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Crawford, Robert S. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 26, Number 7 (May 1925)

Alumni news,   pp. 264-265

Page 264

   ex '15 Dorothy  Mather, Philadelphia, to Thomas
         HARNEY, Marshfield. Mr. Harney went East
         after graduation to become superintendent of
         a large country estate near Westchester, Pa.,
         owned by Miss Mather's father. The wedding
         will take place in May.
   1920 Alice DAY, St. Louis'and New York City, to
   1923- Cecil RUSSE-L, Christchurch, New  Zealand.
         The marriage will take place within six months
     in New York.
   1921 Edna GAPEN, Tulsa, Okla., to Arthur Schroeder.
         Mr. Schroeder is a special agent for the American
         Insurance Co.
   1921 Harriett DOHR, Kimberly, to Dr. E. B. PFEFFER-
   1922  KORN, Augusta.   Miss Dohr is at present a
         supervisor of public school music at Waukesha.
         Dr. Pfefferkorn is a graduate of Northwestern
         College, Naperville, obtained% a master's degree
         at Wisconsin in 1922, and an M. D.- degree
         from-Washington University, St. Louis, in 1924.
   1924  Ethel SHREFFLER, Fremont, 0., to Gerald
   1922  HEEBINK, Brookings, S. D. The wedding will
         take place in June.
   1925  Helen CARE, Lancaster, to J. A. Keenan Jr.,
         Madison. Mr. Keenan is general superintendent
         of the General Laboratories of Madison. -
   ex '25 Mary Meloy to Clarence ENGELBRETH, both
         of Madison. Miss Meloy is private secretary
         to the executive secretary of the Wisconsin
         Utilities. She is a graduate of St. Clara's
         College at Sinsinawa. Mr. Engelbreth is United
         Press representative in Madison. The wedding
         will take place in early fall.
   1926. Dorothy  L'HOM-MEDIEU, Madison, to John
   1927  CLEVELAND, formerly of Cincinnati, 0.  No
         definite date for the wedding has been announced.
   1920  Clara Runkel, Madison, to Merville HOBBS,
         March '24, at Oak Park, Ill. They reside at
         310 East 68th St., Chicago, where Mr. Hobbs
         is connected with the law firm of Haight,
         Adcock, Haight & Harris.
   1920 Jennie Anderson, Black River Falls, to George
         ABELL, Clinton, February 26, at Waukegan.
         They are residing at Clinton.
-j 1922  Consuelo BURWELL, Madison, to Dr. Frank
   1917  GARBER,    Muskegon,   Mich.,  March,   at
         Muskegon, Mich.   Dr. Garber is associated
         with his father, in the practice of medicine
         at Muskegon and will reside with his wife at
         159 Jefferson St., in that city. Mrs. Garber
         studied theatre arts in New York and also
         instructed in the famous school of Dr. W. T.
         Grenfell at St. Anthony, Labrador.
   1922 Dorothy Dwight, Madison, to Carl CEASAR,
        April 18, at Madison. Mrs. Ceasar did post
     -  graduate work at the University in 1923-1924
        until the family left for California where they
        have resided until recently.
   1923 Virginia LeFevre, Chicago, to Harry EDWARDS,
        January 24. They are residing at 4244 Ken-
        more Ave., Chicago.
  ex '23 Hazel HORSTMEYER, Madison, to James PRICE,
  1922  Milwaukee, March 14, at Madison.       Mrs.
        Price has been an industrial nurse at Milwaukee
        since her graduation from the Columbia Train-
        ing School for Nurses in Milwaukee. Mr. Price
        is now a civil engineer employed by the Mil-
        waukee Sewage Commission. They will be at
        home May 1 at 745 Bartlett Ave., Milwaukee.
  ex '27 Evelyn Macey to Eugene WECHTER, both of
  1924  Berne, Ind.. Easter Sunday, April 12.  Mr.
        Wechter has been an instructor in the chemistry
        department of the Unversity for the past two
  1924  Pearl Borchert, Madison, to Maurice FITZE,
        Beloit, March 28, at Madison. They are living
        at 677 Wentworth Ave., Milwaukee, where Mr.
        Fitze is test engineer for the Lakeside Power
  1924  Kathryn -WINTER, Madison, to Lyall PINKER-
  ex '25 TON, Neenah, April 4, at Madison. Mr. Pinker-
