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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 17, Number 10 (Aug. 1916)

Sixty-third commencement,   pp. [391]-393

Page 393

gers), zoology; Harold Stine Roberts (Princetoha), German; Elizabeth Alex-
andra Seeberg (Texas), philosophy; John Stoughton Strong (Albion), phys-
ics; Brenda Sutherland (Toronto), home economics; Rienhart John Swen-
son (Minnesota), political science; Horace Loring White (Columbia), honor-
ary fellow in agricultural chemistry; John Butler Wilkinson, '16, mechanical
     University Scholars: Robert Douglas Armstrong (Indiana), political
 e .anB-_              s               tiBoorIztur           -edrB oortz
 (Carroll), Carroll College Scholar; Mitchell Pirie Briggs (Morningside),
 American history; Mary Cecelia Everett Comstock, '16, Romance languages;
 Lorna Dietz (Milwaukee Downer), Milwaukee-Downer Scholar; Charles
 Crawford Edmonds, '15, political economy;- Wilmer Hughes Eicke (Brown),
 Henry Gund Scholar in German; Henry Ernst Erdmann (South Dakota
 State College), agricultural economics; Clifford F. Gesler (Milton), Milton
 College Scholar; Frederic Adolph Homann (Agricultural and Mechanical
 College of Texas), mechanical enginjeering; Richard Nash Hunt, '15, geology;
 Elmer Ernest Lehman (Goshen), agricultural education; Gabriel Lundy,
 (North Dakota Agricultural College), political economy; Henry Baldwin
 Merrill, '16, chemistry; Robert Delafield Rands, '15, plant pathology; Cora
 Smith, (Ripon), Ripon  College Scholar; Henry   Whitney  Tabor, '16,
 hydraulic engineering; Wendell Holmes Tisdale, '15, Horlick Scholar in
 Plant Pathology and Experimental Breeding; Margaret Seymour Titchener
 (Wells), Latin and Greek; Miriam Downing Tompkins, '16, English; Warren
 Weaver, '16, applied mechanics.
    Teaching Fellows: Dorothy Agnes Bannen, '16, history; Mary Lucile
Fowler, '16, English; Irene Higgins, '16, history; Marion Genevieve Mar-
shall, '16, English.
                     GRADUATION HONORS
    The Science Club Medal, awarded for the best baccalaureate thesis in
scenc     s given to Anna K Edwards,-and the Jubilee Gold Medal. awarded
for the best baccalaureate thesis in history, political economy, or political
science, was given to Robert J. Cunningham. Thesis honors were given to
"the following:
    College of -Letters and Science: Abraham Assovsky, political economy;
Henry Barnbrock, Jr., political economy; Harry Ellis Benedict, commerce;
Franklin Blevins Bogart, bacteriology; Laura Hanes Cadwallader, history;
Lyle Coryell Clarke, commerce; Robert John Cunningham, political science;
Ann Elizabeth Edwards, botany; George W. Haverstick, chemistry; Mary
Hemenway, Latin; Laura Roe Mills, English; Bernard Christian Mueller,
political economy; Edna Marie Nagle, Latin; Harriet Eastabrooks 0'She4,
education; Louis Rosenberg, chemistry; Omar T. Sadler, manual arts ; .Edith
Lucile Sharkey, German; Fred Walter Stadelbaner, political economy; Jo-
seph Vincent Taylor, physiology; Lyman Case Ward, history.
    College of Agriculture: Murray Reid Benedict, farm management (agjr.
economics) ; Florence Marie Ely, home economics; Mary Grace Godfrey, home
economics; Gail Wesley Palmer, agricultural engineering; Charles S. Reddy,
plant pathology; Jacob Rovner, agricultural bacteriology; Oscar John Sieker,
agronomy; Peter Carl Strehlow, animal husbandry; Barnett Sure, agricul-
tural chemistry; Horace Warner Truesdell, agricultural bacteriology; Sarah
Elizabeth Warwick, home economics.
    College of Law: Edmond Galbraith Toomey.

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