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Hobbs, M. K. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 27, Number 10 (Aug. 1926)

Alumni news,   pp. 348-350

Page 350

August, 1926
ex '26 Alta CARNCROSS, Madison, to E. W.
1924  NEESE, Anderson, Ind., July 6, at
      Eau Claire. Mr. Neese is connected
      with the National Real EstateJournal.
      Chicago, where he and Mrs. Neese'
      now make their home.
1926  Serena FORBERG, Hubbard Woods,
1921  Ill., to Glen JENKINS, Sparta, June 29.
      Mrs. Jenkins is a graduate in the
      Pharmacy Course. Mr. Jenkins is an
      instructor in the pharmacy depart-
1926  Lynda Fuller, Antigo, to George
      PARKER, Galesburg, Ill., June 25.
      Mr.,Parker, who received his master's
      degree from the University in June,
      has accepted a position as chemist at
      Carrollville. Mr. and Mrs. Parker
      make their home in Racine for the
ex '26 Pauline GRAVENOR, A I b a n y, to
ex '26 Thomas SAVERY, Chicago, June 15.
      They reside at 471 W. -South St.
      Kalamazoo, Mich.
1926  Hazel HENDRICKSON to Eldon John-
      son, both of Madison, July 10. After a
      wedding- trip through the East, Mr.
      and Mrs. Johnson will be at home at
      324 Norris Ct. Mr. Johnson is con-
      nected with the Pennsylvania Oil Co.,
1926  Margaret Hill to E.verett HOCKINGS,
      both of Burlington,' June 24. They
      will reside in Milwaukee.
1926  Halcyon LALLIER, Madison, to Paul
1923  BARENSCHER, Church's Ferry, N. D.,
      in June. They are at home at 312-
      17th-St., Milwaukee. Mr. Barenscher
      is connected', with the engineering
      division of the T. M. E. Ri. and L.
      Company of Milwaukee.
1926   Katherine REID, Wellsburg, W. Va.,
1925  to William GILES, Madison, June 22,
       at the A pha Xi Delta house, Madi-
       son. Mr. and Mrs. Giles are at home,
       at 1039 Pierce Ave., Marinette, where
       Mr. Giles is in charge of laboratories
       of the Ansul Chemical Company.
 ex '26 Margaret WILLIAMS, Lorain, 0., to
 1923  Orville FEHLHABER, Wausau, June 14.
       Mr. an Mrs. Fehlhaber will live in
       Madison while Mr. Fehlhaber is com-
       pleting his work in the law school.'
 ex '27 Vera ABRAMS, Madison, to Samuel
       Schwid, Milwaukee, June 13. They
       are at home in Madison.
 ex '27 Grace BURROUGHS, Wilmette, Ill., to
       Robert Robertson Jr., Chicago, June
       2. Mr. Robertson is connected with
       Chicago Herald-Examiner.
ex "27 Ruth DONOVAN, Madison, to Thomas
1921   BURKE, West DePere, July 7. They
       will be at home after August 15 at
       Mineral Point.
 ex '27 Marion HARMON, Oshkosh, to John
       Babcock, Neenah, June 24.
 ex '27 Constance WALTZ, Decatur, Ill., to
 1923  Conrad ELVEHJEM, McFarland, June
       30. They are at home in Madison,
       where Mr. Elvehiem is engaged as an
       instructor in the agricultural chemis-
       try department of the University.
 ex '28 Marjorie LOVE, Chicago, to Harold
       Hollister, Milwaukee, in June. Mr.
       and Mrs. Hollister will be at home in
       Madison after September 1.    Mr.
       Hollister is assisting in the education
       department of the University and is
       studying for his doctorate.
 ex'28 Martha ASHBROOK to Frank WoY
 1926 both of Madison, June 22.
 ex'28 Beatrice Cox, Hillsboro, to Oscar
 1925  Anderson, Marinette, in June, at
       Madison. They are at home in Mari-
       nette, where Mr. Anderson is a chem-
       ist with the Marinette and Menomo-
       nie Paper Mills Company.
Faculty: Margaret Baker, Nevada, Ia., to
      Benjamin HIBBARD, Madison, June
      12. Mr. Hibbard, who received his
      doctor's degree from the University
      in '02, is professor of agricultural eco-
      nomics. Professor and Mrs. Hibbard
      arg at home at 2235 Hollister Ave.,
1908  To Mr. and-Mrs. William LEISERSON,
      2343 Warren St., Toledo, 0., a son,
      Philip Day, June 15.
1909  To Dr.. and Mrs. Roland FISHER
1909   (Frances ALBERS), Wausau, a son,
      David Clark, June 6.
ex 13 To Mr. and Mrs. Mortimer LAW-
1922 RENCE (Lenore WILLIAMS), 204 N.Vita
      Ave., Beaver Dam, a son, Richard
      Mortimer, June 13.
1914 To Mr. and Mrs. Louis SHANHOUSE,
      Rockford, Ill., a son, William Miller,
      July 10.
1916  To Mr. and     Mrs. Jay   TIFFANY
ex '19 (Margaret RUSTON), Pocatello, Idaho,
      a son, Warren Irving, July 5.
1916  To Mr. and Mrs. Crawford WHEELER,
      Tulsa, Okla., a son, George Dwight,
      April 15.
1917  To Mr. and Mrs. John LAUGHLIN,
      Marmain Apts., South Bend, Ind.,
      a son, John Francis, June 12.
1917  To Mr. and Mrs. Omar B. WRIGHT
1918   (Catherine CRONIN), Belvidere,- Ill.,
      a son, Omar B. Jr., April 20.
1923  To Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd BURKEY
1923   (Eleanor ANDERSON), Pullman, Wash.,
      a-daughter, Doris Elaine, June 2.
  GEORGE SHAFER, '80, city health officer
and sealer of weights and measures, Menomo-
nie, succumbed, on July 3, to what is thought
to have been a stroke of apoplexy.
  Mr. Shafer, who came to Wisconsin from
Ohio, received his legal education at the-Uni-
versity, and thereafter practiced law in
Menomonie for many years. About thirty
years ago he traveled as a collector for the
International Harvester Co. About 12 or 15
years ago, when he retired from this work,
he .bcame city health officer and sealer of
