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Hobbs, M. K. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 27, Number 10 (Aug. 1926)

The military service record and honor roll,   pp. 342-343

Page 343

  that their only means of crossing was a
  rude log or two felled 'for this purpose;
  and once over, they held their ground.
    Late that night, while Major Marlin
  and Captain Hance were in consultation
  at the latter's headquarters, 2nd lieu-
  tenant Claude W. Davis, commanding
  "H" Company, i48th Infantry, reported
  that while taking one of his platoons
  down to Heurne to cross the River, a
  direct hit had been made on them. Of
  thisix platoon, already badly depleted,
  six men now remained. The Major's
  orders were, "Take another platoon, and
  get them across." The lieutenant re-
  plied, "Major, it means death, but I'll
  gel- H te went, -an   conplis hd hs
       go~'H~w~i~ tuidaccomplishki _his
   On the afternoon of the second day
 following, it was necessary that 1 go up
 into the front lines to arrange for the
 relief of our Battalion that night. I
 found lieutenant Davis and his men dug
 in half a kilometer west of the town of
 Welden.    The bosche were dropping
 minnenwerfers just to the right of our
 line, with regularity and accuracy. On
 our way back to the Battalion Head-
 quarters, being under direct observation
 of the enemy, not a- few Austrian 88s,
 the much dreaded "wwhiz-bangs," were
 sent overat us. Just as we arrived within
 a few meters of our pontoon bridge at
 Heuvel, a score of enemy planes. flew
 over. our lines, hailing down upon us a
 shower ýof machine gun bullets. This
 barrage continued for fifteen minutes.
 Scarcely had we got to headquarters,
 when an enemy artillery barrage came
 down on us. Hell itself had broken loose!
 Big shells were coming uvciO not one or
 two at a time, but apparently, dozens.
 In spite of this barrage, and the deter-
 mined counter-attack which followed,
 our relief was successfully carried out.
   The following morning, two of our
 officers and a detachment of men, who
 had remained behind    to assist the
 French who relieved us, started back to
 Olsene. We had a long march.
 Arriving at Wannagem Lede, cold, wet,
 tired, and hungry, we received from the
 Sisters of St. Francis a welcome which
 none of us is soon to forget. We warmed
 ourselves, dried our clothing, washed,
 and rested while the good sisters served
 us with hot coffee, bread, and cheese.
 One hour later, when we resumed our
 march, had we been ordered back to the
 lines, we might have gone in good con-
 dition and spirits.
         -WILLIAM K. ADAMS, 'i5.
   From    W. P. Powers, '60
   I am quite in sympathy with the pro-
ject of preserving these memorials of
the Civil, War, and would be glad to do
anything that I can to make these rec-
ords complete.
    I was in the Battle of Fort Darling,
  also in some minor engagements at Deep
  Bottom, Malvern Hill, and in the first
  advance by General Butler on Peters-
    It was not my fortune to participate in
  any of the great battles of the war. I
  heard the cafinonading of Antietam and
  the second battle of Bull Run, but was
  not engaged.   My first fifteen months
  of service in the ranks were in the forti-
  fications about Washington in which
  there was no chance for "glory," and
  later my active service was in a mounted
  battery engaged mainly with cavalry in
  scouting work. However, I saw enough
  of w-ar to satisfy me and to convince
  me that Sherman was right in saying
  it was "Hell."
 Wherein Three College De-
    grees Are Qualii6cations
        for Potato Peeling
   My experience was not particularly
 profitable. I scrubbed barracks and that
 sort of thing for two months in Camp
 Grant (every college man I knew at
 Grant during 'this period was doing
 similar work-two star athletes, for
 instance, were doing detail work in the
 camp hospital, and for no fault of their
 own),, and for two months I served as
 Government accountant in the office
 of the Wilson Body Company, Detroit,
 makers of airplane bodies for the
 Government. Not having had so much
 as one lesson in bookkeeping, I was, of
