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Hobbs, M. K. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 27, Number 10 (Aug. 1926)

Brown, Randolph
Wisconsin at Poughkeepsie,   pp. 336-339

Page 337

the crews paddled slowly to their start-
ing moorings. Then Wisconsin !-and
then dear old "Dad" Vail standing up in
his coaching launch, cap in air. "On
'Wisconsin,"" "If You Want to Be a
Badger," "Varsity Locomotive," (you
may be sure, we gave them the whole
works), and, just before the pistol
cracked-,"Varsity."-which, rolling out
across the Hudson, was a truly impres-
sive and inspiring ceremony.
   Our 'Crew worked like demons all the
 way.    You could plainly see their
 Herculean :efforts from where we sat,
 from Teckemeyer, stroking a Goliath
 sweep that'literally pulled him clear of
 his seat: and the shell from the water,
 right down. the line.  And "Shorty"
 Coulter, z captain and cox, reputed by
 many to be the best strategist on the
 *river, was plainly exerting every trick
 and turn of his craft. There was only
 five seconds difference between the six
 bunched shells, that really constituted
 Wisconsin's race, so it was a battle royal
 and a walk-away for no one. A finer
 bunch of fellows, a cleaner set of athletes
 and a more lion-hearted aggregation of
 water-eaters never oared a shell than our
 Wisconsin crew this year. The Wiscon-
 sin Alumni Club of New York is proud
 of every one of them and is only waiting
 to back them again to the limit next
  Our program on the return trip took
us to the new hotel at West Point where
we had a big rousing dinner for hungry
souls, much enlivened by dancing and a
few extemporaneous acts by some of our
talented Lotharios. The line reformed.
for the final lap about I:3o'A. M., and
those that went to business the next
morning did it no good.
  The next evening about fifty of our
ardent sons formed a Committee of
Hosts and entertained the crew at a real
he-man, get-together dinner and later at
Earl Carroll's "Vanities." Wewere most
pleased to have George Little, director
of athletics, with us that evening, to-
gether with Charles L. Byron, president
of our General Alumni Association. We
had a few words from each of these
prominent figures, also from members
of the crew and then from "Dad" Vail.
Let it be said that- "Dad" has always
won his way right into the hearts of us
all. We are for him, every last one of us,
and every bit of support he and his
activities may get from the University
will receive rousing cheers from the New
York contingent.
  Seats for the crew at the "Vanities"
were at tables in' the very glare of the
footlights. If the boys didn't feel the
very pulse of New York atmosphere
that night and get a wee thrill, the West
isn't what it used to be. "Dad" Vail
made a stirring address from the stage,
we all went through our "Rah Rah"
repertoire and every principal in the
cast had some local quip to shoot
across. Again Wisconsin dominated the
map before the public,-and through the
   The next day some Of us had the great
pleasure of visiting intimately with
George Little and "Dad" Vail. We are
all convinced that a really constructive
program can be worked out to overcome
some of our natural handicaps in de-
veloping crews at Wisconsin. One thing
we certainly need is more actual race
competition prior to our crew com-
ing to Poughkeepsie. It is asking too
much of any set of athletes to make a
fair showing in their biggest competition
of the year, when that competition
represents their first and last competi-
tive experience. If a schedule of races
among middle western crews could be
arranged and possibly preliminary races
with California and Washington, when
these crews are on their way East, it
would greatly assist our cause. Inter-
esting other mid-western universities
having water facilities to institute crew
activities would also work to- this end.
At all times, of course, alumni should be
on the look-out for likely crew.material
and interest these boys in coming to
Wisconsin. If we in the East could only
The Varsity Crew-Left to right: Oscat Teckemeyer, stroke; L. H. Kingsbury.
No. 7; _7. D. Burrus, No. 6; F. W. Bassett, No. 5; A. L. Bibby, No. 4;
                        R. 4. Zentner, No. 3; H. E. Kieweg, No. 2; F. L.'
Orth, bow; H. L. Coulter, cockswain.
Alugust, r926
* 337

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