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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 1, Number 3 (Dec. 1899)

News from the alumni,   pp. 127-138 ff.

Page 135

News from the Alumni.
agriculturist at the experiment sta-
tion of North Dakota Agricultural
   Theodore W. Benfey, '93, '95 1, is
 district attorney at Sheboygan, Wis.
   Clarence B. Hodden, '934, is liv-
 ing in Cincinnati, Ohio.
   Dr. Albert Kittelsen, ('93), went to
 Alaska as government physician
 after graduating ftom Rush Medi-
 cal in '95. He resigned to take up a
 mine in the Nome district in the
 Klondike, of which he was ap-
 pointed Land Register by the U. S.
 Government, and is said to have a
 rich mine. He has recently visited
 his parents at Stoughton, Wis.
 -Henry A. Lardner is eirgaged in
 engineering work in New York City,
   Dr. R. M" Parker is practicing in
 Chicago and has recently been ap-
 pointed instructor in anatomy at the
 Northwestern University Medical
 Charles B. Rogers, of Fort Atkin-
 son, was elected district attorney of
 Jefferson county, Wis., on the demo-
 cratic ticket in 1898.
  William A. Baehr is superintend-
ent of the gas works at Denver, Col.
  Flora Barnes Caskey is at Oberlin,
Ohio, where her husband is a mem-
ber of the college faculty.
  P. E. Doudna writes from Colo-
rado Springs, Colo., where he is as-
sistant professor of marhematics in
Colorado College: "My health is
much improved. Last year was a
bad year for me; I think that my*
visit home the previous summer was
a very poor experinient. I have
just received a letter from D. F.
O'Keefe, '94. He is now in Pueblo,
Colo. He expects to locate some-
where in this state but has not as
yet made any definite arrangements,
I was promoted I
ship to an assistai
mathematics last
Cajori, '83, is at tlf
partment. He I
lished a History
Frances Wiggir
ian. She took th(
Brauer, M. A. '99,
study in U. W. on
across Cyrus W. I
summer. We w(
breakfast table in
Someone said,
My surprise was
though he had beg
for some time it %
knew of it. We
Mrs. Abbie Fiski
has gone back tc
, German."
   Wesson J. Dou1
 the Methodist Chi
 A. G. Fradenbu
 in New York City.
 Thomas B. Hill
 editor of the Wir
 George N. Knap
 fred Case), will rei
 du Sac to Stanton,
 J. F. Melaas,
 cashier of the Fir
 recently organize
 Prof. B. H. Meyi
 waukee Normal
 dressed the stude
 Herbert L. Mo,
 the Klondike in F
 is still there prosp(
 He writes "I wot
 trip, the experienc
 ful scenery and
 life time. On Jun
 to the top of the
 night to watth th
 away in the northi
1899.]  -
rom an instructor-
it professorship in
June. Dr. Florian
e head of the de-
ias recently pub-
of Physics. Miss
  '82, is librar-
  place of H. G. A.
when he left for
e year ago. I ran
lolph, '96, here last
re sitting at the
one of the hotels.
'Hello,, Doudna."
complete, for al-
├Żn in an office here
as the first time I
vere sorry to lose
Eaton, '94, who
U., W. to teach
an has charge of
rch at Juda, Wis.
rg, '94 1, is living
'94 1, is the city
ona Minn., Daily
p and wife, (Wini-
nove from Prairie
Mich., Jan. 1.
'94), was elected
At National Bank,
d in the city of
,r visited the Mil-
School and ad-
its November 17.
es, '94 1, went to
├Żbruary, 1898, and
cting on Bonanza.
ld not miss this
. and the wonder-
sights for half a
e 21, 1899, I went
lome at 12 mid-
:sun set. It sank
vest one-third out

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