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Crawford, Robert S. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 23, Number 7 (May 1922)

Campus notes,   pp. 242-244

Page 24 [i.e. 243]

   As a result of -the unauthorized dance
 given during the examination-period, the -
 students, who gave it will be denied-.the
 right to rent the room again, according to'
 Dean Goodnight, '05.
   ++Coach T. E. Jones, states in the Capital
 Times of Jan'. 28: "There,must be a general
 6 clean-up of professionalism in Western-con'-
 fterence universities --at the present time or
 intercollegiate athletics will suffer. The right
h-in  w      -ldo-ne at oconin. ffiwe-fin-
that aniy man ttaking part-in football, base-,
ball, or basketball; in -,this -University is
playing for money, heis definitely through.-
There is no place for him at this school."
   "'Purenonsense," declared Prof. G. C.
 Comstock, '83, denying that the earth had
 gone off its- axis to, a new- one during the
 earthquake which Seismographs recorded
 .throughout the U.- S., Feb. 2.
   ,On ,t the Hiring, Line" the, annual
 joint play o-f Edwin Booth, Red Domino,
 and, Twelfth Night, was given Feb. 2, with
 matinee and night -performancs 'a the
 - Parkway theater. It was- presented in-
 Rock:ford on- Feb. 17.., and repeated in
 Maidison Feb. 18.
   The message which Jane Addamns LL.
 D. -'04, brought- to the Madison Kiwanis
 Dlub,    ing the Dairy Jubilee Week was:
 "The- present warmth of feeling of Euro-
 peans for Americans will cool unless greater
 understanding is brought about by a series
 of conferences among the nations or by
 some sort of league or association."  -
 Prof.- EdithHoyt, 109, of the Education
 departmen t -of the Extension Division, -is
 one- of the three women to sit as associate
 juges -with Judge A. C. Hoppmann, '96g.
 of superior  court, in deciding - mothers'
  Some 69 men attended the second an-
nual school for electric meter men from
Jan. 23-27. The school was conducted by
the Extension Division and the College of,
Engineering in co-operation with the Wis. -
Railroad Comnmission and-the Wis. Elec-. '
trical Ass'n.; Prof. C. M-. Jansky was
  The .Central division of. the Modern
Language Ass'n-, held in Iowa City recently,
,-the French department, a -member-of the
executive committeeandchairman of special
research group on Moliere.
   Prof. M[. V. O'Shea of the Education
 department sp6ke Jan.-23 in Fond du Lac
 to a Parent-Teaclers' Ass'n on "Human
 -Nature irk Home and School."
   Acacia- -fraternity has purchased the
 residende of B. W. Jones, '70, 112 La ndon
 St., and will take possession a year from
 next fall. The consideration was $45,000.
   Time signals by wireless from Eiffel
 Tower, Paris, France, -were heard' at the
 University recently. The new call letters
 of the University are "W  H   A."
 _ Four types of electric furnaces, designed
 and constructed'largely by- students, are
 being used in the course in electric furnaces,
 given in the department of ChemicalEngi-
   Franklin's birthday was comniemor-
 ated during Thrift Week with a noon-time
 entertainment at the -Strand theater, with
 Prof. C. R. Fish, Emerson Eta, '01, and
 the University Glee Club appearing on the
 gWrmonsin students are not readers of
 light' fiction according to the calls for
 heavier literature in the periodical room;
pensrin ann juveune *7aseb,, 1utauu u. .
dealing with girls...
   At 'theý {',ongress -of French -Language
 and -Lterature held in Chicago, ill., the
 last week in January, he. University was
 represented by J. S. Hamilton, '22, and
-J. S. Irwin' -'2& -of--the Cercie lr'r4incaise;
Mr.2 and,. eenledof theFrench- de-J
partment; and Prof. C. Dý Zdunowicz,-
chairm.4.n -of the, French, departmnent,: who
read a, paper.-   -
   A 'cello concert - by Pablo - Casals, the
-last concert in 'the 'Series -of four given this-
year under the auspices- of the Student
Boar'd, was held in the gymnasiumuFeb.. 17.-
The profits -of these concerts went to the
Memorial   ion fund.         -
SAn inviiation, has. b+engiven students
and instructors at the University by -the-
Aierican.Seandinavian Foundation and
the Institute of International Education to
join a- tour _ through the Scandinavian
countries, from July Ito Sept.1.- Dr. C. S.
Leonard of the Medical School, .who has
taken the trip, is fostering the idea at Wis-
consi.     -
   A-10-inch rock breaker and a set of 18-
 inch- crushing rolls have been presented, to
 the department of Mining and Metallurg.
 by the Mineral Point Zinc Co.
view ofReviews, and The Bookmn  lead in
popularity -on a list of 3000 titles.
  President Harding, who planned a trip
to tife Middle West-in February, sent lhis-
regrets at 'not being able, to Ac-ept the in-
vitation of Benjamirn Heald,'23, dinirman
of t 'he Prom reception committee,-to attend
the. romn.7,     o                   h
SWisconsin's: total contribution tothe
Student Friendship- Fund :- was- almost
$1,500. Of this amount sorority -women
contributed $355.94, -fraternities 161.79,
and faculty $250.
- Prof. W. E. Duuois, managing editor
of the Crisis, spokein the gymn sium Jan.
18, on "The Future of -the -Darker Races."
  Prof. Abby Mayhew, former director of
Physical Education   at the University,
spoke Ja~n. 20 at Lathrop Hall on the Chin-
ese drive.            -
  "Relations. of he Feeding Problem-to
Children's Defects" was the subject-' of a
talk by - Prof. Blanton,- of the. Speech
Hygiene department, during Farmers' and
Hoi~ie Makers' Week.
banquet of the annual conference of the
Vocational Educatiox Ass'n of the Middle  -
West' in Milwaukee in January-.
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