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Crawford, Robert S. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 26, Number 7 (May 1925)

UW clubs,   pp. 260-263

Page 262

next fall and told what great work George 'Little is
doing as director of athletics.
   Mead, Burke, assistant coach, also spoke. "Why
 don't the alumni start a concerted movement to burn
 down the old gym and get us a field house?" From his
 reception, it would seem that the California alumni are
 willing to try it.-74-7-25.
                JEAN ANDERSON, '12
  The formation of a. permanent U. W. Club was
  begun in Manitowoc, March io, when University
  alumni met and discussed means of aiding the Uni-
  versity in its battle for more recognition from the
legislature. Max Strehlow of Green Bay and Regent
John Schmidtman explained the dire need of an im-
mediate generous building appropriation.
   Earl Vits, '14, was named president; Jean Anderson,
'12, secretary-treasurer; and W. H. Luehr, '89, A. J.
Wyseman, 'oi, and R. G. Plumb,'os, were named as a
committee to draft a set of rules and to outline the
organization. The association will meet again on the
call of the president.-3-i 2-ý25.
              ESTHER RIGBY, 'IO, Sec.
  The annual meeting of the Gilman Club was held
at the Hotel Medford, March 13. Professor and Mrs.
Gilman were guests of honor. Thirteen of the members
were present,   Professor Gilman gave the girls an
inspiration talk, such as only dear "Steve" can give.-
            IRMA ALEXANDER BULLIS, '15
  The March luncheon and bridge party at the Hotel
Leamington was a very enjoyable affair. Mr. Solon
J. Buck, '04, superintendent of the State Historical
Society and professor of history at the University of
Minnesota, gave a most interesting talk on the early
history of Minnesota.
  The next regular meeting will be held at the-Hotel
Leamington on Saturday, April I8. The meeting will
be very informal. Campus news will be discussed at
the luncheon. Bridge will be played during the after-
noon. These meetings have been very popular and
have been well attended.
  Our Club together with the members of the Minne-
apolis University Club were most delightfully enter-
tained by the members of the Minneapolis University
of Wisconsin Alumni at a reception given by them in
honor of the Haresfoot Club at the University Club-
house on Mount Curve Avenue Sunday evening,
April 5.
  On Monday evening, April 6, we had the great
pleasure of seeing the Haresfoot club in their produc-
tion "Ivan-Ho." Every one is still talking about the
wonderful scenery, the gorgeous gowns, the lighting
effects, the orchestras, the amazingly proficient dancing
of the solo dancers, the pony ballet, the show-girls
chorus, the fine manner in which Ivan, Rowena, Apple-
stain, Cedric, Egglepate, Oswold and the Black Knight
were portrayed. All received round after round of
enthusidstic applause. William Ross as Wamba came
in for a large share of applause. His clear tenor voice
delighted the audience.-4-9-25.
                NEW ENGLAND
                ROSAMOND ALLEN, '21
  The spring meeting was a great success. Although
heralded as an April Fool party, it proved to be so
interesting and enjoyable that the joke was on those
who could -not attend, rather than on the group of
approximately seventy who did. The meeting was
held on April I at the Cowles Playhouse in Boston.
It began with a playlet given by students of Mr.
Cowles, the leading lady being Perle Hopson of the
class of 1919.
   After this 'a business meeting was held.  Robert
 McKay, '15, our secretary, was elected to represent
 the U. W. Club in the newly-formed conference or-
 ganization in Boston. Mr. George K. Briggs of Michi-
 gan, the prime mover in this organization, outlined
 its purposes for us. It is intended to promote ac-
 quaintance between the alumni of the various con-
 ference schools in and near Boston, and to be an
 organization which can be utilized in case of athletic
 contests between conference schools and the different
 colleges here in the East or in case of a distinguished
 visitor's coming from one of the conference institutions.
   In addition to this business, a resolution was passed,
 as follows:
   WHEREAS.: The University of Wisconsin       Club
of New England realizes the serious condition which
confronts the University of Wisconsin with regard to
the needed funds, not only to maintain past standards,
but to develop its plans for the immediate future, and
   WHEREAS: Inadequate support of the University
 would deprive the youth of the state of the advantages of
 higher education, whose value we so fully realize, and
   WHEREAS:      The Alumni and friends of the Uni-
versity take particular pride in the excellent standing
and riputation which the University now. has among the
educational institutions of the country, and    .
   WHEREA4S:      The Alumni and friends note the
 unusual support given to higher education in New
 England. and see the benefits therefrom to New England
 and the country as a whole:
   BE IT RESOLVED: That the alumni and friends
of the University of Wisconsin assembled at a meeting
held April r, z925, in the City of Boston, express their
earnest hope that the Legislature of the State of Wisconsin
will make adequate provision for the proper maintenance
and future development of the University in all its de-
   Signed on behalf of the alumni and friends of the
 University assembled at the spring meeting of the Uni-
 versity of Wisconsin Club of New England, this first
 day of April, z925.-Daniel Starch, Sam'l B. Groom,
 '13, Alice Crane, '14.
 After the business meeting, there was an informal
 dance, and light refreshments were served.   April
 Fool's Day was very nearly over when the happy
 gathering broke up.-4-8-25.
              MARGARET FLETT, ex '22
  The Racine U. W. Club held a luncheon meeting
April 6 at the Elks Club, and enjoyed a get-together.
Robert Crawford, '03, was the special guest at the
meeting, and gave a short talk on general conditions
at Wisconsin.
  A discussion of the financial situation was the most
important one touched on by Mr. Crawford, and he
gave the members of the club some excellent sugges-
tions for working with the committee in charge of the
appropriations. He also spoke of the athletic situa-
tion, and pointed out that George Little and his
assistants are working extremely hard to make Wis-
consin a leader in athletics.
  Mr. Crawford commended the club on the resolu-
tions adopted at the banquet held during the month
    COME BACK and see the old gym-once large and now small. It is not too
small to hold echoes of your time.
Let them stir your memories.

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