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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 14, Number 7 (April 1913)

Dormitories for men,   pp. [321]-336

Sheldon, S. R.
A letter from China,   p. 336

Page 336

land that will be available for the
growth and expansion of the dormi-
tory group. It would be far better to
locate the student buildings here
rather than on some smaller tract of
land near the lower campus.
  There is a plan to provide room for
athletics near the student center. This
makes possible a system of develop-
ing intramural sports that will affect
a much larger percentage of the men
than now take part in athletics. Ten-
nis courts, baseball dianmnds, soccer
fields could be placed near the dor-
mitories, and a boat house erected on
the lake shore.
  The plan of the athletic department
proposes the new   gymnasium    and
athletic field in this section of the
campus. It is the logical plan which
brings the student living quarters and
athletic plant close together.
  Objections may be raised that the
proposed site for the dormitories is
out of the way. IAs a matter of fact,
however, the distance from Main Hall
to this -site is practically the same as
the distance between Main Hall and
the present center of student popula-
tion: This center of population was
determined two years ago, and found
to be at the corner of Lake Street and
University Avenue.   If a system of
walks and driveways is built, the pro-
posed location will be found very con-
                 A LETTER FROM CHINA
M   R. S. R. SHELDON, '94, is dean of the Electrical Etngineering Col-
     lege at Shanghai, China, and is always interested in Wisconsin mat-
ters. The four students mentioned in the letter have arrived at the uni-
versity and are now regularly enrolled in the Engineering College.
        Nanyang University,
        18 Siccawei Road.
     Shanghai, China, Jan. 1, 1913.
Dean F. E. Turneaure,
    University of Wisconsin,
Dear Professor Turneaure:
  I have recently had word from four
of our graduates who have been in the
engineer-apprentice course  of  the
Western Electric Company for the
last year or more, that they are about
through and desire to enter the Uni-
versity of Wisconsin for a year's
  These students, Messrs. K. T. Long,
P. K. Swan, F. I. Chu and N. Chung,
graduated here in 1911 in the electri-
cal engineering course covering about
the usual subjects taught in such a
course in the States. I believe that
they would like to begin with the Feb-
ruary semester if possible and I would
appreciate  the  university sending
them bulletins and other necessary
information. This could be addressed
to Mr. N. Chung, 1860 So. Kedzie
Ave., Chicago, or to Mr. K. T. Long,
1841 S. Sawyer Ave., Chicago.
  Things are progressing very well
over here and we are graduating some
good sized classes and of increasingly
higher quality. I am placing a con-
siderable proportion of them in Amer-
ica. Four more of last year's gradu-
ating class will leave for America this
month. We are getting a good ag-
gregation of Wisconsin alumni out
here also, had a banquet the other day
with eleven alumni and consorts pres-
ent. We are about to organize an
  With kindest regards, I am,
    (Signed) S. R. SHELDON, '94.

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