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Crawford, Robert S. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 26, Number 7 (May 1925)

Haight, George
Send anecdotes,   p. [255]

Hagemann, J. A.; Nicholoy, W. E.
University service to the pea canning industry,   pp. [255]-257

Page [255]

    "Any university which has the intelligent interest and cooperation
of its alumni in working out Its destiny
                                  must of necessity make rapid strides."
 Volume XXVI                         Madison, Wis., May, 1925           
           Number 7
 MEN and women who once attended our University have memories stored with
anecdotes of
         their college lives that are amusing, interesting, instructive and
helpful. We wish to gather
         many of these now. The purposes are several. One is to preserve
them. If a sufficient number
 of good'aneeo ereeivedh        wit be-appropriately published. The lesson
in botany given J ohn
                   Muir, '97, in the incident of the locust blossoms; the
deep humor of a. story that
 Send Anecdotes Theodore Kronshage Jr., '9i, tells of a class crew race;
the funny tale that Charles
                   Vrioman, '68, used to recount of the early haying venture
of Pat Walsh; and
 hundreds of other incidents will furnish hours of laughter and of pathos
and years of encouragement
 to the many who shall know them.
     As a matter of joyful duty, will you not, therefore, write and send
immediately anecdotes that
 you know? This means every ex-studeut of the University of Wisconsin.- We
promise that, if you will
 do your part, -a corps of real editors will be put on the job. We cart-we
surely will-get something
 really worth while. Please help. Help now. Do not wait. We have asserted
that this one appeal will
 suffice. Won't you make the prophecy true? The debt is yours. You can so
easily pay-and so
 generously. So, "take your pen in hand." Don't worry about your
style. It is the anecdote that is
 welcome. We await yours.-GEORGE HAIGHT, '99, President.
 Help   Please help us find'your missing classmates! We have this month entered
the names of mem
        bers of whom we have lost track under'class-notes. If you know of
someone you believe can
 help us, drop us a card and we'll follow it up with inquiries.
                         By J. A. HAGEMAN'NV '99, and W. E. Nicholoy
     (Note: Mr. Ha.emann is president and manager of the Ft. Atkinson Canning
Company. Mr.
Nicholoy is business secretary of the Wisconsin Pea Packers Association.)
   p. . LATE the critics of the University of Wisconiu  are reitIeating that
it has ceased to be the
       service institution that it was in the past. They point to the achievements
of the past and ask
       what is being done today. The accomplishments of the hour, especially
when they-must come
through scientific procedures, look small when compared with the sum of accomplishments,
the be-
ginnings of which often times lie twenty years before definite results are
obtained and published. I
believe the University is doing relatively more today as a service institution
than it ever did before.
Its service could be much extended if the citizens of our state would get
in touch with the University
and acquaint it with some real problems to be solved.
     I have been intimately connected with the canning industry of this state.
Today Wisconsin cans
6o per cent of all the peas consumed in the United States. She is destined
to become, in the near future
the greatest garden state in the union, and the consumers of the country
will not only depend upon
Wisconsin for its quality canned peas, but will call for the full line of
canned vegetables, since this
state has the finest variety of soil to produce practically all vegetables
as well as an ideal climate for
the proper watering of them.- We are in the proximity of millions of consumers,
and they have come
to learn that commercially-canned foods are the safest foods that are available.
    The canning industry has had and will continue to meet problems which
it alone cannot success-
fully solve, and it has long learned the great value of the University as
a service institution to its
    I requested- the business secretary of the Wisconsin Pea Packers Association,
Mr. W. E. Nicholoy,
who is an Easterner, and who is able to give an unbiased statement of accomplishments,
to write me
frankly his opinion. His reply follows and speaks for itself.-J. A. HAGEMNN.
  "What has the University of Wisconsin done    "service"
ideals. I doubt seriously if this claim
for the pea canning industry of Wisconsin?"     could be sustained.
This is a big question,-one that I hardly feel    You will recall that, when
I first took over
capable of answering.   There are many who      this work, I told you that
I did not feel we
feel that the University is drifting away from the  were getting the service
from the Universitylto

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