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Crawford, Robert S. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 26, Number 7 (May 1925)

Class news,   pp. 265-286

Page 270

Rosecrest Ranch, Selah, Wash.; Lottie OGILvIE,
Route iO, Box i18 Seattle, Wash.; George WORKS,
129 Blair St., Ithaca, N. Y.; Arthur MUELLER, 613
Brumder Bldg., Milwaukee; Adah STREETER, Bl e
Earth, Minn.
  Missing members: Loren D. BLACKMAN, Huldah B.
                  Winnetka, Ill.
              Reune June 19-22!
    to. /?fX" W"o0' Ma*,sa n
    Xo he w/11 *'oi" howm~V9
    #Ahere   wi111  6e.4iyoal       R   Y
  Elias TOBENKIN'S latest publication is "God of
Might," a realist novel dealing with the Middle West.
It is the story of a young Russian boy who broke away
from his family in Russia to come to America to
escape the religious persecution of the old country.
       Sec'y-L. W. BRIDGMAN, Madison
                191o Kendall Ave.
  Winifred FEHRENKAMP is librarian at Lawrence
College. She may be reached at the Lawrence College
Library, Appleton.-Leroy HARZA, consulting hydro-
electric engineer, may be reached at 919 Monadnock
Bldg., 53 W. Jackson St., Chicago.-Robert Minton
is president of Minton, Lampert & Co., bonds, and
gives a new business address as 29 S. LaSalle St.,
Chicago.-John   BAKER, Peking,   China,  writes:
"Possibly some of my classmates might be interested
    COME BACK and see the graduating class. It is
   Al I)
   JU et.
  to know that I shall have some little say on what is to
  be done with the recently remitted Boxer Indemnity,
  having beefi selected as one of the Trustees of the
  China Foundation for the Promotion of Education
  and Culture;_ also that if they contribute anything to
  famine relief in China I get my hands on it as treasurer
  of the China International Famine Relief Commission."
  -Laura OLSEN, Eau Claire, was the Tenth district
  representative in a conference of Wisconsin republicans
  held at Oshkosh in March.
    Change of address: Louise JOHNS Messmer, 633
  Maryland Ave., Milwaukee; A. B. MELZNER, 440
  Senate Office Bldg., Washington, D. C.; Alice EVANS
  Steeps, Io4-7th Ave., Baraboo; H. J. DAHL, 142 S.
  I4th St., LaCrosse; Ada AMES, 512-11th St., S., Fargo,
  N. D.; Fred HOLMES, 115 W. Main St., Madison;
  Max KELLING, president Kelling Nut Co., Sheridan
  Beach Hotel, Sheridan Road and Chase Ave., Chicago.
  Missing members;    Ray J. HAGGERTY, Jesse E.
  Agnes YOUNG Tucker (Mrs. F. T.)
        Sec'y-RALPH GUGLER, Milwaukee
                   694 Broadway
   Jerry DONOHUE has been chosen to head the Associa-
   tion of Commerce of Sheboygan during 1925. He has
   been head of a number of important civic organizations
   in Sheboygan, and has also acted as the executive
   leader of state associations.-Albert GOEDJEN, manager
   of the Menominee & Marinette Light and Traction
   Co., was elected chairman ot the electric section of the
   Wisconsin Utilities Association, February 4.-James
 .STONE has been appointed* postmaster of Reedsburg.-
 Charles EDMUNDS has been placed in charge of the die,
 forge, and heat- treating departments of the new
 Ajax Motors Co., at Racine. Mail reaches him at
 14o6 College Ave.-Ed HUBBARD is president of the
 Allis Mfg. Co., He resides at 35O0 Highland Blvd.,
 Milwaukee.-Robert NIVEN is practicing law at 2o8
 Sterry Block, Pontiac, II1.-Earl PRYOR advises that
 he is vice-president and treasurer of Edgar, Richer
 & Co., investment securities, 438 E. Water St., Mil-
 waukee. He resides at 1468 Prospect Ave.
   Change of address: S. B. SEVERSON, 518 Jackson
   Bldg., Buffalo, N. Y.; Guy PALMER, 61 Broadway,
   New York City; Robert USHER, 71 N. Forest Ave.,
   Downers Grove, Ill.; Ethel CARTER, 902 E. College
   Ave., Appleton; Alice WALKER, 409 N. Beachwood
   Drive, Los Angeles, Calif.; Grace HoBBINS Modie;
   30 Spooner St., Madison; Emma SHAW Putnam, 320
   W. Bracon St., New London; Agnes KNUDSON Long
   c/o Messrs. Morgan Harjes & Co., 14 Place Vendome,
   Paris, France.
   Missing members: James H. CURTIN, S. G. ENGLE,
   Isabella MENZIES, Martha NEPRUD, Katharine M.
   SANDERSON, Justine WATERMAN Sorenson (Mrs. J. S).
           Sec'y-F. H. ELWELL, Madison
                2025 Chadbourne Ave.
    Maud SMITH Bolton writes that her husband was
  appointed by Governor Erickson of Montana to take
  the position of superintendent of the Montana State
  Hospital, located at Warm Springs, to take charge on
  March 7.   "Warm   Springs is on the Yellowstone
  Trail," she writes, "twenty-five miles west of Butte,
  between Butte and Deer Lodge. We should be glad
  to see Wisconsin alumni at any time."-John BLANK-
  NAGEL is head of the Department of German in the
  Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, O.-r-Katherine
  MACMURTERY Wied is Dean of Girls in the Denfeld
  High School of Duluth, Minn.-Anna STEVENS is an
good to look into young hopeful faces. Come-bid them

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