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Crawford, Robert S. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 26, Number 7 (May 1925)

Class news,   pp. 265-286

Page 271

instructor in the Wisconsin School of Music, Madison.
-Velma VINAL Maechtle, now in Glencoe, Ill., writes
very favorably of her alumnae associates in her new
home. "It makes me glad to have come down here
among such warmth and' enthusiasm," she says.-
*Edgar ROBINSON'S book, "The Evolution of American
Political Parties," was highly recommended in a
review by Allen Sinclair Will in the Book Review
section of the New York Times of Sunday, December
2i.-A letter from Mary BELL Nethercut completes
and corrects the Class History item regarding her.
She was librarian and instructor at Rockford College
1913-1919, then for two years librarian, College of
Emporia, Kan., and for a year organizer with the
North Dakota Library Commission. Since i92 she
hs been assistant librarian and associate professor in
library science, Denison University, Granville, 0.,
her present address. Summers she is on the faculty
of School for Librarians, Chautauqua, N. Y.-J. E.
GILLESPIE'S business address is Gillespie Construction
Co., paving contractors, in W. Washington St.,
Chicago.-Hildtir SCHREINER Molitor writes from
Two Rivers, "widely known as the coolest spot in
Wisconsin," where her husband and brother are in the
automobile business together; home address, 1611-
26th St.-W. C. BUETOw resigned his position with
the Wisconsin Highway Commission last fall; address
now is 2445 Park Ave., N., Indianapolis, Ind.
   Mystery stuff: The following 19o8-ers have moved
 from addresses given in Class History, leaving no
 tracks* Please send clues as to their whereabouts to
 Box 67, Sta. F, N. Y. C.: Bjarne GRAFF, Tony B.
 KNUTH, Maude CHARLES Wendt.
   Change of address: Frank KENNEDY, Lighter-than-
Air Section, McCook Field, Dayton, 0.; John BLANK-
ENAGEL, 190 S. Sandusky St., Delaware, 0.; C. A.
SEMRAD, 784 St. Paul St., Denver, Colo.; Katherine
MACMURTERY Wied, 25-85th Ave., W. Riverside,
Duluth, Minn.; Gail LIBBY Jensen, Nakoma, R. 6,
Madison; Louis BURGESS, 2667 Lothrop Ave., Detroit,
Mich.; Laura JAMIESON Tomlinson, 206 W. Burns St.,
Portage; Charles STARK Jr., 399 Kenwood Blvd.,
Milwaukee; George BILLINGS, Barrington, Ill.; Ray-
mond SANBORN, flour broker, 2105 Lennox Road,
Cleveland, 0.; Thomas GOODRICH, 1219 S. 27th St..
Lincoln, _Neb.; Victor SWENSON, 418 Broadway,
Milwaukee; Harold STEELE, superintendent of schools,
700 Court St., Saginaw, Mich.; Ralph HEss, director
.department of industrial education, Institute of
American Me't Packers, 509 S. Wabash Ave., Chicago;
Julius WOLFF, 615 Wolvin Bldg., Duluth, Minn.;
E. L. Gross, Cooper-Carlton Hotel, Hyde Park Station,
Chicago; E. W. MORIARTY, 1217 Cleveland Ave.,
Portland, Ore.; Abigail FORWARD Parsons, 408 Mercer
St., Durand, Mich.; Ida GANOSTAD, 407 N. Henry St.,
Madison; Lenore LEINs, 84o E. 56th St., Chicago;
Ruth JENNINGS Wilson, 4 Dwight St., Brookline,
  Missing members: E. W. MORIARTYĆ½ Clarence J.
RICE, (ex;'o8), Helen SUMNER Woodbury (Mrs. Robt.),
T. T. WORTHINGTON (ex 'o8).
          Sec'y-E. E. WITTE, Madison
  Walter MINICK, Lester ORR, Charles SEARLES and
John SHEA are with the Western Electric Co., Chicago.
-Leo TIEFENTHALER is secretary of the City Club
in Milwaukee.--Oscar Haas, grand master, of the
alumni of the Sigma Delta Phi Fraternity, is at the
head of the first annual national convention of the
raternity to be held in Milwaukee in June.-The
memory of Fred IVEs, who was killed in a train wreck
last June, is to be honored by the Ohio State Uni-
versity. A new agricultural building, now being built
