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Crawford, Robert S. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 26, Number 7 (May 1925)

Class news,   pp. 265-286

Page 269

  to bring about a revulsion all over the United States against
  an overemphasis upon athletics in American colleges. I've-
  heard the same expressions out! here. There is a certain
  class of alumni who can't see the utter deplorability and
  grave national danger in a situation that tolerates the coach
  of Gonzaga University (Spokane) getting a bigger salary
  than the Premier of France. What do men like these care
  for the achievements of an Ely, a Babcock, or a Van Hise?
  I suppose this fellow, if he has a son, would rather send
  him to Notre Dame, now that the "Four Horsemen" have
  trailed Stanford in the dust, than to the best school (from a
  scholastic standpoint) in the United States.
     The whole false point of view is brought about by the
  present syitem. I say fire all the professional coaches if
tbihs  is4theV-general-attitude of-studetoward-
  their institutions. Let the teams coach themselves, with the
  voluntary unpaid (except for expenses) help of old alumni
  players; make your director of athletics a regular member
  of the faculty with -the prestige the position carries ai Chi-
    I have just learned on gdod authority that Russcallow,
  the University qf Washington crew coach, recently refused
  a salary of $12,00o a year, stating that he thought he was
  not entitled to more than any other professor and that he
  deplored the present commercial tendencies in college
  athletics. If this is really so, it ought to be broadcast over
  the United States; it marks the dawn of sanity in this field.
  Then let the students realize that turning out a winning
  team is not the chief end. I won my races on the track
  many times, but the best race I ever ran was one I lost
  against "Germany" Hall. He won, but I beat his game.
  I would not have mentioned this except to point a moral.
  Young America will learn some day that sometimes in
  winning, you losi. Probably fiever, in a thousand years,
  will Notre Dame rank with Stanford. Whoever heard of
  Center College before they got to turning outfootball cham-
  pions and who will ever hear of them again except in this
  regard. I hope no one will ever refer to our Alma Mater as
  did a famous. japaniese geologist when I asked him about
  a well-known university in his country, "Oh, yes," his
  voice expressing utter contempt, "that's a base-ball Uni-
    Now I am an alumnus, a "W" man, and believe in
  athletics, but I'm beginning to think President Meiklejhon
  was rit'ht-the first thinv to do toward imhrnonnv our
similar office at the same time. They were elected by
the city of Fond du Lac without opposition'since that
city is allowed three justices and three people were
running for the office.-Suzarnne Witwen, 503 4th
Ave., Eau Claire, is assistant librarian in that city.-
Warren SMITH has been elected president of the Cor-.
dilleran Section of the Geological Society of America
for i925. This section includes the territory west of
the Rocky Mountains.      During the summer, Mr.
Smith will be ih charge of the campus summer courses
in geology at the University of Michigan.
  Change of address: Avis HUGHES, 3509 W. Monroe
St., Chicago; Harry HEWITT, office address, 338 Mc-
Knight Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn.; Harriet STEWART
LU3tCIC, :Lzoo ,jotut o., Sanl Inltgo, CallI.; r-, mma ý_YLASIEX,0
136 South Erie St., Wichita, Kan.; Agnes MERRILL
Scott, 129 Corlies Ave., Pelham, N. Y.; Laura SAGE
Jones, 206 N. 7th St., Delavan; William SMITH, Sud-
bury, Ontario, Can.; John HANZLIK, Real Estate and
Loans, 2424 W. 22nd St., Minneapolis, Minn.; Robert
KAFTAN, attorney at law, 307 Bellin Bldg., Green Bay;
F. W. BOLDENBECK, 823 Humboldt Ave., Winnetka,
Ill.; Cornelia NoTz, 5402-39th St., Chevy Chase, Md.;
Harry COLE, i90 Ampthill Rd, Bedford, Eng.; Oliver
KOHL, Wakefield, Mich.
