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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 1, Number 3 (Dec. 1899)

News from the alumni,   pp. 127-138 ff.

Page 137

News from the Alumni.
has been traveling much of the time
since leaving the University. Last
year he superintended the erection
of a beet sugar factory in Mexico.
  John T. Casey, '96 4, who is prac-
  ticing at Anaconda., Mont., was ap-
  pointed deputy county attorney for
  Deer Lake county, Mont., entering
  on his duties January 1, 1899.
  Herbert B. Copeland, ('96), is in
  the lumber business at Denver, Colo.,
  with his uncle, Homer Bingham,
  '77 4.
  Martha B. Henderson is teaching
at her home in Cambridge, Wis.
  Luther E. Lemon is secretary and
electrical engineer for the Vindex
Electric Co., Chicago, Ill.
  Martin Lewis, ('96), is teaching at
  Lockwood, Wash.
  James H. Maybury, '98 1, is prac-
ticing law in St. Cloud, Minn.
  Benjamin J. Ochsfier is a physician
at the Cook County Hospital, Chi-
  Herman E. Oleson, '96 1, has
opened a law office at Orden, Neb.,
and is acquiring a large practice in
his profession. He was until re-
cently associated in business with
his brother, Andrew R. Oleson, '91 1,
at Fremont, Neb.
  George Edwin O'Neil and Ethel
Linn Virgin, ('00), were married at
Platteville, November :28.  They
will live. at St. Louis, Mo. Georgie
Virgin, '96, was maid of honor, and
Vroman Mason, '95, '99 /, was best
  Alexander G. Paul is assistant
secretary and treasurer of the East
Coast Lumber Co., of La Crosse,
Wis., and is located at the company's
southern office, Watertown, Fla.
  John Weinzirl is professor of bac-
teriology and chemistry in the Uni-
versity of Nýew Mexico.
  Oliver B. Zimmerman is director
of manual traini
high school, I
Bentley, '98, is h
  James E. Th0
the city schools
  Joseph A. And
ing in a drug stc
  Florence M. A
  John H. Bacp:
the Milwaukee
  Dr. John R. N1
Bertles, '97, we'4
Bay, November
was performed
Smith, of Osbh
('00), was maid
P. S. Seufeiteyv
Katherine Bertl
and the Misses
Comstock anpc
Suffel and Mrs
the bridal party
for the aisle.
followed by a v
Dr. and Mrs.ý Mi
night for New
    est R. Buck]
    544. PlatesE
  This volume,
letin 4 of the St.
Natural History
sult, of several
subject, both in t
laboratory. Th
cusses the demai
properties of- b
mental stones, an
of the methods u
durability tests.
  The second p*4
ng in the West Side
'ilwaukee, and F.
is assistant.
mas,. is principal of
it Escondido, Cal.
'97.   .
erson, '97 fi, is work-
re at Normal, Ill.
verill'is teaching at
I is a reporter for
inahan and Mollie
ý married at Green
22. The ceremony
by the Rev. E. H.
,sh. Ann Bertles,
of honqr, and Dr. J.
'as best man. Miss
.s wag' bridesmaid,
Fairchild, Minahan,
Shearer, Mrs. F. H.
Parham preceded
bearing the ribbons
rhe ceremony was
edding supper, and
riahan left at mid-
York, en route for
ey, '95. Pp. xxvi+
nd map. Madison,
ust issued, as Bul-
Lte, Geological and
Survey, is the re-
rears' work on the
ie field and in the
a writer first dis-
id for, the uses and
ailding and orna-
d gives descriptions
sed in strength and
Lrt is devoted to a
1899. ]

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