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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 14, Number 3 (Dec. 1912)

Bridgman, Louis W.
Wisconsin alumni in politics,   pp. [144]-151

Page 145

secretary of the Democratic nation
committee and chairman of the wes
ern headquarters at Chicago. Fres
from a successful: battle in Wisconsi
for a Wilson delegation, Davies e
tered the national fight, and at ti
Baltimore convention made his fore,
cful-ptstonalty and GovernoWisEon
count strongly in Governor Wilson
          JOSEPH E. DAVIES, '98
behalf. Then came his selection, a
Governor Wilson's behest, as secr(
tary of the national committee and hi
resultant effective work in tur~iin
the Democratic campaign to a victor:
ous end. That he is in line for some
thing higher is an oft-expressed ser
timent, the  New    York  Tribune
Washington correspondent remarkin
that the Wisconsin man is being cor
a]  sidered for attorney general in the
t-  new president' s cabinet.
;h    Entering as. heartily into the Wilson
in  fight as Davies was his law partner,
i-  John A. Aylward, '84, law  '90, who
ie  toured the Western' coast states in sup-
e-  port of the Wilson ticket, and whose
   -influtierme-  t.-the--WIsconsin stat...
's  vention of his party was exerted for
    the Wilson cause.
      Thomas J. Walsh, law '84, of Hel-
    ena, Mont., will enter the United
    States Senate as a result of a state-
    wide preferential vote on Montana's
    choice for Senator Joseph M. Dixon's
    seat. He was a leading candidate for
    this place two years ago. Mr. Walsh
    is -ain uncle of John Wattawa,' 13, of
    Madison, editor-in-chief of the .Wis-
    consin Athletic Bulletina.
      Herman H. Taylor, '00, law    '02,
    of Sandpoint, Idaho, was elected lieu-
    tenant governor of his state. He is a
    son of former State Senator Carl S.
    Taylor, law '76, of Barron, Wis., and
    a brother of Charles A. Taylor, '04,
    law '06, now district attorney of Bar-
    ron county.
      Eugene W. Chafin, law     '76, Of
    Tucson, Arizona, for the second time
    headed his party's ticket as the nomi-
    nee for President on the Prohibition
      In the Wisconsin state election is
    abundant evidence of alumni leader-
    ship. Francis E. McGovern, '90, was
Lt  re-elected governor after as deter-
m- ined a campaign in opposition as
is the state has witnessed for many
g   years. His Democratic opponent was
i-  Probate Judge John C. Karel, law
e-  '95, known on the football field as
L-  "Ikey" Karel.   In the primary he
Ys  defeated Adolph J. Schmitz, law '75,
g   of Milwaukee, for the nomination.
i. Thomas Morris, law '89, of La Crosse

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