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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 17, Number 10 (Aug. 1916)

Alumni dinner and dance,   pp. [394]-395

Leiser, F. O.
Alumni Association membership campaign,   p. 395

Page 395

it now seems, was hardly more than
that of a village high school.
  The male members of my class num-
bered only five and of the class of ladies,
what was then called the "normal de-
partment," numbered only six, ours be-
ing the pioneer class to give women the
degree. Only eleven in all. I under-
stand that today the graduation class
......               thousand. What-
prodigious growth is this! Your presi-
dent appeals to the alumni for help to
construct another buiidfng. Alumni, let
us use our influence to secure it. We
have trusted the administrations of the
past and the result is the upgrowth of
one of the most progressive, most dem-
ocratic, most widely serviceable, admired,
and world famous universities in these
United  States. Alumni, keep  facing
forward and marching ahead.
   The other speakers were Professor
Howard L. Smith, '81, of the Law
School, Morse Ives, '91, of Chicago,
Charles A. Taylor, '06, of Barron,
John Frazee, '16, Professor H. E.
Bolton, '95, of the University of
California who, on   behalf of the
California  alumni, presented   the
John Muir Clock to the University,
and President Van Hise, '79.
  Louise Vernet sang two solos.
  After   the  dinner,  W's    were
presented to the following members
of reunion classes by W. D. Richard-
son, '11, and Arlie Mucks, '16:
  S. H. Ball, .W. V. Bickelhaupt, W. H.
Blackburn, H. R Bradley, J. Bredsteen,
E. F. Bunker, W. C. Burdick, B. B. Bur-
ling, J. 1. Bush, J. E. Carter, A.A
Chamberlain, R. W. Collie, A. J. Crowns,
J. P. Dean, Joseph Dean, E. J. Dohmen,
L. P. Donovan, N. H. Falk, W. S.
Frame, R. A. Fucik, S. F. Grover, K. R.
Hare, C. B. Hayden, C. S. Hean, W. P.
Hirschberg, J. B. IHroelz, T. H. Jones, C.
A. Johnson, F. A. Kennedy, A. C. Kiss-
ling, A. Kleinpell, J. H. Liegler, F. A.
Little, S. McConochie, C. W. McPherson,
R. B. McCoy, F. C. McGowan, C. D.
Marsh, Lloyd Miller, M. N. Murphy, C.
0. Olman, G. S. Parker, A. E. Richards,
John R. Richards, C. F. Rohn, W. Roys,
L. W. Runkel, R. E. Sanders, F. W.
Schule, George Senn, Dr. Walter Sýhel-
don, Paul Stover, M. C. Severin, A. J.
Sorem, J. C. Taylor, G. H. Trautmann,
L.  .Voyer, L. A. Wood, 0. B. Zimmer-
   Immediately after the dinner the
 reception *and dance was held   in
 Lathrop Hall.
                  Membership Committee Meets
                      By F. 0. LEISER, Chairman
A     meeting  of the Membership
      Committee   of  the   Alumni'
      Association,  was   held   at
Madison, June    19, from    10  to
11   a. m. Those     present:  Mrs.
Clara   B.    Flett,   '84,  Marie
Kohler, '01, Lillian   Taylor, '05,
August C. Umbreit, '83, Sidney H.
Hotten, '91, Louis Kahlenberg, '92,
C. B. Rogers, '93, Lynden H. Tracy,
'01, R. S. Crawford, '03, A. E. Van
Hagen, '06, W. A. Foster, '15, and
F. 0. Leiser, '02, chairman.
  The Committee approved of the
plan to conduct a membership cam-
paign by classes. A goal was set to
increase the present membership of
the Alumni Association by at least
five hundred new members by Octo-
ber 28. 'Each class has at least one
member who is responsible for se-
curing additional members for the
Alumni Association. The editor of
was asked to publish the standing of
each class in every issue of the Mag-
azine giving the percentage of mem-
  The committee decided to meet
again on October 28 at 9 a. in., being
also the occasion for the Homecom-

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