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Hobbs, M. K. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 27, Number 10 (Aug. 1926)

Brown, Randolph
Wisconsin at Poughkeepsie,   pp. 336-339

Page 338

impress on the alumni in other sections
of the country, the undergraduates at
the University, the faculty, the regents
and the legislature, just what this inter-
sectional crew business does to put thý
State of Wisconsin and its University on
the national map, our crew would be a
most favored child. But take our word
for it, or better yet, come to Pough-
keepsie next year and judge for your-
self. Let's go, Wisconsin Crew!
H. Edward Bilkey, '12, on the
  Significance of Wisconsin
     Crews on the Hudson
 (Excerpts from a radio talk over University
             Station WHA.)
  Professor W. H. Lighty, chairman of
the educational broadcasting committee,
has asked me to say a few words relative
to the activities of the New .York Alumni
Club in connection with our crews at the
Intercollegiate Regatta at Poughkeepsie.
  I welcome the opportunity to tell you
what it means to our group of alumni,
located so far from the University, to
entertain and support our crews and to
feel again the thrill of college athletics.
  It is of real value to the University
to have a representative at this great'
Regatta where rIever less than six and
this year eight of the leading universities
of the entire country will be represented
by from one to three crews. When two
years ago, after an absence of several
years, it was again decided to send a rep-
resentative to the Regatta, there was
great. rejoicing by both officials and
Alumni. Wisconsin was again to take
her rightful place and to carry the re-
sponsibility of representing the Middle
West and .the Big Ten.
  To the New York Alumni Club, con-
sisting of over six hundred members, the
coming of the crews East is one of the
outstanding events of the year. We
make a special effort to attend the races
as a group. On the night following, in
New York, we give a stag dinner and
theatre party for the members of the
crew arid the coaches. It is our one
chance to show a Wisconsin team what
graduating from Wisconsin means to us
and to let them know that we appreciate
what they, winning or losing, because
winning is not the most important thing
in this contest, are doing to spread the
ideals and fame of our Alma Mater.
  But it is not alone the pleasures at-
tending the Poughkeepsie Regatta that
I wish to stress. What does it mean to
Wisconsin as a University? Is it worth
the effort and money expended?,
  In the first place, intercollegiate rac-
ing is one of the finest and cleanest of
intercollegiate contests, and calls for
sportsmanship of the highest calibre.
The men who willingly spend a year in
grinding training for this one event have
instilled into them the qualities which
stand for vigorous, upstanding man-
hood. While there is intense rivalry be-
tween the crews, there is also a feeling of
friendliness and cooperation which is one
of the greatest benefits of such intersec-
tional1 contests.
   Our University is recognized as hav-
 ing high ideals and advanced ideas, with
'a splendid curriculum second to none.
But the one thing that has visualized
us to the East is the fact that we, of all
the western universities, have been, up
to within the past few years, the only
one to enter.a crew in the eastern inter-
collegiate regatta. It presents us in 'a
most favorable light; it brings us in
friendly contact with other schools out-
side of our immediate neighbors in the
Big Ten; it gives us publicity of the
finest kind. That the value of partici-
pation in this great Regatta, bringing
together as it does the leading schools of
the entire country, has been recognized,
is-shown by the fact that this year both
Washington and CalifOrnia are repre-
sented by three crews. While there is
intense rivalry between the crews of'the
East and of the West, there is, through
the medium of this Regatta, a building
up of intersectional goodwill, of coopera-
"Rowing on Lake Mendota-rowing. rowing, rowing." Remember the old
crew song?
The- "Dad" Vail-New Speed
 ANEW     speed motorboat to be
ll used by Coach "Dad" Vail in
coaching the University crew, and
by Captain Isabell in life saving
work, has been purchased by the
University. The craft, which is
reported to have cost between
$3,5oo and $4,600 and is capable
of 32 miles an hour, was used for
the first time this year at the
Poughkeepsie race. "Dad" Vail,
as the boat is appropriately
named, has already seen duty in
rescue work on Mendota.
.August, r926

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