weights and measures. Mr. Shafer was a
Civil War veteran..
   His widow and one daughter survive him.
   DR. LAUREL E. YOUMANS, '87, one of the
 most widely known physicians of Waukesha
 county, died at a Milwaukee hospital on July
 8, after a long illness.-
   Dr. Youmans was born at Mukwonago, on
 February 26, 1863, the son of Dr. H. A.
 Youmans. He received his preliminary edu-
 cation in the public schools, Carroll Academy
 and Wayland Academy. He received the
 degree of Bachelor of Letters from the Uni-
 versity in 1887 and the degree of Medicine
 from Rush Medical College in 1890. Follow-
 ing his graduation from the medical school,
 he associated himself with his father in the
 practice of medicine in Mukwonago, and on
 the death of the latter continued the practice
 there. He was a member of the Waukesha
 Medical Society and the Wisconsin State
 Medical Society, and a Fellow of the Ameri-
 ican Medical Association. He was also a
 member of the Board of Trustees of the Oak
 Sanatorium, a member of the State Legisla-
 ture for one term, and at one time a member
 of the Board of Visitors of the University;
 director and for a time president of the Citi-
 zens Bank of Mukwonago; member and at
 one time president of the Waukesha County
 I- istorical Society; member of the Wisconsin
 State Historical Society and a member of the
 Sons of the American Revolution. During the
 World War he served in the Medical Corps at
 Camps Oglethorpe and Grant and Fort
 Sheridan.  His and his father's practice
represents a continuous service to the com-
munity for more than eighty years.
  He is survived by his two sons, Henry A.
Youmans, editor of the Waukesha Freeman;
Dr. John-B. Youmans, assistant professor
of medicine at the University of Michigan;
and a daughter, Mrs. Earl Giese of Chicago.
  Louis C. MEYER, '89, died at his home in
Sheboygan on June 10, as the result of a
stroke which he suffered the previous day.
  After graduation from   the Pharmacy
Course, Mr. Meyer was a practicing druggist
in Sheboygan and also served as relief drug-
gist in various parts of the state. Later he
returned to Sheboygan and became manager
of the Bock Dru Company, a position which
he held until July, 1925, when illness forced
him to give up his duties.
  Mr. Meyer was a member of the Elks, the
Knights of Pythias and the RoyalArcanum.
  Immediate members of his family who
survive him are his wife, three children and a
  Dr. RAYMOND G. OWENS, ex'14, veterin-
arian, died in Milwaukee on May 24, after
six days illness from pneumonia. He had
attended the University and was a graduate
of Chicago Veterinary College. He is sur-
vived by his widow and three children. ,
  The body of RUDOLF HOHLFELD, '23, son
of Professor and Mrs. A. R. Hohlfeld, was
brought back to Madison and buried here on
July 12. Mr. Hohlfeld, while on a geological
expedition in South America, met his death
last winter through drowning in a branch of
the Amazon river. Interment was at Forest
Hill cemetery. Former classmates, fraternity
brothers, and teammates of the former Wis-
consin athlete were the pallbearers.
  ALAN PALMER DECKER, ex'28, died at his
home in Janesville on July 5, after 17 months
of illness. He attended the University for
just one semester.
  DARRELL WOLF, ex'28, died at his home,
626 Langdon St., Madison, on June 13. He
attended the University the first semester of
  ALBERT G. NASH, L. S. fellow, Cleburne,
Texas, and WALTER H. HAYDEN, graduate
student, Akron, 0., were drowned somewhere
in the vicinity of Second Point on June 1.
High winds and rough water caused their
canoe to capsize. No one saw the accident
or knew of their plight until some~hours after
the accident happened. The bodies of both
were recovered and sent to their respective
homes for burial.
  LOUIS MUNROE, '83, died at St. Mary's
  Hospital, Racine, July 3. After graduation
  from the University, he was associated with
  the Racine Woolen Mills and later engaged
  in the retail lumber business in that city. Mr.
  Monroe was actively interested in the Ma-
  sonic organization in his home city and it was
  under the auspices of this organization that
  he was buried.
  THOMAS F. KEEFE, ex'98, division manager
  of the Wisconsin Power and Light plants and
  operations in southern Wisconsin, died very
  suddenly at his home in Beloit on July 5.
  Death was due to heart failure.
  After attendance at the University, he en-
  tered public utilities work. For several years
  he was associated with the Wisconsin Tele-
  phone Company and later with the Wisconsin
  Power and Light Company. Before going to
  Beloit, Mr. Keefe managed utilities of the
  Insull interests at Baraboo, Mineral Point
  and Ironwood and had been head of the pub-
  lic relations division at Madison.
  He leaves his widow and three children.
   ANNABEL'LAMMEL, assistant instructor in
 economics at the University from -1916-17,
 was killed in an accident near Oshkosh when
 a Soo Line train hit the automobile which she
 was driving. Miss Lammel was employed as
 an accountant by the Waite Grass Carpet
 Company. She was a graduate of Lawrence
 College and obtained her master's degree at
Edith Adams               Marian Atxtell
  Merriam                    Hanna
Hazel Hendrickson          Halcyon Lallier
    7ohnson                  Barenscher
Katherine Reid

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