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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 1, Number 4 (Jan. 1900)

On the hill,   pp. 165-171

Page 166

Wisconsin Alumni Magazine.
fall, or in fact in any year, before
football contests, none have ap-
proached the one held on December
8, just before the Chicago game, for
numbers, enthusiasm, and all other
elements which make one of these
student gatherings a success. Seats,
aisles, and window seats were liter-
ally packed with students. H. H.
Thomas, '00 1, presided at the meet-
ing; and among the speakers called
upon were Professors Bruce, Jones
and Van Hise, W. S. Kies, '01 1,
Jerry Riordan, '98, John Richards,
'96, Coach Phil King, Captain Pat.
O'Dea, C. W. Rodgers and E. B.
Cochems. The program was varied
with singing of Wisconsin songs and
music by the University band.
  The Short Course Literary Society
  was re-organized December 8, hold-
  ing its first meeting on that date in
  South (Agricultural) Hall. Some two
  hundred and fifty students were in
  attendance. The society will meet
  every Friday evening during the
  winter, and such matters will come
  up for debate and discussion at these
  meetings as appertain to the work of
  the members.
  The first of the series of concerts
  to be given this year by the Madison
  Choral Union took place December
  12, in Library Hall. The Spiering
  String Quartette of Chicago fur-
  nished for the evening's entertain-
  ment an interesting and strictly
  classical program of music. Besides
  several double numbers by the quar-
  tette, solos on the violoncello and by
  Mr. Spiering on the violin were
  finely rendered. This quartette vis-
  ited Madison last year, and the very
  favorable impression created was
  sufficient to insure a large and ap-
preciAtive audience at the recent
  The fersonnel of the organization
is the same as last year. It includes
Theodore Spiering, first violin; Otto
Roehrborn, second violin; Adolph
Weidig, viola, and Herman Diestel,
         MILITARV HOP.
  The first military hop of the year
was given on the evening of Decem-
ber 16, and was as usual held in the
Armory. Music was furnished by the
regimental band, and about one hun-
dred and fifty couples were in at-
tendance. The resumption of the
series of "brass button" parties has
given universal satisfaction, as they
are always a source of great enjoy-
          SCIENCE CLUB.
  The December meeting of the Sci-
  ence Club was held on the evening
  of December 19, in the physical lec-
  ture room. Prof. S. M. Babcock
  read a paper upon " Fat Globules in
  At the next meeting of the club,
  former President T C. Chamber-
  lain, now head of the geological de-
  partment of the University of Chi-
  cago, will speak upon some geologi-
   The second meeting of the Gradu-
 ate Club was held in the parlors of
 the Y. M. C. A. house, December
 15. After a short business meeting,
 a paper was read bv Prof. R. W.
 Wood on "The History of Color
 Photography." The paper was illus-
 trated by the use of colored crayons
 and a blackboard, and several of
 Prof. Wood's instruments were ex-
 hibited in explanation of the pro-
 cesses employed.
   The executive committee reported

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