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Crawford, Robert S. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 26, Number 7 (May 1925)

Owen, W. C.
Report of committee on athletics,   pp. 257-258

Page 258

Brader, '23, as line and Erwin Uteritz as back coaches.
These men were selected by Little and there is no doubt
of their loyal cooperation. Guy Sundt will be the
mentor of the Frosh squad, while Guy Lowman will
pilot the All Americans. This staff'is not only satisfac-
tory, but pleasing to director Little, and all hammers
should be scrapped. It is up to us to boost.
   This organization has been brought about by the
 earnest and intelligent deliberation of the Athletic
 Council. While the alumni would no doubt have elected
 Dr. Meanwell, 'I5, as Athletic Director by an over-
 whelming majority, it must be remembered that the
 Athletic Council were required to weigh many matters
 with a care and precision not to be expected on the part
 of those whose conclusions were more naturally the re-
 sult of impulse and intuition. While his non-selection
 was no doulit a keen disappointment to Dr. Meanwell,
 as well as the great body of alumni, it should constitute
 no reflection upon his very strong qualifications for the
 position. It is known that he was most seriously con-
 sidered by the Athletic Council and was held in very
 high regard by that body, and it is known that he re-
 ceive'd most complimentary consideration on 'the part
 of the Council. The incident when fully understood will
 be considered as a boost rather than'a set-back to the
 Meanwell career.
   It is ver#t likely that the members of the Council will
 concede much if not all that was put forward in Dr.
 Meanwell's behalf, but they will counter with other
considerations overlooked by thosý not charged with
the serious duty of selecting a physical director. ,Whether
we agree with the ultimate: selection of the Council, it
would be very unfair to say that the Council did not
give the matter most earnest and intelligent considera-
  It is believed on the part of many of the alumni that
the proper attitude towards athletics does not exist on
the part of the University faculty-mthat a sort of Miss
Nancy spirit pervades that attitude, and that athletic
activities are tolerated. rather than encouraged by the
prevailing faculty spirit. While this committee is not in
a position to titterly disclaim the existence of such a
sentiment, we are persuaded that it is not at dominant
sentiment, and that it has no potency in the delibera-
tions of the Athletic Council. That body is, we believe,
dominated by a very wholesome and affirmative
athletic spirit.
  The reception accorded to Director Little by both
  coaches and men is most gratifying and agurs well for
  the future of athletics at Wisconsin. It seems certain
  that there will be the heartiest and most loyal coopera-
  tion between the director and the coaches. Director
  Little has a personality that appeals to young men. His
  presence and contact has aroused noticeable enthusiasm
  on the part of the athletic contingent of the student
  body. Under his leadership we may expect a rejuvena-
  tion of athletics and hope for a rehabilitation of the
  erstwhile real Wisconsin spirit.
                              Can Football Schedules Be Equalized?
     The following Chicago representatives of seven alumni clubs in Chicago
(representatives of-
Illinois, Northwestern, and Ohio State were not present at the meeting):
R. M. Cole, Chicago, C. K.
Jones, Indiana, Robert Showers, Iowa, H. K. Legg, Michigan, C. B. Smith,
Minnesota, S. B. Fleager,
Purdue and F. J. Saridakis, Wisconsin, recommend that the Western Conference
   /"Adopt a mandatory rule requiring each Conference football team
to play each other at least once every four
years,-and providing that commencing with the season of 1926 Conference schedule
must be made up before outside
games may be scheduled.
     Consider the adoption of a playing schedule which would provide for
complete rotation of games between
all Conference teams on a home and home basis (that is, two games between
each two teams) within a period of
four or five years. We suggest as th6 basis of such a schedule some system
of geographical rivals, in which a team
would play annually with one or two other teams, and would rotate its other
Conference games among other
members. This might be more satisfactory, at least in the beginning, than
a schedule which interfered with the
one or two annual games which are traditions in some universities."
     We attach a voting coupon so that those of our members who are interested
may register their
opinion for or against this proposal. We shall forward votes received to
C. B. Smith, who desired to
present the result of this vote to an official conference committee.
Cut along this line and Mail to ALUMNi HEADQUARTERS, 821 State Street, Madison,
                                           VOTING COUPON
    Please register your opinion here for or against the above recommendation:
Name    ------------------------------------- Class --------------Address---------------------
     COME BACK and see old North Hall. The ivy-the plantings of many classes-still
-overruns its walls.
 Within are the class rooms where generations of students have gathered.
Come and live over olden days.

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