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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 1, Number 4 (Jan. 1900)

The University during the war,   pp. 153-160

Page 160

Wisconsin Alumni Magazine.
adjutant general of the state, and we were subjected to a daily
drill, in many respects as thorough and efficient as that of the
regular service.
  Considerable discussion attended our efforts at the adoption
of a suitable name for the company. I believe that of "Home
Guards" was suggested, but it was indignantly spurned as un-
worthy the bellicose character of so redoubtable a body of
warriors, and "University Guards" was finally settled upon as
the formal and official appellation of the corps. But upon the
suggestion, as I now recollect, of Griswold of the class of '63,
who, despite his mildly-beaming spectacles, was one of our
fiercest and most sanguinary warriors, the classical title of
"University Myrmidons" was substituted for common use, and
as myrmidons we were known to the end of our bloody"career.
  Miller resigned command of the battalion in the spring of
  1862, to recruit his company for the 2oth infantry. He had
tried hard to school himself again to the quiet routine of col-
lege work, but the war spirit within him would not be repressed.
I remember his saying to me just before his final departure:
"When they ask me fifty years hence where I was during
the war of the rebellion, it won't sound just right to say, 'grind-
ing Latin and Greek at No. ii, North College."'

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