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Crawford, Robert S. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 23, Number 7 (May 1922)

Goedgen, A. J.
An "unusual" bird,   pp. 236-241

Page 238

Sec'y-N. P. BIART, Madison,
     1123 Elizabeth St.
  distinctly heaird -by the delegates.-Karl
  SCHWEIZER is convalescing from a general
  breakdown in the sanitarium at Trudeau,
  Essex Co., N. Y.-Eva MAcIIOUGALL re--
  sides at The Franklin, 130 -Franklin Ave.-,
  -.New Rochelle, N. Y. '~Prof. J. C. -WALKER
  of the plant pathology department has been
  granted a year's leave of absence to make
    awiicial investigation of crop- dieases~or
  the Uh. S. department of agriculture. Prof.
      and  rs.Waler illvisit England, France,
  Italy,~ Germany, --and IHolland,-J. H.
  MuRPHv has startedi a new -business at
  -Delayaii,,. under the namen  i  of Murphy.,
  Products Co. -The firm will sell pure bred
  seeds and, ma-Aufactitre and- sell -fineral-
  feeds hhid -stockinen's, supplei  Lawrenc
  Mlurphy, 2 1,. anrd W. R.- oster," 15-are t-he
  other  ifnemters of the-, fim-Gesine
:-)3AENSaIH Pitz,-resides a't,2151 E. Jeffersoll '
   $iDetroit, Mich.
   -See'y-Jessie BOSSH ARD MAURER'
        'Madison,-121-2 W. Johnson St.
   -S.- C. VAIL. i's w~it the' Republic Flow
 Meters Co., Chicago, III.-Helen -SALSIRURY-
 iscounty ag~jit for -dependent children in
 the southern ptart of- Cha-utauquia Cou~nty
 under the State Charities Aid: Ass'rn: Her
 address -is Children' s Agency, Morning,
 --KEITH coached'The cast of "The Bells of
 Beaujolais," the musical comnedy7 given by
 Gun and Blade on :March 25.-L. G.
 FOSTER, deputy commissioner, Dept. -of
 Markets, resides. at 2-135 W. Lawn Ave.,_
-Madison,-Fannie ALTMAN~ Harris 're--
sides at 4541 Seebaldt Ave., Detroit,
-Mich --7Mrs. Ernest MILLS resides -at 9,
B~lvd. des Philosophes, Genieva.,
     Hazel MAYBERRY Cronquist writes
   from 402 W. Red Wing St., Duluth,
   Minn.,' "Couldn't do without the
   MAGAZINE; even the kiddies digest
   it from cover to cover."
   Margaret STEVENS Ward resides at 5159
Raymond Ave., St. Louis, Mo.--Emily
SIMS is with the American Red Cross, 308
N. Michigan Ave., Chicago, III.-Perry
SLETTELAND has moved from Pittsburgh,
Pa., to Chicago, where he is: engaged as a
tax specialist with Arthur Anderson & Co.,
Harris Trust Bldg.-K. B. BRAGG resides
at Carmel, Cal.-F. C. EVANS is employed
by the DuPont Co., Gibbstown, N. J.-
R. A. ROBERTS lives at 925 Wash. Ave.,
Racine.--lelvin HALL resides at 16 War-
ren Ave., Roselle Park, N. J.-W. H.
FOSTER has taken the position as adver-
tising and sales manager for Murphy
Products Co., Delavan.-Att'y     Harry
GLEICK of St. Louis, Mo., writes: "I am
enclosing a copy of a letter which I have
written to the Board of Regents. The
question which I refer to in. my letter is one
in- which I think-the alumni, as a whole,
should be interested and should be --in-
foimed.   In this particular instance',- I
think that the right of -thre iUniversit-y
professors to bespeak their thouights should
be supported actively by the alumni bod.
The letter follows:     --
Sec'y-1. A. ZISCHKE, Evanston, Ill.
         827 Ridge Ave.
  The Committee on a Reunion Song
is calling too.
  Seventeens, if you please, let's have
the committee of judges, composed of
Professors C. H. Mills, E. B. Gordon,
and Margaret H'Doubler, '10, marvel-
ing at the talent shown by artists so
young! The contest closes June 1, so
everyone get busy and send the results
of your efforts .to Madelon Willman,
School of Music, Madison, as early as
  A round-up of all Madison Seven-
teens was held at the Woman's Build-
ing Wednesday noon, April 5, when
further plans for the reunion were-dis-
cussed and formulated.      Genevieve
Penhallegon Fox announced that the
subcommittee on regalia had com-
   "I have read withlvm'uc~h interest-an
 article quoted in the -New York
 Evening, Post of- March 3-1st, w it
 reference to a controversy between
 Mr. - Edison-and Prof. Scott.' - I
   "While I. am byr inclination,. by
   tranig, ad- bf j~f siorii con-
      erti-e, --would- regret to see the
 Aaty wlien.ntle -Board4 of-Begents of
 the,,great- Uniiversity, -of~ ' Wisc-onsin
-should'deny or lestrict the right of
.the' professors '*f the University to
exercise the, fullest, freedoi~m in the
expression of their opinions.'
   "Tlhe present da~y. tendency to
 censure, wh -at-the, professors may say
 or what, the-students mnay hear is un-
 dern~oeratic andis to be -deplored, andi
 tends to deprive the undergraduates
 of the right 'to the broader -education
 which should be theirs."
                  Yours very truly,
           HARRYv S. GLEICK
,-o- ;. -
            ,MENDOTA CALLS
         a AL UEVINTEEN

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