  Missing members:     Herbert W. Dow, Henry L.
JANES, Kittie BUTTON Payne (Mrs. 1. D.)
         Sec'y-W. H. HEIN, St. Louis, Mo.
                5238 Kensington Ave.
  Courtney DOUGLAS, General Electric Co., Chicago,
sends a new business address to Alumni Headquarters,
230 S. Clark St.-Guinevieve MIHILLS Mowry ad-
vises that her temporary address is 2122 Van Hise
Ave., Madison.-W. 0. HOTcHKISS, chairman of the
State Highway Commission, has been appointed by
Secretary of Agriculture Howard Gore to a board
which is to prepare a plan for uniform numbering and
marking of highways of interstate character.
  Change of address: E. H. PERRY, 916 Clermont St.,
Antigo; William    HAMILTON, president Interflash
Signal Corporation, 12o Broadway, New York City,
residence Bronxville; Willard HEmI, 5238 Kensington
At    6. T   *  AXr
educational institutions is to educate 'the alumni. I once
heard a saphead business, man of Seattle say he wished he
could fire Suzzalo (President) and get back Dobie (I don't
have to tell you who he was, do I?). What is the country
coming to when grown men talk like this? This man was
an alumnus of the University of Washington, but a fine
asset he is to that institution!
  Perhaps the athletic situation at Wisconsin does need
improving, but I am not going to presume, after years of
absence from the campus, to tell.the authorities there what
to do about this matter. I think we alumni ought to stop
meddling. Furthermore, I am personally far more con-
cerned with the University's standing in the scholastic
world than I am about comparatively unimportant things
like athletics. I know the prestige of the old school is un-
dimmed in the essentials, and so we need not worry about
the rest. It is of infinite more concern to the future of the
world and to our Alma Mater that she turn out men like
the late Richard Scholz, than it is that we have an all-
American football player selectedfrom our teams.
   P. S. After I got this off my chest, I immediately
got well. I hope it will do you as much good.
  At the recent close of his second term as governor of
North Dakota, R. A. NEsTos resumed his law practice
at Minot, N. D., as a member of the firm of $4estos,
Herigstad & Stenersen. On April 2o he began a
lecture tour-in the South for the Redpath people and at
its dose in July he will leave for a three months' tour
in Europe.
  Mr. and Mrs. R. C. FAIRBANK were unopposed
candidates for justice of the peace, and are the only
husband and wife in the history of the state to hold a
ly., QL. AIVU10, ivAV.
   Missing members: La Maude YULE Miller (Mrs.
T. R.), Frank D. SHELDON (ex 'o3),Albert E. SHOWER.
   Judge Henry GRAASS was a. candidate for re-election
April 7 for the position of circuit judge of a Wisconsiq
            Madison, 322 S. Hamilton St.
   John POTTER has taken up residence in the pictur-
 esque city of Madrid, Spain, where he has accepted the
1position of Transmission Engineer of the Compania
Telefonica National de Espana, which is a part of
the International Telephone and Telegraph Company.
His office is at Gran Via 5. Mrs. Potter and their
three children are with him at Nunez de Balboa I I.
In writing Mr. Potter says: "It is hard to believe that
I am in Madrid. It seems odd to see the big-wheeled
carts drawn by mules in tandem and the donkeys with
saddle bags, but in most respects Madrid looks very
much like an American city."-Attorney M. E.
DAVIS, of Green Bay, was a candidate for circuit judge
of the district, opposing Judge Henry Graass, 'o3,
who was a candidate for re-ejection April 7.,-Carl
HUTH Jr., associate professor of history at the Uni-
versity of Chicago, has just returned to the United
States after a prolonged stay in Germany, where he
was engaged in Historical research.-Lottie OGiLvIE is
in the poultry business near Seattle, Wash.   Her
address is Route 0o, Box I 8.
   Change of address: R. T. CONGEit, care American
Consul, Kobe, Japan; Lafayette ADLEY, horticulftrist,

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