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Lochner, Louis P. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 12, Number 2 (Nov. 1910)

Alumni news,   pp. [89]-98

Page 95

  James P. Weter is senior partner in
the law firm of Weter & Roberts, Lowman
Bldg., Seattle, Wash.
  -----N.&- IGutis-ils-purcehasing -ag-eut -for-
the land department of the Alexander
Lumber company of Carrollton, Ala-
  G.E. Pratt is principal of the Craw-
ford County Training school at Gays
Mills, Wis.
  Adeline M. Jenney is spending a year in
study and travel abroad. She has en-
tered the University of Munich, and will
later pursue studies at Oxford university.
  Charles F. Baxter is a lawyer withý of-
fices in the Alaska building, Seattle.
  Prof. Stephen W. Gilman lectured on
"Accounting Systems and Analysis of
Reports" before the New York Univer-
sity of Commerce and Accounts during
the summer school. The course com-
prised sixty hours of work.
  C. H. Bachhuber is supervising princi-
pal of the Port Washington, Wis., pub-,
lie schools.
  W. C. Norton is attorney and counsel-
lor at law at Elkhorn, Wis.
   Albert H. Woltersdorf has built a new
 drug store at 35th and Galena streets,
 Milwaukee, and has now one of the finest
 drug stores in the city.
   W. A. Hoyt is reinforced concrete
 specialist, with offices in the Old Colony
 building, Chicago.
   John A. Hillesheim is in charge of the
 Chicago office of the Hillesheim-Perz
 Ranch   of Bitter Root Valley, Mont.,
 growers of extra fancy fruits and vege-
   Harry E. Bradley, son of Mr. and Mrs.
-I. S. Bradley, '75, has been appointed
assistant United States district attorney
for the eastern district of Wisconsin.
  Guy P. Cobb is a revenue inspector in
Ardmore, Okla., and also deals in timber
lands. He recently visited Madison as
the guest of Judge and Mrs. R. M. Bash-
ford, '7 L.
I--A- H--Buehler-is-st ate --g eotogist-- f or
Missouri, being in charge of the Bureau
of Geology and Mines at Rolla, Mo.
  J. W. Johnson is a lawyer at Sterling,
Ill.            -"
  William P. Boynton is comptroller of
Alton, Ill. He has held that office for
the past six years.
                * 'Ex- '02.
  Dr. H. A. Keenan is a surgeon in a
mining hospital in Roslyn, Wash.
  0. E. Ruhoff is connected with the
Northern Chemical Engineering Labora-
tories, 625 Williamson St., Madison, Wis.
  N. C. Kirch is president of the Mazo-
imanie Mills, flour, feed, grain, salt and
  T. M. Ave-Lallemand is instructor in
business English at Marquette university,
  lTra-nýv  T.  Tl-n,.  4-9-0  ;, ",,. "h
promoted from the position of secretary
of the American legation at Constanti-
nople to that of chief of the Latin-
American division of the department of
  F. A. Delay is professor of physics at
the State Agricultural college, Fort Col-
lins, Colo.
  H. W. Young is editor of the Popular
Electricity magazine, Chicago.
  Nicholas Rotering is assistant city at-
torney of Butte, Mont.
  Arne Lerum, chief clerk in the office
of the 'state board of control, who on
September 12 submitted to a serious sur-
gical operation in a Chicago hospital, and

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