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Crawford, Robert S. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 23, Number 7 (May 1922)

Campus notes,   pp. 242-244

Page 244

       244-              THE WISCONSIN ALUMNI'MAGAZINE
         Beta Chi' Sigma, recognized ,by the    Gun- and Blade ban]quetd
250 veter-
       student life and interests committee as a  ans at the Woman's Building
on March
       local fraternity, has been granted a charter  3. President Bi3ge,
the first speaker, ap-
       -by the national convention.,          pealed to the dub to instill
into the student
         Nearly 800' copies of "'Drifting With body of Wisconsin. the
war-time spirit of
       You," Prom fox. trot, the words of which  loyalty, patriotism,
and service. He was
       were'written by Harold Taylor, '22, and the'. followed by Maj. A.
A. Sprague, Washing-
             musc b  Hoac  Tagar,~'24 and Jesse  ton, D. C., C. W. Spoffard,
CaptF. M. E.
       Cohen, '24, have been sold by HooksBros.,  Adams, Mayor _l.M. Kittleson,
'02, and
       the Only music store carrying thepiece. Edison Boerke.. Humoroussketches
         P     :resident W. D. Scott, Northwestern,  interspersed throughout
the program.
       opened the- ninth annual vocational con- The best senior -theis dealing
with in-
       ference of University women at an all- dustrial relations will be
awarded the John
       University convocation in the gymnasium,  MLendrun Mitchell medal
The medal is
       Feb. -16.                              given by, W. M.iChestet".
MilFwaukee, in
         orliiPOr Miss," the satire section of the, memory 6f.i.eut.
John Mitcell, '17.
       Badger, promises -to, have rmany hits .and  -women's -athletic associations
ly l over
       few misses.                            the c   t  is.'an lroadwrite
for eiiformai-
         -Alph-i Pi -Epsilon, honorary women's <tion ~regarding te standards
and ~systems'
       sociology club, -has been organized by a  used' at . Wiscpinsin.,
       group of -seniors. majoring in -sociology in-  A miniature thunder
and lightning
-_:-up      , . ';ilitdhan sb the fa cEasty I , , Ic          us~       
       co-operation wi.                       stor    roduced by -nsof .
o  - aTesla .<..ý
         Bishop. Paul Jo-es of New York, who  coil, Iwasýiown at a
meeting bof the Amer-
       spoke in Bascorn Hail unde the auspices can Inastitute' ofonginaeers
       of . -the Social Science 'Club,: Feb. 14, de-  Conslimenta p l to
studeve tsfrom sev-o
       d:cared that the'youth of today injEuropean  erat' foreign' countirfesa
       aW rit rin"and"h Wrtn     ae.           apslife        
        Feb 25.'
       andhmeBride~s"choolsu is beeginning- to-ap  was he at the Ys
a  w      su.. AF.
       preciate the wisdoo m of -the first century  ca it  Shows Stock"
was the prize
       wgospels as sound advice for the wcureof in-  s m   for, th'edLittl
       dustrial evils of the puesent time.    Live Stock show, heldin the
stock," pavilion,ro u
         Smoking among women of the Univer-   Miarch 4'.
       sity is dying out according 'to statements  The othe t denis "Clunh
heard  Hazel
       made by Dea   Nardin in the Cardinal of Manningy  on "Way'  
  a   EngineersC
       Feb. 15.   "Ing IsM Put Upon the Market" in Ferru-
         Prof. A. B.; Hall, in his talk on "The  aRny.
       Four Powr Pact and the Pacific" at the  'An attendance Orf about
1r00ns  persons
       International Club in February declared 'at the second annual 'Charity
Ball mixer,
       that the nations must drop reckless com-  given in Lathrop Hall, Feb.
24 for the bene-
       petition for co-operation or they will-faice  fit of the Wis. State
Conference of Social
       another world war about ithe rich unex- Work, proved that students'-
Will stand
       ploited lands of the Far East.         back of a worthy cause.
         W. W. Webster, former president of the Pe    totalling $50 will
be- given during
       Century Co., N. Y.i lectured in February   a     period-of six weeks,
beginningein March
       under the auspies -of the journalisma the ed-(' srate of one a week,
for pictures of
       the .English debartments on "The Joy of Wisconin, polea , eents,
or any aspect of
       Writing" ant rd "The Writing Game."    c     nampus
       The Brides" Club has been renamed the'- Tentative plans for a__new
       Junior-Division of the University League, favor an E-shap'ed building
with, A. 6000
       the 'first organization of younger women  capacity game room, to be
erected near the
       whose husbands' are. connected with -the  stadium at Camp Randall;
$75,000 would
       University.                            suffice for the game room unit.
         Intercollegiate games for women will   Dr. Kenerson, Brown University,
       be discussed at the W. A. A. sectional con-  the guest of honor and
ma Iin speaker at a
       vention in Boulder, Colo., in April.   banquet of the student branch
of the Ameri-
         "The Birthday of the Infanta." by    can  Society of Mechanical
       Oscar WNIilde, "Sunny Morning," a Spanish  March 1.
       anmdy"h  Pot Boailes were Joqi uintoro,  Regent Kronshage's resolution
             and ThePot  oilrs"  erepresented by  lift all -censorship
restrictions on speakers
       Twelfth Night at Lathrop Hall,-Feb. 25. brought here by student organizations
         The Varsity Jamboree, all-University held over from the February
meeting of the,
       fancy dress ball, was held in Lathrop Hall,  Regents until the meeting
of April 26.
       April 1.                                 Scholarships of $100 each
were awarded
         Franklin Nace, Iola, has been ap-    to fifty freshmen, chosen by
the committee
       pointed regent to succeed G. D. Jones, on Loans and Scholarships on
the basis
       Wausau. Mr. Nace is a practical farmer- of need and academic standing,
at the
       and his selection is in keeping with the ex-  February meeting of
the Regents.
       pressed intention of Governor Blaine to "La Maison-Francaise
du Wisconsin"~
       name farmers and laborers on the edu-  (L'Il1lustration, Jan. 1922)
by Emilie De
       cational boards now made up of lawyers,- Jean, Bordeaux, France, appears
in trans-
       manufacturers and doctors.             lation in the Cardinal for
March 5.

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