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Crawford, Robert S. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 26, Number 7 (May 1925)

Class news,   pp. 265-286

Page 267

        Sec'y-A. C. UMBREIT, Milwaukee
                916 Shepard Ave.
  F. M. HAIGHT, is associate pastor of the First Metho-
dist Episcopal Church of Wenatchee, Wash.   His
address is 504 First St.
  Change of address: George COMSTOcK, 635 College
St., Beloit; James Wilson, 4 Dwight St., Brookline,
  Missing member: Frank KINNE (ex '83).
     Sec'y-CLARA BAKER FLETT, Madison
                  Lathrop Hall
  Change of adIress: Rose FiTcm Briggs, 2647 !Dupont
Ave., Minneapolis, Minn.
  Missing member: Charles J. PERKINS.
     Sec'y-O. D. BRANDENBURG, Madison
                 114 S. Carroll St.
              Reune June 19-22!
          Sec'y-EMMA NUNNS PEASE
  Mary CONNOR, Token Creek, is the subject of an
  nteresting story in Better Homes and Gardens for
February, written by Fred Holmes, 'o6. Miss Connor
has been a useful member of her own community,
and though busily engaged at home she has extended-
her wholesome influence throughout the county and
state.           -
   Change of address: Elsey BRISTOL, 2130 Chamberlain
Ave., Madison; Carrie MORGAN, ioo N. Greenbay St.,
      Sec'y-KATHERINE ALLEN, Madison
                 228 Langdon St.
   C. 0. SMITH has moved from Beloit and now resides
 at Roswell, New Mexico.
   Missing member: A. W. ToUSLEY (ex '87).
           Madison, 1711 Van Hise Ave.
  Patrick KELLY, veteran secretary of the Milwaukee
Elks lodge, was honored on his sixtieth birthday by
Milwaukee Elks, and also received flowers, letters,
and telegrams from Elks throughout the country.
Mr. Kelly has been secretary of the Milwaukee lodge
for fifteen years.
  Change of address: Pierre MARTINEAU, 2543 River-
side Ave., Marinette.
  Missing members: Fred W. PRAEL; T. K. URDAHL.
       R. R. 6, National Road, Springfield, 0.
  Missing member. Earl W. DE MoE.
       Sec'y-JULIA MURPHY, Madison
                635 Howard Place
      "Sec'y-CAROLINE YOUNG, Madison
                1o3 E. Wilson St.
  W. F. COLLINS, cashier of the State Bank of Arnott,
has announced his candidacy for county judge Of
Portage county.
Change of address: Frederick SILBER, Room 614,
137 S. LaSalle St., Chicago.
  Missing member. Herman SCHLUNDT.
       Sec'y-ANNA GRIFFITHS, Madison
                I3I1W. Gilman St.
              Reune June 19-22!
  Charles AARONS received the greatest number of
votes for Circuit judge from the Milwaukee Bar
primary. He was also nominated at the regular primary,
receiving the highest number of votes.-Zona GALE
spoke in Madison on April 21 on the subject of "Scholar-
ship and the Spirit."
      Sec'y--G. F. THOMPSON, Chicago, Ill.
               . T,-v, W MnA.;Qnn .Rt-
    Sec'y-SOPHIE LEWIS BRIGGS, Madison
                137 W. Gilman St.
  Kenneth CHUMASERO is a lawyer with the Chicago
Title & Trust Co., 69 W. Washington St., Chicago.
He resides at 1511 E. 57th St.-'Joseph RICE, an
attorney at Seattle, Wash., gives his address as 301
New York Blvd.-J. L. MILLARD has changed his
residence from Markesan to Mt. Dora, Fla.-Isarel
SHRImnSKI visited places of interest in Southern Europe
and spent three weeks in Northern Africa during the
past winter.
  Change of address: John BISHOP, 2276 Calvert Ave.,
Detroit, Mich., business address, 203 Hodges Bldg.
       Sec'y-ERNEST WARNER, Madisox,
                 io9 W. Main St.
  Change of address:  George PAULUS, Palo Alto,
Calif.; Sarah FLESH Johnson, io6 East 52nd St., New
York City; Sophy GooDwIN, 2130 Chamberlain Ave.,
Madison.; E. T. ERIKSEN, 7121 Taft Bldg., Los Angeles,
  Missing member: James M. SHoRrr.
         Sec'y-W. N. PARKER, Madison
                 14 So. Carroll St.
               Reune June 19-22!
   fhange of address: Frank DRAKE, 1615 Summit Ave.,
  Col. W. J. ANDERSON was extended editorial greetings
on the occasion of his 7oth birthday recently by the
Wisconsin State 7ournal, which in speaking of our
esteemed alumnus says in part: "He has helped to
write the newspaper history of Wisconsin, varying
the occupation as secretary to Governor Schofield and
as tax commissioner, and through it all he has been an
optimist; perhaps that optimism has had much to do
with his triumph over the years."-O. B. ZIMMERMAN
has been appointed Lieutenant Colonel of Engineers
in the U. S. Army Reserves. A paper which he pub-
lished on "Intra Company Standardization" has re-
ceived many high compliments and is rated as "the
best treatment this subject has received in this
country." He is also general chairman of the Standard-
ization Committee   of Agricultural Engineers.-
Judge A. C. HOPPMANN, senior DMne county superior
court judge, was elected to the new judgeship created
in the ninth judicial circuit. Thomas King, 95, was
a candidate for the same position.
   Change of address: Henry DIcIUNsoN, Carmel-by-
 the-Sea, Calif.; G. H. TRAUTrMANN, 924 Oakland Ave.,
 Milwaukee; Carl JEFFERSON, General Attorney,
 C. M. & ST. P., Room 892, 516 W. Jackson Blvd.,
 Chicago; H. -H. ScoTT, 12q9 Corlies Ave., Pelham,
 N. Y.; George O'NEIL, 704 Hollingsworth Bldg., Los
 Angeles, Calif.
   Missing members:   Herbert F. DEBOWER, Olga
 MUELLER Eddy (Mrs. A. G.), L. E. LEMON, G. E.

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