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Crawford, Robert S. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 26, Number 7 (May 1925)

Class news,   pp. 265-286

Page 266

            Sec'y-F. W. HALL, Madison
                  842 Prospect Place
    Change of address: H. R. CooK, Janesville.
         Sec'y-A. C. PRESCOTT, Sheboygan
   Missing member. Florence MITCHELL Taylor (Mrs.
 James L.).
           Sec'y-F. E. NOYES, Marinette
                 644 Marinette Ave.
         Sec'y-SUSAN STERLING, Madison
                  612 Howard Place
   Missing member: Edith STEARNs Hicks.
              Mendota Beach, Madison
                Reune June 19-22!
   A. N. HITCHCOCK hopes to be with us for
 our 45th anniversary in June accompanied by
 his wife. He also hopes his daughter and her
 husband, Professor and Mrs. MCMURRY, both
 graduates of our University, will be present.
 Professor McMurry is connected with the Uni-
 versity  of Michigan.--Charles STERLING also
 expresses the hope and desire to be in Madison
 at the time.--A. E.. SCHAUB says he and Mrs.
 Schaub expect to be here from first to last and
 to miss nothing.-Waldo FIShER writes: "I
 see no reason at present why we can not be
 there. I am    already looking forward to the
 pleasure of meeting again some of the old
   The Secretary will be most happy to hear
 from others.--4-9-25.
          Sec'y-F. S. WHITE, Chicago, Ill.
               5308 Hyde Park Blvd.
          Our class reunes every year.
   Fellow Class-Mates: I am again addressing you
 and my theme, as usual, will contain much of the
   My seven weeks" vacation was spent entirely in
 Florida. I was strongly importuned by our distin-
 guished class-mate, Emil Baensch, ex '8I, to sacrifice
 my round trip ticket.and deviate from the beaten
 track to call on our old friend Paul Brown whom we
 all recall as one of our jovial companions of the 8o's,
 who now has acquired wealth, dignity, and sense, and
 spends his winters at Biloxi, Miss. Time prevented
 my giving myself that pleasure. When at home, Paul
 lives in Rhinelander and is a Big Tree in those parts.
 Palm Beach was my longest stopping place. Not at
 the Royal Poinciana nor the defunct Breakers did
 I stop! JA much nicer place offers me annual hospitality.
 I icite my hostess purely as a typical sample of how
 money germinates and grows in Florida.
 Mr. and Mrs. B. migrated to that state eleven years
 ago. They forwarded from Spooner, Wisconsih, two
 freight cars containing household goods, a horse, a
 cow, a dog, and a farmer's lad to care for same in
 transit. On arrival at West Palm Beach, they had
 exactly $16.8o in cash. Mr. B. was an experienced
 lumberman, an ex-University of Wisconsin man.
 He obtained credit, lumber being advanced to him by
a local dealer. He founded the town of Lake Worth,
seven miles south of Palm Beach, opened his yard,
built a couple of. houses, sold them, built more, etc.
Mr. B. died a year ago. His estate is scheduled at
$300,000. Acres he purchased at $75 are selling for
$4000 this year. People are land crazy from Key West
to Jax-from Miami to St. Petersburg. It is all plotted,
and much of it sold and resold many times. Florida
will soon have more -actual millionaires as actual
residents thani_ any other state.  "No inheritance
tax" is their mragnetic slogan! Bryan was the first
man to grasp its 'significance. Others we all know are
Curtis, owner of Saturday Evening Post, his son-in-law,
Edward Bok, Babson, the statistical expert; and many
others have built beautiful homes there. The three
latter are at Mountain Lake, a magnificant section in
the central part of the state. My reason for eulogizing
their selection of a home is more vividly to call your
attention to the wisdom and judgment of our old
classmate, Mark Waldo, '84.
   Mark migrated to Florida about forty years ago.
 He has chiefly managed phosphate plants and is now
 acting as receiver for a large concern. His headquarters
 are at Bartow. He has a lovely home, a charming
 Missouri wife, a son graduated' with honors from
 Annapolis, a daughter in finishing school in the North.
 His county is famed as producing the most in quantity
 and quality of luscious grape-fruit and oranges in the
 state. Mark has an interest in three groves. Seeing
 is believing. We sampled them all. Superfine! Now
 where would you expect Mark to locate his best grove?
 No other place than on the beautiful slope reaching
 down to the shores of "Lake Easy." Who gave it this
 delectable name our host declined to say. You can
 draw your own conclusions knowing his fondness for
   How does it seem to greet an old school chum after
 44 years? Strange ideas one has as to how the other
 looks. Mark and I parted Commencement Day, June
 21, I88i-met again March 5, 1925. He knew nle
 instantly, and I surmised it was he. I had advised
 him of my coming. I was the' only man who got off
 the train, and he was the. only man on the platform.
 We embraced at once. Then came the analysis. He
 saw no semblance of my young self. I recognized
 no ear marks on him. We both were thin in college
 days. We are much thicker now. Apropos of Mark's
 thinness in those days, I met an old chum of his, one
 of Wisconsin's most distinguished graduates, Dr.
 Archibald Church. Doctor is one of the most eminent
 in his line in Chicago. A very busy man with a very
 lucrative practice! Still he could not refrain from
 giving me many episodes concerning Mark and him-
 self. Doctor and I were so hilarious over his anecdotes
 that we were blocking traffic right in front of the
 Congress Hotel, oblivious to all pedestrians. Doctor
 cautioned me not to print particulars, but he did say
 I might repeat that he had a green memory of many
 agreeable days spent with Mark. Mark is tall, hand-
 some, stout, gray, rather florid, quite active, interested
 in public offairs, is a model citiz n, and a credit to our
 Alma Mater.  Cordially, F. S. W.-4-7-25.
 Missing Member:    May REMINGTON Thayer (Mrs.
 Stephen E.).
         Sec'y-DR. L. R. HEAD, Madison
                416 Wisconsin Ave.
  Change of address: Emma MAcKENZIE, Bangor.
  Missing member:   Minna GILBERT Bundy (Mrs.
M. G.)
    COME BACK and learn of your University at first hand. In the most important
affairs of life you do not write
-you go. Your Alma Mater is important to you. Come Back!

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