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Crawford, Robert S. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 26, Number 7 (May 1925)

UW clubs,   pp. 260-263

Page 261

familiarize -themselves with the facts concerning the
University's financial needs and that they use their
efforts and influence to obtain appropriations for the
University sufficient to meet the requirements made
necessary by its tremendous growth, and to maintain that
high position which it has held among the institutions of
learning in the United States.-3-31-25.
              DETROIT ALUMNAE
                  ELLEN EGAN, '17
  The monthly luncheon of the U. of W. Alumnae
Club of Detroit was held at the College Club, March
i4,and despite   sagreeable weather sixteen members
were present.
  The main interest of the club centers around the
plans for sending a girl from Detroit to attend the
Wisconsin summer school for women workers. After
the report of the investigation of this project, carried
on by Edna CONFER De Boos, ex 'o9, and Alice Quade,
'21, was given, it was decided that the dub should
raise the money for this purpose by subscriptions from
the members.-4-9-15.
                DOOR COUNTY
  At a meeting of the Door County U. of W. Club
during the holidays, R. E. Balliette, '23, superintendent
of the city schools, was unanimously elected president
of our alumni organization. Other officers for the
year of 1925 are Arno Wittich, '15, vice-president,
Mrs. Karl Reynolds, '23, secretary, John Wegener,
'27, student secretary, John Purves, 24, treasurer.
  This year a new sort of entertainment followed the
banquet. Instead of the alumni making all the speeches
and doing all the stunts, we made good use of our
twenty-six Door County students at the University.
They told of campus life, they sang new college songs,
and humorously portrayed many campus celebrities
that even we alumni can remember-ancient as we
may seem to our college friends. All in all the evening
was most enjoyable-and somiehow a good old Wis-
consin reunion seems to put "peD" into us all.-
                  GRAND FORKS
                  0. G. LIBBY, '92
  The members of the Grand Forks Alumni Associa-
tion read the appeal of President Haight in the April
number of the ALUMNI MAGAZINE and send with this a
small contribution to aid in the campaign which you
are carrying on in defense of our Alma Mater. The
amount of our contribution to the Alumni Loyalty
Fund is not large, but-we send it with out best wishes
and with a- pledge of our continued loyalty to the
  We all join in expressing the hope that your. labor
may be crowned with success and that our Alma Mater
may be saved from the danger which is impending.
A list of the members of the Association accompanies
this letter.
  Elroy Bollinger, '23, -Clyde Ferrell, '20, Edgar
Baird, '14, Joseph Dreps, '2i, Roy French, '23, Miles
Lander, '19, Samuel Torgerson, '8o, Ezra Towne,
'97, 0. G. Libby, '92, Anna McCumber Chandler,
'99, Mary McCumber, '99, Alma Luessen, 'I9, Mary
Elwell, '16, Rheinhold Jacobi, ex '2o, Jesse Bond, 'I5,
Raymond Hitchcock, 'o7.-4-4-25.
                  M. C. FROST, '23
  WHEREAS, the necessary development and growth
of the University of Wisconsin, nationally famous,
   Station WWJ, Detroit, on May 8 at 1O P. M. will
Intercollegiate Spring Frolic to be held at Detroit on X
LUBS                                           26i
Wisconsin's greatest institution, and our Alima Mater,
has been seriously hindered because the Legislature of
the State of Wisconsin has failed for several years last
past to provide necessary funds to pay for such develop-
ment and growth, and;
   WHEREIS, such failure of the Legislature of the
State of Wisconsin to provide the funds aforesaid has
curtailed further development of the University of Wis-
consin, has wholly prevented a building program for
educational purposes, has placed undue hardship upon
the University authorities, has denied to the daughters
and sons of the State of Wisconsin and elsewhere the
advantages, conveniences, and privileges that necessarily
must be provided by any great institution of learning,
and has serious' hindered-the influence-fr Koodofthe-
University of Wisconsin, and imminently threatens too
destroy in great measure such influence for good of the
University of Wisconsin, and;
  WHEREAIS, it is believed that the failure of the
Legislature of the State of Wisconsin to provide the funds
aforesaid has resulted directly because the seriousness of
the true situation of our Alma Mater has not been brought
to their attention,
  NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved by the University
of Wisconsin Alumni Association of Kenosha County
that this Alssociation go on record as in all. respects
approving the request of the Board of Regents for the
necessary funds for the purposes aforesaid, and that
this Association respectfully petitions and earnestly
requests our representatives in the Senate and Assembly
to support legislation that will provide adequate ap-
propriations for the maintenance of the University,
the necessary additions to its buildings, and the erection
of additional buildings.
                   CLIFFORD E. RANDALL, 'o6
                   M   - C. FROST, '23,
                   A. W. PERKINS, ex'23,
                   C. D. RICHARDSON, '17
                   DOUGLAS K. NEWELL, '23,
  University alumni gave the invading Badger track
squad a rousing banquet and reception on the evening
of April 6. Nearly 2o0 former stars of Wisconsin
athletics, campus notables, and other now prominent
figures in Southern California affairs were present.
The magnificent hall of the incomparable University
Club here rang with the tribute of the splendid welcome
accorded the invading Cardinal team.
   "Big Jawn" Richards, former Wisconsin -football
star and coach, was scheduled to be master of cere-
monies, but he was suddenly called out of town. The
spirit of loyal Badgers, joyous and proud in their
welcome of the squad, predominated at the banquet.
   "Give the Golden Bears hell." That was the key-
note of the meeting, and it was evident that the old
Badger grads felt that their track team was capable
of doing it.                 I
  Among the alumni who addressed the banquet were
Chief Justice L. W. Myers,- '93, California, Supreme
Court, Dean Porter, "81, head of the University of
Southern California Law School, Melvin Hass, '16,
basketball captain, and Edward Stavrum, 'I6, grid
  Coach Jones, Captain Lloyd Vallely, and John
Bergstresser responded for the invaders.
  "The woods out here are full of good athletes," said
Jones, "but we have a well balanced team which
should show that the track talent is not all in Cali-
  Wild cheers greeted' this Simple statement, and the
veteran Wisconsin coach brought down the house
when he predicted a good football team at Madison
broadcast a musical program and details of the annual

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