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Hobbs, M. K. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 27, Number 10 (Aug. 1926)

Alumni news,   pp. 348-350

Page 349

August, 1926
1898  Rose Harnes to Jerry RIORDAN, both
      of Mayville, June 12. Mr. Riordan
      was a former football star and captain
      of his team in 1897. He is now director
      of the agricultural division of theWis-
      consin Manufacturers' Association
1912  Marie Schill to Craig CONNOR, July
      12, at Wisconsin Rapids.
1913  Dorothy Odney, Benson, Minn., to
      Herbert BURROW, Beaver Dam, June
      30. Mrs. Burrow is a graduate of
      Stout Institute. Mr. and Mrs. Burrow
      will make their home in Beaver Dam,
      where Mr. Burrow is secretary of the
      Malleable Iron Range Co.
1916  Viola Livens, Bagley, to Arthur HITT,
      June 9. They widl take up residence in
      Madison in the fall.
1917 Margaret FAY, Madison, to Prof. Henry
      Coburn Howard Jr., Columbia, Mo.,
      June 10. Professor Howard is a gradu-'
      ate of Washington State and l 'rince-
 -- ---ton--Universities.--He-is-n te-hms-
      try department of the University of
      Missouri, Columbia, Mo., where he
      and his bride will reside after Septem-
      ber 1.
1918  Emma    DAMKOE3LER    to  Clarenice
1917  O'CONNOR, June 24, at Milwaukee.
1918  Hazel zuMBRUNNEN, Minneapolis, to
ex'18 Francis WAGNER, Monroe, June 5.
      They are at home in Monroe, where
      Mr. Wagner is connected with the
      firm of Wagner and Son, contractors.
1919  Harriet KUPFER, to James Barden,
      both of Kenosha, June 26. They are
      at home at 586 S. Chicago St.,
1919  Katharine NIENABER, Madison, to
1923  Edward GIBSON, Ft. Dodge, Ia., June
      15, at Rockford, Ill. They will be at
      home in J anesville, where they both
      expect to teach next year.
1920  Mary Baker, Minneapolis, to William
      MALECKAR, Marinette, in June. They
      are at home at 4717 Vincent Ave., S.,
      Minneapolis, Minn.
1920  Rose  Blau, Oshkosh, to    Albert
      KOTENBERG, Waupun, June 12, at
      Cleveland, 0. Mr. Blau is a pharma-
      cist in Cleveland, where he and his
      bride now make their home.
1920  Meta SCHROEDER, formerly of Wau-
      sau, to Earl Beekner, Indianapolis,
      Ind., June 9, at Chicago. Mr. Beckner
      is a graduate of the University of Chi-
      cago, and Mrs. Beckner holds a Ph.D.
      degree from  the same university.
      They are at home at 5740 Stony Is-
      land Ave., Chicago.
Iu nL *.,.,~b o .,. LAND to jae  "ATN
1 zvU Lous Ott -17 EkJNSLAND to J ames P-AYTON,
1920  both of Madison, July 24.
ex '21 Helen CONWAY, Wisconsin Rapids, to
1921  HenryM. FORD, Dayton, 0., June 17.
      They are at home in Dayton, where
      Mr. Ford is engaged in civil engineer-
      ing work.
1921  Miriam Dehnart, Toledo, 0., to Milo
      LARSON, Madison, June 29.
1921  Marian McManus, Madison, to Carl
      SEIFERT, Jefferson, June* 12. They
      are at home in Jefferson, where Mr.
      Seifert operates the Seifert Woolen
1921  Grace MCRAE, Rhinelander, to Walter
1923  KIRMSE, Marinette, July 10, at Mil-
1921  Mary VOORHEES to Lt. Ralph Binz,
      U. S. Infantry, June 20, 1923, at
      Washington, D. C. Their present ad-
      dress is 19th Infantry, Schofield Bar-
      racks, Honolutu, Hawaii.
ex '22 Florence McDavitt, Heyburn, Idaho,
      to Frank CLARK, Madison, June 13, at
      Heyburn, Idaho. They are at home at
      225 Clifford Ct., Madison, whereMr.
      Clark is connected with the Madison-
      kipp Lubricating Co.
1922  Mildred Nolan, Forest Grove, Ore.,
      to Charles BYRNE, Madison, in June,
      at Sioux Falls, S. D. They will be at
      home after September 1, at Brook-
      ings, S. D., where Mr. Byrne is a
      member of the faculty of the journal-
      ism department of South Dakota
      State College.
1922  Gertrude Rentner to Walter YAEGER,
      both of Milwaukee, May 12. They
      are at home in Milwaukee, where Mr.
      Yaeger is in the engineering depart-
      ment of the Wisconsin Telephone Co.
