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Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 13, Number 3 (Dec. 1911)

Tarrant, Warren D.
Andrew A. Bruce, '90,   pp. [114]-117

Page 117

cause of good    government.   In
everything he has done he has been
fearless, honest and upright.
  He is today an influential man
in his adopted state and in the
  I saw him last August at the
meetings of the American Bar As-
sociation at Boston. He seemed to
know all the delegates and was
much sought after for advice and
counsel. He was prominent as well
at the meetings of the American
Institute of Criminology.
  We did not- have much time to-
gether there, but one day I visited
him at his rooms in the Vendome
Hotel. He had a large pile of cor-
respondence on his table awaiting
attention. Even on this vacation
he was the same active, busy An-
drew Bruce that I knew through-
out our college course. He stayed
in Boston until the last minute,
only to hurry back to deliver the
annual address at his home in
Grand Forks. as the president of
his own state bar association.
  What a fitting preparation our
dear friend has had for the new
honors and the new experiences
which have come to him! He will
make a great name for himself as
a member of the highest judicial
tribunal of -the- great- -common-
wealth of North Dakota. Her peo-
ple have received him well, and he
will return to them in manifold
ways the confidence, esteem and
honor they have shown him. For
Andrew Bruce is a man of great
character and of great parts. He
could write a constitution for a
state to endure for ages. He will
interpret the laws of his adopted
state in the broadest spirit of jus-
tice and equity for the welfare and
happiness of all her people and in
consonance with the real mission
of democracy.
  In all his activities he has never
for a moment lost sight of the
great university which has made
his career possible. He is still a
loyal son of Wisconsin, and wher-
ever he may be called, his heart
beats true and faithful to her best

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