        ton is at present associated with his father in
        the knitting business in Neenah, where Mr.
        and Mrs. Pinkerton are now residing.
1924  Leota Bongey, Madison, to Waldemar SCHOEN-
      OFF, Chicago, March 29, at Madison. Mrs.
      Schoenoff is a graduate of Madison Colleeg
      and has been employed in the Madison offices
      of the Northwestern Mutual Life   Insurance
      Company. She has been very active in Y. W.
      C. A. work in Madison. Mr. Schoenoff is with
      the Commonwealth Edison Co., at Chicago,
      where -they are now living at 1401 Winnemac
1925 Claire THOMAS, Madison, and Ermin SMITH,
1923 Wisconsin Rapids, March 28, at. Madison.
      The couple will make their home in Mosinee,
      where Mr. Smith is in the hardware business.
To Mr. and Mrs. Sidney WILLIAMS (Margaret
FRANKENBURGER) 2609 Lincoln St., Evanston,
Ill., a daughter, Barbara, December 18.
To Mr. and Mrs. Hinman MOORE, 821 Williams
St., Joliet, Ill., a daughter.
To Mr. and Mrs. Omar WRIGHT (Helen CRONIN),
405 N. State., Belvidere, 'Ill., a daughter,
Katherine Louise, December 9.
To Mr. and Mrs. Charles WARNER (Rosa
BRIGGS), Cresson, Pa., a daughter, Rosa,
February 14.
1918' To Mr. and Mrs. Walter CRAIG (Isabel Mc-
1921   LAY), 1805 University Ave., Madison, a son,
       February 26.
 1920 To Mr. and Mrs. Adolf STIEMKE (Adele HOFF-
       MANN), 2801 Alameda Blvd., Baltimore, Md.,
       a daughter, Eugenia Adele, February 15.
 1920  To  Mr. and Mrs. IRichard -White (Louise
       WELD), 1002 W. Colfax Ave., S. Bend, Ind.,
       a son, Walter Edward, March 4.
 1920  To Dr. and Mrs. Frank Dealy (Margaret
       WENSLEY), 178 N. 24th St., Flushing L. I.,
       a son, Frank Richardson, March 28.
 1921 To Mr. and Mrs. Eugene-BESPALOW, Jackson-
       ville, Fla., a daughter, Hope Marilyn, January
 1922  To Mr. and Mrs. Roy REDIN (Gertrude KEHL),
 1923  1652 Juneway Terr., Chicago, a son, Roy Wilmer
       Jr., March 26.
 ex '22 To Mr. and Mrs. Winfred JOHNSON, Berkeley,
       a son, Lewell Winfred.
   HENRY W. HOYT, '72, life member of the General
 Alumni Association, departed this life on the 30th
 day of January, 1925, at his home at Pasadena, Cali-
 fornia, where with his wife and daughter he had re-
 sided since his retirement friom active business a few
 years ago.
   Soon after graduation from  the University, Mr.
 Hoyt with his classmate, Horace M. Wells, located at
 Crete, Nebraska, and engaged in the newspaper and
 printing business, but he remained there only a few
 months, when he disposed of his interest in said busi-
 ness to Mr. Wells, and returned to Madison, and
 accepted the position of associate owner and editor
 of the Madison Democrat, which position he held for
 several years. He then disposed of his newspaper
 interests and entered the hotel business, being con-
 nected at first with the Park Hotel at Madison. In
 1883 he severed this connection and removed to
 Chicago, and associated with Mr. Gates, son of the
, owner and operator of the Gates Iron Works, leased
and operated the Gault House for a few years very
successfully and profitably.
   He and his partner then disposed of this business
 upon the suggestion of his partner's father, who de-
 sired to retire from .active work and invested their
 funds in and took active management of the Gates
 Iron Works, a large and profitable manufacturing
   For many years Mr. Hoyt gave his undivided at-
 tention to this business which continued to be suc-
 cessful and profitable. During this time he became
 prominent as an arbitrator of disputes between labor
 and capital, and gave much time to the settlement of
 labor troubles. In many instances he was selected by
 all the parties interested for such service.
   For a considerable period he was president of the
 National Founders' Association, and his services in
 this connection were recognized at the end of his
    COME BACK and see your old professors. They gave you much. Give them
the best you can give them-
the knowledge that their work was worth while and that you are thankful.
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