1922  Elizabeth VOORHEES to Lt. Julian
      MacMillan, U. S. Infantry, February
      17, 1923, at Washington, D. C. Their
      present address is 142 Fullerton Ave.,
      Newburgh, N. Y.
1923   Mary Doane, Geneva, to Kenneth
       SAYRE, Edgerton, June 23. Mr. and
       Mrs. Sayre are at home on a farm near
 1923  Thelma Copeland, Oak Park, Ill., to
       Gerald THOMAS, formerly of Wauke-
       sha, late in July. Mr. Thomas, who
       received his B.A. degree from Carroll
       College and his M.A. from the Uni-
       versity, is price engineer -with the
       Western Electric Co. The couple live
       in Chicago.
 1923 Neva DRUMMOND, Mulvane, Kans.,
 1925 to James FOLEY, New Orleans, La.,
       In June, at Madison. Both Mr. and
       Mrs. Foley received their higher de-
       grees from this University. They are
       at home at 124    Breese Terrace,
 1923  Helene FOSTER to B. Coleman Collis,
       Lexington, Ky., June 22, in New York
       City. Mr. and Mrs. Collis motored to
       their new home at 165 N. E. Fiftieth
       Terrace, Miami, Fin., by way of'
       K├Żentucky. --Mr---Collis---is--a -civil-en-
       gineer in business at Miami.
 1923  Helen Fraser, Joliet, Ill., to Milo
       HOPKINS, Madison, in June. Mr. and
       Mrs. Hopkins will be at home in
       Rogers Park, Ill. Mr. Hopkins is
       associated with the Alexander Grant
       Company, accountants, Chicago.
 1923  Gladys LANE, Phillips, to Harry
       Vincent, Park Falls, June 3. After an
       automobile tour through Minnesota
       and Canada, they will take up their
       residence in Park Falls.
 1923  Esther Lemmerhirt to Albert GANS-
       WINDT, both of Burlington, June 29.
       Mr. Ganswindt is anlinstructor in the
       Milwaukee Vocational School.
 1923  Charlotte Manson, Green Bay, to
       Sidney GREILING, Evanston, Ill., June
       12. They will make their home in
       Evanston. Mr. Greiling is connected
       with the firm of Gerard & Company,
       investments and securities, Chicago.
 1923  Edith Blood Mayer, Antigo, to Albert
       ELSNER, Menominee, Mich.. June 9,
       at St. Paul. Minn. They will live at
       Faribault, Minn.
 1923  Marie McCormick, Madison, to Ed-
       ward ABRAMOFSKY, Kenosha, June 7.
       They will reside in Milwaukee,where
       Mr. Abramofsky is advertising man-
       ager for the Milwaukee Lace Paper
ex '23 Elizabeth, Palmer Mueller, Chicago,
      to Donald PORTER, June 29, at Rock-
      ford, Ill. They will make their home
      in Madison.
1923  Deborah OLDS, Madison, to George
      Sherman, Janesville, in June. They
      have established their home at 1102
      Columbus Circle, Janesville.  Mr.
      Sherman is president of the Janesville
      Finance Corporation.
1923  Lorna Peters, Luxemburg, to    K.
      Francis KAREL, Berwyn, Ill., June 11.
      They make their home at Riverside,
      Ill. Mr. Karel is vice-president of the
      Bank of Berwyn.
ex '23. Marguerite SCHULZ, Madison, to
      James Reese Jr., July 12, at the Little
      Church Around the Corner, New York
      City. They will reside in Trenton,
      N. Y., where Mr. Reese is engaged in
      the practice of law.
1923  Frances THOMPSON, Syracuse, N. Y.,
1921 to Albert DAVIDSON, River Falls, June
      30. They are at home on Mr. David-
      son's farm near River Falls.
1924  Bertha WILLIAMS, Madison, to Elmer
1925  BOUGHTON, in June.    They are at
      home at 234 Mason St., Milwaukee.
      Mr. Boughton is engaged as a chemist
      with Cudahy Brothers.
1924  Harriet Acklam  Racine, to Arthur
      WILEDENj Madison,. June 23, at
      GreentBay. They will be in New York
      Cityiduring the summer but will re-
      turn to Madison in the fall to take up
      their residence. Mr. Wileden is an
      instructor in rural economics at the
1924  Marguerite BRIGHAM, Madison, to
      Dr. James Baker, in July. Mrs. Baker
      has been teaching in the Vocational
      School in Madison since her gradua-
      tion, and Dr. Baker is a dentist here.
1924  Mildred Browne, Chicago, to Pennell
      KELLY, Ft. Atkinson, June 17.
1924  Evelyn Engelbracht, Berlin, to Henry
      WARMUTH, Philadelphia, Pa., July 3.
