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Crawford, Robert S. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 23, Number 7 (May 1922)

Goedgen, A. J.
An "unusual" bird,   pp. 236-241

Page 240

-                I
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Undlivere  mailRaddrsse Mdt;telfol-
Elkenhead, Arin E. Rilton, Earl.
Feninbeg, Fr. F.  Hoppelr, W. H.
11ores, B. FE.  Woo abraih.  A .
   ~leveu,-W. R. Kiza, W.  L.
   )avies, -HOWAR. , MANkdh (COC   Osk.b
                Rainsay, Madeline
Ti-u ,, b.tfs~r tn the-
managing elitor of
Cardinal, J. C. MIL-
LER of New York,
-former, busines s
'manager, asks the
,Cardinal to cham-
pion the cause of
the march,. "Wis-
consin Forward For-
ever," which was
composed& Iby- John
Philip Sousa- several
years ago, but which
   E. A. MOFFATT    has   never   been
                    played at the Uni-
                    versity.--W a I t e r
 CRAIG travels for the Samson Tractor
 Co., Janesville.-Miss George  ANUND-
 SEN lives at 53 E. Superior St., Chicago.-
 Winnafred Conwii Beverly is owner and
 manager of a tea room in N. Y. C.-Helen
 CRONIN teaches H. E. at the Belvidere H.
 S.-G. S. AFFLECK is a metallurgist with
the Dodge Bros. Motor Co., Detroit,
-Mich.-Winifred INGLIS Baumgartner lives
at-Forest Park, Mason City, Ia.--Herbert
  "I greatly enjoy our MAGAZINE,"
writes , Audra MILLER, L410   W~.
Washington St., Lebanon, Ind.
  W. E-E.  uINSON, who is with- the
Pandama      i ,rancdre of tehe American
Foreign Banking Corp., at Panama
City, R. R., writes-: "I have, always
received'tjhe MAGAZINE, and like
to get it very much. ' --Last year I
was with our branch in Cali, Co-
  "I haive enjoyed the MAGAZINE
and. look. forward to every issue.
You are to be congratulated on the-
success of the MAGAZINE,' writes
Vivian WARiERm, 3848 Byron St.,
Chicago, Ill.          .
Ross is sales 'orrespondent and salesman
with the Mid-States Gummed Paper Co.,'
Chicago, III.-Margaret ROGERS resides at
Warw6od Farm, Lisle, IlL.-E. A. AMOF-
FATTF is with The Adamars Co., advertising
agency, Pine at 21st St., St. Louis, Mo.
               . - 1919
      Sec'y--VELMA REID, Hurley.
  Mavis CHUBB is pl'aying at the Princess
Theater in Des Moines,-Clara WILLIAMS
Mather lives at 52 Dover St., LaGrange
II1.-Helen BARKER, is dietitiarn at the,-.
Metropolitan Hospital, Blackwells Island,-
N., Y. C,.77ý-Dr.. Ernest BRQTN, has entered
into -ithe    eprate neici   e, of ;edicinegeneral sur-
gery, and~obsteitrics in M\adison in .associar
tions wsith %Dr. -C. F., sHss, whois lo'ated at.
20 E.         St-e-obbi Hloop who -vhas-
'   successfull cknopletd  a ohe   iOublicitys work
,for thet- bArkaais coton-poling campaign,
is engarsed in. i f isnslar work for the Georgia
movement. He may be reached at 2l01 r
Walton Bldg. Atlanta.ý-Dav~id WEIss in
voieing' a protest against-the- action of the
Board of-Regents for refusing ScottNearing
,and. .0.-- S. Villgrd, 4editor'of- The NaL-ioui'
the use" 6of ai niversity auditoniums, -Sys:
"America has beesn at peace since Novem-
her, 1918- Buat it appears that membersism
of the- Board are still at war,, or. have det
Boared a war of their own a aindt free dis-
cussion of economic ideas, for no other
reason than they happen to be 'unpopular,'
,or perhaps threaten to set a few students
to a-thinking aout economic and, labor
problems. If I remember correctly, there -
is a bronze tablet near the entrance to
Bascom Hall which boldly sets forth that
it is the avowed policy of the University of
Wisconsin to permit, even encourage, fr~ee
-discussion of labor, socialism, or any other'
of the 'unpopular' ideas. If freendiscussion
is' not' allowed in the halls of aý university,
I.'d like to- know what a college is for.'- The
University of Wisconsin has always had
the reputation of being a 'great liberal
university'; a university that has alwa.y~s
encouraged free, independent thinking
on the part of its faculty and students. it
was for that reason-that hund reds of 'Wis-
consin's best students were attracted, and
are now spreading Wisconsin's liberalism
the world over. The war is over. Let the
Board of Regents adopt a broad, intelli-
gen~t,- and tolerant attitude, so that the
various conflicting ideas and programs may
be heard in university buildings, permitting
students and faculty members to choose for
themselves. The way to discredit ideas is
to allow them to be heard and discussed,
and not to suppress them." Regarding
the increased tuition fee he adds, "Some of
us are' -expecting almost any day that a
Chinese, wall will be built around the-
campus and all persons outside of Madison
and -Milwaukee will be outlawed as non-
residents."-W. F.-RANEY is a professor at
Lawrence College.- Ming Heag CHOU,
who is with the Ta Hu Cement Co., Shang-

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