROUNDS, 44o Penning-
ton St., Elizabeth, N. J.
     Sec'y-JANE SHERILL, Madison
            City Y. W. C. A.
  Change of address: Harrison PATTEN, Silver
Spring, Md.
   Sec'y-W. H. HEIN, St. Louis, Mo.
          5238 Kensington- Ave.
  Fannie BrAYTON, Seattle, Wash., .visited
in Madison in June while enroute to New
York City. She sailed on June 24 on the
S. S. "Majestic" to spend the summer in
      Madison, 322 S. Hamilton St.
  Dr. John Lee COULTER, president of North
Dakota Agricultural College, was one of the
principal speakers at the fiftieth year services
held in honor of General George A. Custer
and his band of troopers, who were killed by
August, 1926

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