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Hobbs, M. K. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 27, Number 10 (Aug. 1926)

Brown, Randolph
Wisconsin at Poughkeepsie,   pp. 336-339

Page 339

  will provide sufficient funds to make our
  participation possible on an adequate
    We are all agreed that athletics
  should not be given an undue emphasis
  in any university program but an ath-
  letic department which creates high
  ideals, manliness and true sportsman-
  ship is a necessity, in a well-balanced
  curriculum. The proper attitude to-
  wards athletics and the academic cur-
  riculum is that expressed by President
  Frank at our annual banquet. "I pro-
  pose," said President Frank, "to make
  -th ae~emwork-fteUniversity--o
  attractive that George Little will be
pushed to the lirit to maintain the at-
  tractiveness of his department."
tion and of friendshipwhich are of ines-
timable value in bringing the different
sections of the country closer together
and to a better understanding oi each
  George Little, George Levis, and
"Dad" Vail have had to face tremeadous
difficulties to send one crew East. Our
athletic department should receive addi-
tional financial support in order to make
participation in intersectional events
possible. At the present time, football
supports the entire athletic department.
That department is now struggling to
meet its obligations because a short time
ago the surplus which it had built up
was taken from it to help finance men's
dormitories. The athletic department
should not be penalized in this way. We
very much hope that the regents and the
legislature when they realize the im-
portance of such intersectional contests
A Letter From George Little
    to H. Edward Bilkey, '12
                         July 13, x926.
Mr. Edward H. Bilkey,
% J. S. Frelinghuysen Corp.,
i i i William Street,/
New York, N. Y.
Dear Ed:
  Your letter of July 9th with which
you enclosed a copy of your radio speech
was very much appreciated. I like the
spirit of your message and will read it
at the next Council meeting, as it truly
represents alumni opinion of a sport that
is a spendid advertisement to us.
   I very distinctly remember how you
stood in the Wisconsin observation car
shortly after the race had started and
looking over to the adjacent car in
which I was seated, said, "George,
isn't that a great sport?"
  I was delighted with the reception
given the crew, "Dad" Vail and the rest
of us at New York. I feel that I am
working for a real body of men and hope
that my efforts here in years to come will
stamp me as worthy of such responsi-
bility. We will do everything within
our power to help crew here, to help
"Dad" Vail and every phase of the
crew organization. I am certain that
my visit to New York and Poughkeepsie
was of distinct aid in giving me an in-
sight into the whole affair.
  I wish in closing to pledge through
you to the New York Alumni my very
best efforts for their Alma Mater. This
means also the efforts of everyone con-
nected with our Department.
  Thanking you for your letter and also
your message, I am with kindest per-
sonal regards,     -
        Yours very truly,
             GEORGE LITTLE,
The send-off. , .                          Director of dthletics.
Then down to the dpot with the old red wagon.
Jugust, 1926

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