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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 14, Number 7 (April 1913)

A bill affecting the University,   pp. [343]-345

Page 345

ter the state board of education has
been organized and thereby invested
with the powers of such regents and
boards. The powers, rights and privi-
leges conferred, and all duties im-
posed by law upon the regents of the
University of Wisconsin, upon the
board-o feegents-of-the-normnats-choots
and upon the mining school board or
upon any member of either such
board, are hereby conferred and im-
posed upon the state board of educa-
tion hereby created, and upon the
members of such state board of edu-
cation respectively.
  Section 392a-15. In addition to
the powers, rights, privileges and
duties conferred and imposed upon
the state board  of education, said
board and the members thereof, shall
cooperate in every way with the state
superintendent of public instruction
in his duties relating to the supervi-
sion of the common, graded and high
schools of the state, and shall also
have supervision over all agricul-
tural, vocational and other schools
which now or hereafter may receive
financial aid or support from the
   Section 392a-16. The state board
of education shall biennially, on or
before the first day of December, pre-
ceding any regular legislative session,
file with the governor a report cover-
ing the work of the state board of
education, and its recommendations
for the improvement of the system of
education. Such report shall include
recommendations    for  registration,
necessary and helpful to the cause of
education within the state.
  Section 2. This act shall take ef-
fect and be in force from and after
its passage and publication;

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