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Lochner, Louis P. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 12, Number 3 (Dec. 1910)

The Wisconsin alumni clubs,   pp. [129]-[134]

Page 130

  Next to I-larvard, Wisconsin has
the distinction of having the larg-
est per cent of increase in tfhe
number of professors who rank
among the first thousand of the
most distinguished scientists. Wis-
consin has gained 12 per cent dur-
ing the last four years in this re-
spect, while Harvard has gained 13
per cent, and Yale 11.5. per cent.
  Is this not a record to be proud
  We desire at this time to express
our sincere appreciation to Louis
W. Bridgman, '06, for his services
ZiNE. The arduous task of assemb-
ling the material for his article on
"Wisconsin Alumni in Politics"-
involving the reading for three
months of dailies from all over the
state and neighboring states--is by
no means his only act of loyalty
to the official organ of the Alumni
Association. For more than two
years he has been running an al-
umni clipping bureau at the State
Journal, with which he is asso-
ciated, scanning hundreds of ex-
changes for alumni news. At least
one-third of the "Alumni News"
column thus owes its origin to the
quiet, faithful work of Mr. Bridg-
  His example deserves emulation
by  other graduates.   Every  al-
umnus with whom we have:had an
opportunity to confer agrees that
the "Alumni News" column is the
most valuable section of the Maga-
zine. But this section can be main-
tained at its present standard only
then if the alumni send in items.
While we do not expect every grad-
uate to run a clipping bureau, cer-
tainly there are hundreds of bits
of news concerning alumni afloat
every month that need but, jotting
down and sending to the Magazine.
  I'et every graduate make it a
point to let his fellow graduates
know what he and other alumni
are doing, and we shall be able
not only, as at present, to run
every month again as many per-
sonal items as a year ago, but shall
be in a position to triple and qua-
druple this number.
  As we go to press, we are in-
formed of the fact that two promi-
nent alumni have won added dis-
tinction and recognition. Dr. Al-
bert J. Oschner, '84, was elected
president of the Clinical Congress
of the Surgeons of North America
at the close of the Chicago con-
gress of that body; and Dean An-
drew A. Bruce, '90, law '92, of the
college of law of the University of
North Dakota, was chosen presi-
dent of the North Dakota State
Bar association at a meeting of
'that body in Bismarck during No-
MAGAZINE extends the congratula-
tions of its editors and family of
readers to these two sons of Wis-
consin, and rejoices in the glory
that is thus shed    upon   Alma

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