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Lochner, Louis P. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 12, Number 3 (Dec. 1910)

Williams, Lynn A.
The decennial reunion of 1900,   pp. [121]-126

Page 125

was long after midnight before we
finished listening to the ten-year
biographies. Every fellow at the
table was called upon to give an
account of himself from the date
     .  -hi Ciommencement.  More in-
 teresting stories you never heard.
 Such a dinner is a feature which
 no class ought to omit from its re-
 union program.
   The balance of the reunion pro-
 gram was carried out along the
 lines of the original announcement.
 Florence  Allen,  Mrs.  Blanche
 Brigham Harper and Tom Morris
 were indefatigable in arranging
 the details of the luncheon   on
 Tuesday. The    club house and
 grounds of the Maple Bluff Coun-
 try club were turned over to us,
 the trip to and from the univer-
 sity boat house being  made by
 steamer. Hot? Gee Whiz! Noth-
 ing like the weather of June 21st
 ever happened  before or   since.
 The good sense of the committee
 wa:s everywhere commended. The
 wit of Adams and Vom Briesen
 and Miss Nora Johnson made the
 temperature  quite  happily  en-
 The arrangement for a class
 headquarters was most useful and
 successful. Miss Mahoney's house
 on the corner of State and Lake
 streets was used. The house has
 sleeping accommodations for forty
 or more people and the rooms
 were all filled with 1900 enthusi-
asm. You couldn't have a nicer
adjunct to a class headquarters
than Miss Mahoney's porch. Night
and day it was the center of an-
imation and good fellowship. We
were fortunate in our selection of
a clerk and his assistant who took
charge of the class register and
information bureau. The two uni-
versity students whom .we engaged
were well acquainted with every-
thing and everybody, and saved
our committees an endless amount
of detail work. One or the other
of -these clerks was on hand night
and day. Among other duties they
distributed the regalia and col-
lected the necessary taxes.

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