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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 14, Number 7 (April 1913)

Alumni clubs,   pp. [360]-365

Page 362

362                THE WISCONSIN A
   From a Shanghai Newspaper
  The Shanghai alumni of the Univer-
sity of VWisconsin held a reunion and
banquet at the Palace Hotel on Fri-
day evening. Those present were:
Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Sanford, Mr.
Chang Lau-chi, Dr. H. E. Eggers;
Messrs. S. R. Sheldon, F. J. Seeman,
P. Rosenberg, E. C. Stocker, L. Y.
Ho, Y. S. Chien, W. S. Tsu, Miss A.
S. Mayhew, Mrs. Eggers, Mrs. Stock-
er and Dr. A. P. Wilder.
   Miss Mayhew was formerly on the
 faculty. of the University of Wiscon-
 sin as head of the department of
 physical training for women and but
 recently arrived in Shanghai to take
 charge of physical training for the Y.
 M. C. A. of China.
   Mr. Stocker acted as toastmaster
 and Mrs. Sanford, Dr. Eggers and
 Mr. Chang responded 'to toasts, while
 Miss Mayhew and Dr. Wilder gave
 reminiscences of former activities at
 the university.
  Dr. Wilder was at one time a lec-
turer in the university and for sev-
eral years afterward closely associated
with it owing to his residence in Madi-
son, Wis.
  Mr. Chang called attention to the
fact that thirty Chinese were now en-
rolled at the university and talked on
the impressions made by the univer-
sity and its faculty upon foreign stu-
dents, and its popularity among them.
  College songs were sung and the
  "Wisconsin  Yell "  given  which
brought back the days on Camp Ran-
dall football field. A rousing cheer
was given when attention was called
to the .fact that "Wisconsin" was vic-
torious in all the football games of
last season.
  After some discussion upon the ad-
visability of organizing an alumni as-
sociation, it was decided to have an
executive committee to provide for an
annual reunion and banquet, and to
have several informal meetings in the
meantime. Mr. Stocker was elected
nchairman and Mrs. Sanford and Mr.
Chang appointed as the other mnem-
T HE legislative and the Bismarck
    members of the Universi.y of
Wisconsin  Alumni Association   of
North  Dakota had    a  get-together
meeting at Bismarck, March 5. This
meeting was one of the best held in
the state. Judge Bruce, '90, was
toastmaster, and all the alumni know
the delight it is to hear of the olden
days from Judge Bruce. Representa-
tive Bjornson, '82, told of his early
experiences at the university. Sena-
tor Overson, Senator Wartner and
Mr. J. W. Jackson, the new member
of the board of control, all responded
to some toast on the university life.
  Those present sang many of the
old songs and the evening closed with
the singing of the toast and giving
the varsity yell with a vigor that
stirred the blood the way it used to
set us on fire back at old Wisconsin.
Among those present were: Judge
A. A. Bruce and wife, Senator W. B.
Overson and wife, Senator A. Wart-
ner and wife, H. C. Fish and wife,
Representative Bjornson and daugh-
ter, J. W. Jackson, Alfred Larson,
Miss Cline, and Miss Brennecke.

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