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Hobbs, M. K. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 27, Number 10 (Aug. 1926)

Levis, George W.
Football ticket distribution for 1926,   pp. 344-345

Page 344

4August, 1926
Football Ticket Distribution for 1926
                              By GEORGE W. LEVIS, "7
Manager of Athletics
THE general plan of ticket distribution
    as practiced last year will again be fol-
lowed this year. There are several
changes, however, which we think will aid
both alumni and public in securing seats
for games with less difficulty and confu-
sion. The most important change in the
system is that of the elimination of the
dead line in mailing application blanks
to the Ticket Office. Purchasers may
now mail in their orders the same day
they    receive  application  blanks.
EARLY MAILING.         All application
blanks received before September ist
will be filed as of September ist. By
inaugurating this system, it is the aim of
the department to eliminate much con-
fusion, disappointment, and misunder-
standing with reference to orders being
received at this office before the morning
of September ist.   Thus everyone is
given an equal chance of having their
order filed early regardless of where they
live or when the order is mailed, just so
it reaches the ticket office on or before
. the first of September. Alumni and
public may buy as may tickets as they
desire for any game with the exception
of the Minnesota, Iowa, and Chicago
   With a seating capacity of approxi-
 mately 42,000, the stadium  at Camp
 Randall will be divided for the confer-
 ence and Kansas games, as follows:
   As usual the small section in the cen-
 ter of the West stand will be reserved
 for the Regents, Board of Visitors, Staff,
 Varsity, squad and "W" men; begin-
 ning. at the So-yard line and extending
 north to the West stand will be reserved
 for students and members of the Uni-
 versity; beginning at the So-yard line
 and extending south, the West stand will
 again be reserved for the Alumni. Be-
 ginning' at the 5o-yard line and ex-
 tending south, the East stand will be
 reserved for the partisans of the visiting
 team. The public will be placed in the
 East and North stands extending north
 from the 5o-yard line. A small section
   If you received President Frank's
invitation to Commencement, you
are correctly on record and will
receive ) our application blanks
  If you did not receive President
Frank's invitation, there is an error
in the files of the Alumni Records
Office, where 'the blanks are being
  You can correct your record and
make sure of getting blanks by
notifying Porter Butts, Recorder, at
the Alumni Records Office, 772
Langdon Street, Madison.
  Blanks will be mailed early in
August.  All graduates and non-
graduates are entitled to alumni
in the East stand, south of the partisans
of the'visiting team, will be reserved for
students and faculty who require two.
tickets, as no one, except faculty mem-
bers who are married, will be permitted
to purchase more than one ticket in the
student section.
  The ticket allotment for alumni for
the Minnesota and Iowa (Homecoming)
games permits not more than two tickets
to any one person.    However, upon
certification that they will be used by
members of their immediate families,
alumni will be permitted to purchase two
additional tickets for these games.
  Application blanks are being mailed
to all alumni and former students by the
Alumni Records Office. This list now
totals approximately 35,000.   Public
blanks will be available at the Univer-
sity Ticket Office, banks, newspaper
offices, and civic clubs throughout the
state. If an alumnus does not receive
blanks by August 20th, it is suggested
that this office be notified at once. All
applications received up to September
                              FOOTBALL SCHEDULE-SEASON                 1926
     Date                            Game and Place                     
      Price   Mail Order Closes
October      2-Cornell at Madison  --------------------------------$1.00
Open Sale
             9-Kansas at Madison ---------------------------------2.00 September
             16-Purdue at Lafayette ------------------------------------
2.50 October 2
           23-Indiana at Madison (Civic Club Day) -------------------2.50
October 9
           30-Minnesota at Madison (Father's Day) ------------------- 2.50
October 16
November 6-Michigan at Ann Arbor --------------------------------- 2.50 October
            13-Iowa at Madison (HOMECOMING) ----------------------------2.50
October 30
            20-Chicago at Chicago ---------------------------------3.00 November
                 (Continued on page 356)
Ist, inclusive, will be placed in a large
drum and drawn out one by one and
filed and filled in the order in which they
are drawn.
  An acknowledgment postcard will be
sent all applicants immediately after
filing the order. No orders will 'be filed
or filled' after closing dates, as an-
nounced. All'tickets unsold when mail
order closes will be placed on sale'the
week of the game, while those from Pur-
due and Michigan will be returned to
LaFayette and Ann Arbor respectively.
  The   Homecoming    game   will be
played -with Iowa at Madison on ,No-
vember i3th. For the convenience of
the public and alumni, ticket offices will
be established in Milwaukee and Chi-
cago. Announcement of the location of
these offices will be.made in all the pa-
   For further convenience of prospec-
 tive ticket purchasers, we have in-
 stalled private telephone service and an
 adequate force to answer all inquiries
 relative to the football season. The
 phone number for this service is Badger
   All draf s, certified checks or money
 orders should be made payable to G.
 L. Gilbert, Bursar, but the applications
 and all communications relative to
 tickets should be addressed Director
 Ticket Sales, 711 Langdon St., Madi-
 son, Wis., to avoid delays.
       The Chicago Game
   The tremendous demand for tickets
 for this game makes it a most difficult
 one to handle. The allotment for this
 game has not been determined to date.
 The University of Chicago is increasing
 their capacity and we have assurance
 that our former allotment of i0,ooo
 seats will .be increased. Alumni, as in
 the past, will be given 6o per cent of this
 allotment. The Wisconsin stands will
 again be divided horizontally, the upper
 portion being reserved for students, the
 lower portion for alumni, and the boxes
 divided 5o-5o, or equally. Each alumnus

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