      Mr. Warmuth is a chemist with the
      Newport Company at Carrollville.
      The couple will be at home at the
      Plaza, Milwaukee, in the late summer.
1924   Selma Fritsche, Peoria, Ill., to Floyd
       NELSON, Kenosha, June 19. They are
       at home in Racine, where Mr. Nelson
       is manager of the Lakeshore Yellow
       Cab Company.
 ex '24 Elizabeth Knotts, Urbana, to Alfred
       BOERNER, formerly  of Cedarburg,
       June 18. Mrs. Boerner is a graduate of
       the University of Chicago. They will
       reside in Milwaukee, where   Mr.
       Boerner is engaged as a landscape
 ex '24 Katherine THOMPSON, Aurora, Ill., to
 1923  Karl ACKERMANN, Plymouth, June 8.
       They are at home at Evansville, Ill.,
       where Mr. Ackermann is a druggist.
 1924  Margo TopP, Columbus, to Robert
 1925 SALSBURY, Syracuse, N. Y., June 19.
 1925  Grace Barton,: Titusville, Pa., to Ellis
      FULTON, Toledo, 0., July 20. After a
      cruise on the Great Lakes, Mr. and
      Mrs. Fulton will return to Madison.
      where they will temporarily estab-
      lish their residence at the Irving.
      at the Extension Division and editor
      of the Extension News Bulletin.
1925  Margaret BARTON, Madison, to Ken-
ex '27 neth BARNES, Green Bay, in March.
       They live in Madison. Mr. Barnes
       is a student at the University and
       Mrs. Barnes is engaged in teaching in
ex '25 Gertrude BEMIS, Sheboygan, to Lester
      Laun, Elkhart Lake, June 23. They
      are at home at Elkhart Lake.
1925  Josephine Bickel to T h e o d o r e
      BRAAScH, both of Sheboygan, in June,
      on board the S. S. "George Washing-
      ton," while the vessel was enroute
      from  Bremen to Cherbourg.   Mrs.
      Braasch is a graduate of Stout Insti-
      tute. Mr.. Braasch, who received his
      M. S. degree from the University last
      year, will enter Heidelberg University
      in fall to work for his doctor of litera-
      ture degree. Mrs. Braasch also plans to
      continue her studies. Mr. and Mrs.
      Braasch are attending the summer
      session of the University 'of Berlin this
ex?'25 Inez FLOOD, Portage, to Reginald
      Belyea, Bottineau, N. D., June 4.
1925  Charlotte HANNA to George WooD-
1925  WARD, April 10. They are at home-at
      2308 Monroe St., Norwood, 0. Mr.
      Woodward is employed with     the
      Proctor and Gamble Company.
ex '25 Alma KELHOFER, Madison, to Josdph
1925  SEMB, Galesville, June 24. They are
      at home at Waupun      where Mr.
      Semb is a chemist with Libby, Mc-
      Neil and Libby.
1925  Dorothy KING, Wilmette, Ill., to Prof.
1914  Paul KNAPLUND, in June. Professor
      and Mrs. Knaplund will be in Europe
      until February., when they will return
      to Madison to make their home and
      Professor Knaplund will resume his
      work in the history department.
1925  Dorothy LONG, Madison, to Alonzo
      Pond, Janesville, late in July. Mr.
      Pond is a graduate of Beloit College
      and is now assistant curator of the
      Logan Museum, Beloit. Mr. and Mrs.
      Pond have left for a trip to Europe,
      where Mr. Pond will do research and
      exploration work for the museum.
1925  Dorothy MACK, formerly of Madison,
      to Leland Cothern, at Pana, Ill., in
      June. They will reside at Charcas,
      San Luis Potosi, Mexico, where Mr.
      Cothern, a 1922 graduate of Illinois
      State University, is engineer of the
      Mexican properties of the American
      Smelting and Refining Co.
ex '25 Catherine Ann SULLIVAN, to Edward
ex '23 BIERE-R, both of Madison, July 13,
      Rockford, Ill. They make their home
      at 205 Highland Ave.? Madison. Mr.
      Bierer is representative of the Mil-
      waukee Journal for Dane and Rock
1925  Carolyn TURGRmSON, Chicago, to
1922  Reuben CHADBOURNE, formerly    of
      Columbus, June 1. They are at home
      in Chicago.
1926  Edith ADAMS, River Forest, to Allison
ex "27 MERRIAM, Madison, June 30. They
      will be at home in Chicago after
      September 1.
1926  Marian AXTELL, Newton, Kan., to
1926  George HANNA, Clay Center, Kan.,
      in June.
1926  Helen BuscH, Chicago, to John Mor-
      lan, Petersburg, Tenn., June 19, at
      pringfield, Tenn. They are at home
      at Petersburg, Tenn.

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