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Crawford, Robert S. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 26, Number 7 (May 1925)

Class news,   pp. 265-286

Page 276

         Ae Outstandin              Class
           Sec'y-N. P. BIART, Madison
               652 Knickerbocker St.
               Reune June 19-22!
   The night of February 27 and the Monona
 Hotel offered the local members of the class
 reunion committees another opportunity to
 let loose some of that over-abundant supply of
 reunion pep. We had a mighty splendid and.
 enthusiastic turn-out.    Things are coming
 along in fine shape. A fraternity house along
 the shore of Old Mendota has been secured-
 headquarters-where we can all meet, revive
 old friendships, and indulge in that best of
 pastimes, reunion gossip.
   Your committees are working- hard to show
 you a real time next June. Talking about com-
 mittees-'remember you are on the publicity
 committee, so here's a little fun for you: resur-
 rect the old "Co-op" pen; pick out five of your
 old-pals, and drop each a line today to be sure
 to see you and answer roll call on June 19.
   -Watch the next number of this magazine
for details.
   B. W. MEYER is an instructor and field organizer
in the University Exctension Division. His address
is J39 S. 7th St., La Crosse.
   Change of address: Yvonne DAUPLAISE Town, 811
 E. College Ave., Waukesha; Clare Roy MURPHY,
.Standish, Mich.
            Madison, 1119 Sherman Ave.
   Kan Su is now executive engineer of the Board of
 Public Works at Wuchow, South China, and is actively
 pushing forward modern improvements which will
 transform that ancient city.-H. F. JANDA has been
 appointed assistant director of the Highway Research
 Board of the National Research Council. He was
 formerly assistant city engineer at Portage.-Harold
 JANDA, associate professor of highway engineering
 at the University of North Carolina, has been granted
 a year's leave of absence to take a position as assistant
 director of the advisory board of the division of high-
 way research of the National Research Council.-
 Winfield SMITH has enrolled in the dental school of
 Northwestern University.  His address is 31 N.
 Lake St., Chicago.-Albert NELSON is superintendent
 of schools at Fairbury, Neb.-DeWitt JoNEs, chemist
 with the Newport Co., Carrollville, resides at 696
 37th St., Milwaukee.-Thomas GILDER is a mechanical
 engineer in the maintenance department of the Federal
 Rubber Co. He lives at 468 Lenox St., Milwaukee.-
 Richard GARLING is manager of the Fidelity Stores
 Co., 1 21 W. Western Ave., Muskegon, Mich.=- Howard
 SMITH is with the Wisconsin Tax Commission as
 municipal accountant. His address is 225 Clifford
 Court, Madison.-Frank SLABY Jr., sales manager
 with the Mid West Oil Heat Co., may be reached at
 316 W. Michigan Ave., Jackson, Mich.-Reid MURRAY
 is professor of animal husbandry and secretary of the
Wisconsin Livestock Breeders' Association, Madison.
-William GITTINGS writes that he is with the Gold
Medal Camp Furniture Mfg. Co., and that his address
is 2230 Washington Ave., Racine.-Leland SvYMoUR
acts as manager of the Hotel Lassen, Wichita, Kan.
-Arnold    MAXWELL is superintendent of plant,
Carnation Milk Products Co., residence 518 N. 5th
St., Oregon, Ill.-Forrest AYER, secretary of the
Inland Rubber Co., gives his address as 146 W. 27th
St., Chicago.-Mabel GAY, Hotel Dana, 2214 Dana
St., Berkeley, Calif., is a graduate student in history
at the University of California; she expects to receive
the degree of M. A. in May.-Frank THAYER, assistant
professor of journalism at the Medill School of Journal-
ism, Northwestern university, has resigned to take
effect September I. Professor Thayer has become
educational counsel for the American City Bureau of
New York and Chicago, 123 W. Madison St., Chicago,
an organization specializing in institutional and com-
munity financing and organization, and affiliated
with the American City Magazine. He is now on a
leave of absence from    Northwestern University,
working on assignments, particularly in the South.
Professor Thayer has worked in, several *university
departments of journalism in the last eight years,
having been instructor in journalism at the universities
of Kansas and Iowa, and associate professor of journal-
ism at the State College of Washington. He aided in
the establishment of several courses in business journal-
ism when the Medill school was opened four years
ago. He has also been lecturer at the summer sessions
of the Universities of California and Wisconsin. He
was formerly on the staff of the Springfield Republican
and the Detroit News. In the last three years he has
given only part of his time to Northwestern university,;
working as special writer on business subjects for the
A. W. Shaw Company, and the Dry Goods Reporter,
and afs educational counsel for S. W. Straus & Co.
   Change of address: Carrie HIBBARD, Montgomery,
 Minn.; Myrtle EUBANK, 17A Avenue Road, Shanghai,
 China; Earl Hutchison, 836 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago;
 C. W. STUART, 4603 Roosevelt Rd., Chicago; Magn-
 hilde GULLANDER, Sergeano Hall, 34th and Chestnut
 Sts., Philadelphia, Pa.; James FRAWLEY, S61 Lincoln
 Ave., Orange, N. J.; R. J. COUGHLIN, 4943 Spal4ing
 Ave., St. Louis, Mo.; H. C. SIMMoNs, cdo F. J.- Sim-
 mons, 625 Market St., San Francisco, Calif.; Ben
 JENSAN, c/o  Northern States Power Co., Bruce;
 Arline PERRY Mahan, 2751 1st Ave., S., St. Peters-
 burg, Fla.; Dr. Thomas O'MALLEY, 6S6 53rd St.,
 Milwaukee; Alice PECK Wolvin, 39 Congress St.,
 Pasadena, Calif.; Imogen STURTEVANT Robertson,
 2339 N. New Jersey St., Indianapolis, Ind.; Fred
 HALL, 5048 Glenwood Ave., Chicago; business ad-
 dress 1214 Chicago Trust Bldg.; Finla CRAWFORD,
 70o Lancaster Ave., Syracuse, N. Y.; Nathaniel
 Bailey, 5948 West Lake St., Chicago; H. W. TABOR,
 Camp 6I, Big Creek, Calif.; Frank THAYER, 123 W.
 Madison St., Chicago.; John STEPHL, i8iY2 Martin
 St., Milwaukee; Carol HILL Taylor, 1029 Harrison
 Ave., 'Beloit; William HARVEY, 88 Indian Hill Road,
 Winnetka, Ill.; A. H. NEUMANN, Oconomowoc; Mar-
 garet TAYLOR, State Board of Health Laboratories,
'Lansing, Mich.; F. M. DISTELHORST, 2249 Rugby
Road, Madison; Rosaline KAY, 647 Burna Ave.,
Chicago; S. BAsHEROV, University Club, Madison;
Dr. F. A. CHANDLER, 2632 Lakeview Ave., Chicago;
Kathleen VAN HECKE Rogan, 6822 Wayne Ave.,
Rogers Park Sta., Chicago.
    COME BACK to the campus and see Muir Knoll. "From the top of the
hill on the North Side of Lake Men-
dota, I gained at last wistful, lingering view of the beautiful University
grounds and buildings where I had spent so
many hungry and happy and hopeful days. There, with streaming eyes, I bade
my blessed Alma Mater farewell.
But I was only leaving one University for another-the Wisconsin University
for the University of the Wilderness"
-so said John Muir. Come back to where he learned a lasting lesson from a
locust blossom.

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