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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 1, Number 3 (Dec. 1899)

News from the alumni,   pp. 127-138 ff.

Page 133

>y,.r.                                    ,~..
News from tke Alumni.
at Washington, D. C., November 4.
Lieut. Bamford is now stationed at
  Harry E. Briggs, '87, '89 7, with his
family, is now located at Pueblo,
Colo. Mr. Briggs has entirely re-
covered hig health.
  0. H. Ecke, '87, '94 i, and H. E.
Swett, '94 /, are associated in the
practice of law at Fond du Lac.
They have recently won an import-
ant will case in the Supreme Court
which involved a large amount of
  Fred P. Meyer and wife of Seattle,
Wash., on their bridal tour, passed
through, Madison on their way to
New York, after a visit at Lancaster,
Mr. Meyer's old home.
  Chas. H. Schweizer, '87 7, is prac-
ticing law at La Crosse.
  Horace J. Smith has opened a law
office at Green Bay after spending
several years in mercantile life.
  E. E. Brossard     has recently
moved to Columbus, Wis., where he
will continue in the practice of law.
  Fannie P. Farnsworth is principal
of the high school at Redwing,
  William F. Jones is pastor of the
  First Presbyterian Church, Tecum-
seh, Mich.
  Guild Hall was crowded to its
  limit Nov. 16. The occasion was
the   stereopticon  entertainment,
showing views of the life anid scen-
ery in Japan. The lantern slides
were manipulated by Mrs. T. E.
Brittingham (Mary Clark, '89), while
Mary Oakley, '93, made engaging
comments upon each view as it was
projected upoix the screen.   The
exhibition was especially interesting
from the fact that it was in the
nature of a narrative of the ladies'
personal experien(
empire, both havir
travel there.  T
were beautifully ci
of a pleasing var
they comprised sc4
the people, of th
tecture, and of th(
  All, T+ P" 11
serving his third
attorney of Kenosi
  Niles A. Colmai
judge of Vilas cou
  Mrs. Nettie Smil
elected first vice
Woman's Club
  F. G. Kraege,
schools in Green I
anti-cigarette cru,
prominent worker:
T. P. Silverwood,'
  E. W. Lawton i,
firm of C. A. Lawi
operate a large fot
shop at De Pere, I
  Edgar S. Nethe.
  engineer of the Rh
  Chicago, was ca
recently for cons
Madison Electric]
*as to contemplate
their system.
  Florence P. Rot
ber 11 on the Nor
steamship, "Kais
Zweite," for Eur(
abroad about a y(
winter in Italy. 'I
study and travel.
   B. D. Shear, '89,
 the United S~tate
 third judicial disl
 Oklahoma, and is
 homa City.
   C. E. Ware is lc
 terests of the Edv
:es in the oriental
g spent a year in
he views shown
ear and consisted
ýety, inasmuch as
,nes of the life of
e national archi-
  islands' natural
  ..,,..-,.  'QQ  10A 7 .o
term as district
ia county.
,, '89 7, is county
h Dugas has been
-president of the
of Menominee,
ýuperintendent of
ay, has started an
ade. Among the
; for the cause is
96 1.
a member of the
on & Co. They
,ndry and machine
"cut, who is chief
tige Iron Works,
lled to Madison
altation with the
Zailway Company,
improvements in
inson left Novem-
:h German Lloyd
er Wilhelm der
ýpe. She will be
,ar, spending the
'he trip is both for
'92 7, is clerk of
s District Court,
rict, Territory of
located at Okla-
oking after the in-
'ard K. Ware es-
/]_ILIL, IL JL'J. lltll.lkl ld.hI.El * (].'7. =71-1. g. lY

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