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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 14, Number 7 (April 1913)

Alumni news,   pp. [372]-376

Page 374

   Dr. Fremont E. Chandler has been for
 twenty yyears a physician and surgeon in
 Chicago, Ill. His office and residence are at
1042 Barry Ave.
   Henry Sloan has been appointed first as-
 sistant to District Attorney E. J. Yockey of
 Milwaukee, Wis. He was one of the active
 workers in the Philipp-Connor-Taft conven-
 tion in Chicago several years ago.-Deaii H.
 L. Russell of the university gave the com-
 mencement    address  for  the   Industrial
 Course at the University of North Dakota
 Agricultural College, on   "The Shifting
 Front of Agricultural Education."
   Frederick H. Whitton of San Francisco,
 Cal., is president of the California Wiscon-
 sin Alumni Association.
   Lyman G. Wheeler was appointed special
 assistant on District Attorney E. J. Yock-
 ey's staff of Milwaukee, Wis.
    Justice John C. Fehlandt of Madison,
  Wis., was named municipal judge for Dane
  county by Governor McGovern to succeed
  the late Judge Anthony Donovan. His ap-
  pointment will hold until the April election,
  when the office will be filled by popular
  election in the county.
    Robert C. Falconer, who has been with the
  Erie Railroad Company most of the time
  since his graduation, was appointed super-
  intendent of construction in charge of all
  new work on February 7. His offices are at
  50 Church street, New York.
    Ex-State Senator H. H. Bodenstab was
  appointed second assistant to District At-
  torney E. J. Yockey of Milwaukee, Wis. He
  was a member of the Milwaukee charter con-
  vention of 1907.
  Russell Jackson, assistant attorney gen-
eral of Wisconsin, has resigned his position.
He will be succeeded by Walter Drew, a for-
mer secretary of Senator La Follette.-
George I. Haight of Chicago has entered
in partnership for the general practice of
law with Thomas B. Brown and William H.
Haight. The offices of the new firm are in
the Rookery Building, Chicago.-Rev. H. C.
Rehm, pastor of the Congregational Church
in Washburn, Wis., was a candidate for
county judge of Bayfield county, Wis.-
William Kittle is a candidate for state su-
perintendency of public instruction in Wis-
consin. He is opposing C. P. Cary, who has
had the office for ten years.
  Henry E. Bradley of Milwaukee, Wis.,
was appointed third assistant to District At.-
torney E. J. Yockey. He was elected to
Phi Beta Kappa in his junior year and was
a well known football player.
  J. E. HEanzlik is now residing in Madison,
Wis. He is treasurer and general manager
of the C. & S. C. R. R. Co., president of the
United Banks company, manager of the Mod-
ern Savings System company, and inventor
of the Auto Value Payroll Certificates.-
Professor R. F. Scholz, the first Rhodes
scholar from Wisconsin, who is now in the
department of history of the University of
California, has been asked to take the place
of Professor Ferguson of Harvard Univer-
sity for the summer session and first semes-
ter of the next academic year. Professor
Ferguson has been appointed professor at
the American school at Athens for next year.
Professor Scholz has asked for a year's leave
of absence from California to spend the
second half year in Europe.
   Adolph   Pfund, formerly   of  Madison
 Wis., is now secretary for the Wisconsin
 Retail Lumber Dealers Association, with of-
 fices at 818 Goldsmith Bldg., Milwaukee,
 Wis.-Edna Browning Cook of the State

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