at the State University at Columbus, will be named
"Ives Hall" after him. Mr. Ives went to the State
University at Columbus in i91O where he taught in
the department of engineering drawing, but was trans-
ferred to the department of agricultural engineering,
of which he became the head in 19I4.-Carl ZOLLMAN is
the .author of a lawbook dealing with "The American
Law, of Charities," published by the Bruce Publish-
ing Co., Milwaukee.-Louis LOCHNER has published a
book, America's Don Quixote," which chronicles the
story of the Ford Peace Expedition of 1916, of which
Mr. Lochner was the secretary and manager. This
book has been published by Kegan, Paul, Trench,
Trubner & Co., of London. Mr. Lochner is now press
correspondent in Berlin, Germany. Last summer he
visited in the United States with his wife and .three
children.-Herm an S AHTwstheSpe-              tho
Wisconsin   Assembly  now   in  session.-Frederick
.MusBACH has been the director of the Branch Agri-
cultural Experiment Station at Marshfield since its
organization in 19ii.-John BUSER was recently re-
elected county surveyor of Grant County.    He is
also in the employ of an abstract company at Lan-
caster.-C. E. Rightor prepared a paper on "The
Comparative Tax Rates of 184 Cities, 1924" which
was published in the December number of the Na-
tional Municipal Review and is now available in pam-
phlet form.-R. A. KOLB has purchased a farm near
Medford which he is operating. Mr. Kolb, who was
for eleven years county agent of Taylor county, is
the twelfth former county agent in this state to take*
to farming.
  Change of address: C. L. MCMULLEN, 211o Bascom
P1., Madison; Lona BERGHS Jorgeson, 16oo Washington
St., Lincoln, Nebr.; Eugene Brookings, lawyer, 500
Oddfellows Bldg., Portland, Ore.; Alonzo ORDWAY,
563 Athol Ave., Oakland, Calif.; George GRAEBNER,
1436 First Wisconsin National Bank Bldg., Milwaukee;
Frances BUTTERFIELD Fishburn, i224 S. Wolcott St.,
Casper, Wyo.; Clarence HARTLEY, 104 E. 7th St.,
Superior; Jacob SPROESSER, cashier, Merchants Na-
tional Bank, I013-7th St., Watertown; Dr. Theodore
GUNTHER, 2117 N. 8th St., Sheboygan; Hale HUNNER,
general pit foreman, Chino Mines, Santa Rita, New
Mexico; A. W. MORGAN, care The Ohio Public Service
Co., 18oo B. F. Keith Bldg., Cleveland, 0.; Emily
HOLMES Baker. vivi Central Ave_. IndianannnQ Ind'
Ruby KOENIG Ellis, 6oi N. 4th St., Slanitowoc;
John DEXTER, University of Porto Rico, Rio Piedras,
  Missing members: Walter G. GRIMMER, Herman
      Sec'y-E. D. STEINHAGEN, Milwaukee
                    721 51St St.
  Alfred FLINT, who for three years has been associated
with the firm of Schubring, Ryan, and Petersen, has
now opened a new office at 217 Gay Building, Madison.
-1Dr. Leon SHAW has been appointed development
engineer in charge of raw materials in the works of the
Western Electric Company at Chicago. Dr. Shaw was
formerly an assistant professor of chemistry at North-
western University.-L. R. TALBOT is the New York
manager of the Cement Gun Co., Inc., 30 Church
St., N. Y. His residence address is 33 Overlook Road,
Port Washington, L. I., N. Y.-C. 0. BICKELKAUPT
is now vice-president in charge of operations of the
Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company.
He may be reached in care of this company, Hurt
Building, Atlanta, Ga.-Prof. Ray HULCE was chosen
recently to assist M. H. Lawritson of the University
of Nebiaska, in charge of the dairy cattle demonstra-
tions at the National.Dairy Show.
  Change of address:   H. N. CRAWFORD, 516-517
Broadway-Wisconsin Bldg., Milwaukee; Quincy JONEs,
Box 1O34, Tulsa, Okla.; F. B. MCMAHON, 1213 Wells

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