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Crawford, Robert S. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 26, Number 7 (May 1925)

Reunion of former journalism students at commencement,   p. [254]

Page [254]

   N CELEBRATION of the completion of twenty years of instruction in journalism
at the
University, a reunion of all graduates of the Course of Journalism and all
former students
    in Journalism will be held at the coming commencement. This is the first
time that an
effort has been made to bring together those that pursued courses in journalism
while at-
tending the University.
  The reunion will be in charge of an arrangement committee with members
in New York,
Chicago, Detroit, Min-                                          neapolis,
iviLacson, ana Otrer
students are now en-
and magazine work
nie, novel journalistic
band, and other inter-
ing planned. The local
charge of a committee
Franklin   Bump Jr.,
   The first instruction
 en at Wisconsin when
 was offered in the fall
Bleyer, '96, then in-
lish Department and
Course in Journalism
nalism.. The enroll:
dents in this first class,
by them, led to the
lowing year of the
to Journalism," a
cluding history, Eng-
and economics, that
newspaper and maga-
these courses were re-
present four-year
In 1912 the Depart-
was established as an
cities in wicih iormeir
gaged in news paper
and advertising. Apic-
costumes, a journalism
esting features are be-
arrangements are   in
├Żof fifteen headed by
in journalism was giv-
a class in news writing
of i915 by Willard G.
structor in the Eng-
now Director of the
and Professor of Jour-
ment of thirty-five stu- *
and the interest shown
organization in the fol-
"Courses Preparatory
group of studies in-
lish, political science,,
are directly related to
zine work.   In 19o9
organized   into  the
Course in Journalism.
ment of Journalism
affiliated part of kthe
l.ll1LlIL  _-FaUV..Li LIlII1i,                                  G4    VY
%J Y % .e
in 1914, it was sepa-                                           rated  from
and became an independent department. Beginning with .the year 1912-13 a
course in
advertising was offered in connection with the work in journalism, and later
several ad-
ditional courses in advertising were given.
  When the first class in journalism was organized twenty years ago the University
of Wis-
consin became one of the pioneers in this new field of academic work. Since
then one after
another of the state universities have developed schools, courses, and departments
of jour-
nalism, and a number of endowed colleges and universities have established
courses in
journalism, until now journalism is being offered in over 2oo institutions
of higher edu-
cation in this country.
  Instead of one class in news writing, there are now twenty courses in journalism
advertising, designed to prepare students for practically every phase of
newspaper, magazine,
and advertising work. Twenty years ago there were thirty-five students in
the one class;
last year 350 students were enrolled in the four year Course in Journalism
and many more
from other departments and colleges elected courses in the Department of
Journalism. From
one instructor in the English Department giving one course in journalism
there are now five
members of the faculty of the Department of Journalism and three instructors
of advertising.
  Students of journalism have come to Wisconsin from practically every state
in the Union,
as well as from India, the Philippines, China, Japan, Hawaii, Turkey, and
Russia. Grad-
uates in journalism are now located in many states and in a number of foreign
  While a majority of the former students are now on the staffs of newspapers,
trade journals, agricultural publications, house organs, press associations,
and advertising
agencies, a number have taken up the teaching of journalism in colleges,
universities, and
high schools. Wisconsin journalism graduates are now on the faculties of
schools of jour-
nalism of the University of Illinois, Indiana University, University of Minnesota,
State Agricultural College, Northwestern University, Ohio State University,
University of
North Dakota, University of Oklahoma, and Texas College for Women. Others
taught journalism at the University of Kansas, University of Arkansas, Washington
College, Omaha University, and Lindenwood College.

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