 course, especially qualified for this work.
 My three college degrees made me an
 exceptionally efficient potato-parer and
       -RINEHART J. SWENSON, %18.
   Below are listed more of the "lost"
 alumni who cannot be reached for veri-
 fication of their military service records.
 Any clue- to the whereabouts of these
 men will be very welcome to the Records
 Office.  Address communications to
 Porter Butts, Recorder, Alumni Records
 Office, 772 Langdon Street, Madison.
 Klandrud, Lester Otis, E. x6-17
 Klapp, Albert Gordon, A. 12-15
 Knickerbocker, Jud M., A. (M) 15-16
 Knorr, Arthur H., B. A. '17
 Knudson, Dwight Millard, M. E. 17-19
 Knudsen, John Jones, E. o9-1o
 Knudson, Herman J., C. C. Ad. Sp. 12-13
 Kovanda, Louis Peck, Min. E. 15-16
 Kraatz, Walter C., B. A. '18
 Kragh, Herbert Erthol, L. S. 16-17
 Kral, Raymond J., A. (S) 19-2o
 Kraus, Gustavus Theodore, E. E. 2o-2i
 Kratz, Alva S., B. S. '22 "
 Krueger, Frederick Oscar, Grad. x6-17
 Kueh!, Elmer Arthur, E. E. x7-18
 Kummeron, Paul Frederick Jr., E. x6-17
 Ladd, Boyd C., x8-I9
La Ganke, Nelson Paul, Ch. C. 16-17
Lang, Hiriam A., Ad. Sp. L. S. 1-12
Lang, Paul Minor, Ch. E. x-819
  Langemak, Wesley Ewing, Ch. C. 13-14
  Lanz, Arthur, Ph. G. '17
  Larson, Orville Reuben, C. C. 17-18
  Lathrop, Leigh Hunt, B. S. (E. E.) 'o4
  Lees, Walter Edwin, M. E.,07-09
  Lehner, Otto Philip, Ph. B. '21
  Leighton, Frederic August, M. E. 2o-2i1
  Leinenkugel, Edward Jacob, C. C. 16-17
  Leinenkugel, Jacob Matt, L. S. 13-14
  Lessler, Montague, L. S. 17-18
  Levin, Isidore, B. S. A. '33
  Lewis, Roy E., Ad Sp. Ph. 16-17
  Libby, George Albert, C. C. 18-2o
  Lieberthal, Paul Ralph, L. S. Med. 17-19
  Lillard, Paul; C. E. 11-14
  Linley, Robert Winsor, L. Sp. 13-14
  Linvoy, Chrisstie Ole, E. E. 16-17
  Lobdell, Harrison, A. 15-16
  Loberg, Jesse Dewey, L 16-17
Loese4Augist A (S4ý3' 4-I
Loomis, Jo Gilbeert, A. (M.) ii-12
Lord, John Boardman, A. 13-16
Lowth, Robert John, B. S. (Med.) '23
Lund, Alf, L. S. 16-17
Lund, Reuel Iihiel, L. S. 16-17
Lurvey, Harold Franklin, A. 17.-18
Lustig, Joseph Charles, Ad. Sp. 16-17
Lyman, Walter Kellogg, E. oo-oi
Lyons, Raymond David, C. C. 16-17
Mathie, Harold Otto, E. 17-18
McClure, Richard Alfred, A. 16-17
McConnell, Ansley Bryan, C. J 16-17
McConnel, Lyman Scott, C. E. o6-o8
McCoy, Frank Adelbert, C. C. Voc. 13-16
McGinley, John Robert, C. J. 15-M6
McGrath, Charles B., B. A. 12
McIntyre, Charles William, L. S. oI--62
McKay, James Harry, Ad. Sp. C. C. 17-20
McCay, John A., A. 15-17
McKinney, Loren Carey, M. A. '16
McNally, Harry, A. (M.) 17-20
McQuaid, John joseph, S. S. 'I I
Mac.Culloch, Lucian Vernon, L. S. 1x-15
Mackowski, John Edward, E. E. 13-17
MacLaren, Arthur Robert, C. E. 07-10
Madsen, Axel Mi, A. (S) 14-I15
Mahoney, John Ellsworth, C. C. 19-21
Mandelert, Charles Lloyd, A. 14-i5
Mansfield, Robert, Dustin, M. E. 14-17
Marsh, Frank Harold, C. C. r7-x9
Martin, Lawrence, Grad. L. I. 16-17
Martin, Orville Wells, E. 16-17
Martin, Thomas Andrew, L S. o9-z2
Matchette, *William Harrison Jr., C. C. 17-19
Mattson, Donald Fred, B. S. A. 'i5
May, George Louis, E. 16-17
Mayer, C. A.,-A. (S) 16-17
Mead, Harold W., B. S. '2o
Meihack, Albert William, E. E. I4-18
Marsh, Maitland Barnett, C. C. 16-17
McClintock, Alan Carr, E. 15-16
McCormick, George Boniface, L. S. 16-19
Melby, Elizabeth, B. A. 'o8
Melnikow, Henry Playman, B. A. '16
Meyer, Ben M., S. S. 17, 19, 20
Meyer, Charles A., B. A. '18
Meyer, Martin Emil, L. S. x6-17
Meyer, William Frederick, B. S. A. 'I8
Millard, Marland Boyd, L. S. 13-14
Miller, Charles John, C. C. 04-05
Miller, George Paul, M. E. 15-17
Miller, Roy Edward, L. S. x5-x6
Miller, Gilbert Allen, A. io-i i
Miller, William John, L. S. oo-ol
Mills, John McCuen, C. E. 03-o6
Miner, Harry Eugene, B. A. '17
Misch, Louis Sherwin, C. C.
Mitchell, Donald Eugene, M. E. x6-2i
Mitchell, Prescott Tallman, A. 13-17
Moffet, Harold, L. S. 11-13
Malloy, Edward John, A. 16-18
Montgomery, Frederich Hosmer, L. 5. 1o-12
Moody, Earl A., S. S. x4-15
Moore, Charles Ellet, E. Grad. 15-16
Morgan, Glenn Lewry, A. 13-15
Morrell, Robert Kenneth, C. E. 12-I4
Morris, Francis J., B. S. (Med.) 20
A4ugust., _r926

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