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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 1, Number 4 (Jan. 1900)

The University during the war,   pp. 153-160

Page 157

University During the War,
with twenty-one members, twelve of the tm
before graduation; and in other classes the r,
  It is impossible to determine accurately
of students who served in the army during
an approximate estimate can be given. F
are within my possession, supplemented by
recollection and that of other alumni of that
number at rather over than under one hundred
ber of students borne upon the catalogues fro
ing the war does not exceed three hundred.
that, thirty-three per cent. or one-third of th
ber of students enrolled during the war p(
military service.
  The record of the alumni is still more strik
note. At the close of th4 war, and excludiný
our alumni numbered just fifty. Of this ni
entered the military and naval service, neao
officers, and several of high rank, thus. giviný
the alumni as our quota during the war. C
the country show a prouder record?
  Were this the story of Harvard or of Yal(
ies of history behind them, or of Michigan,
attendance of a thousand students, these num
remarkable. But we are to remember that it
emerging from infancy, whose average attej
the war period was seldom more than eigh
while the conditions of patriotism -may, perha
under such circumstances as in .the case o
largely attended colleges, the record is nonc
ble. And every loyal alumnus may point ti
part of the heritage of his own college life.
  Of the entire number of our alumni and ur
entered the army, a large proportion served
ferent grades from colonel down. I have n(
mining the exact proportion ofofficers to the
listed, but from my own personal knowledge
enty-one enlisted
ýcord was equally
.he entire number
the war, and only
rom such data as
my own personal
period, I place the
The entire num-
m first to last dur-
  It is thus shown
e aggregate num-
norid entered the
ng and worthy of
the class of '65,
imber twenty-five
ly all of them as
fifty per cent. of
an any college in
with two centur-
with her average
:ers would be less
was a college just
idance during all
ty students; and
ps, be as favorable
E.older and more
the less honora-
it with pride, as
dergraduates who
as officers of dif-
means of deter-
whole number en-
and personal ac-

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