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Lochner, Louis P. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 12, Number 2 (Nov. 1910)

Alumni news,   pp. [89]-98

Page 93

surance company, with offices
   0. L. Hollister is presid
 eral manager of the West A
 Iron and Chain Belt Co., W(
   Eugene E. Brossard is en
 practice of law at Columbus
   Henry C. Wilson is ref
 ruptcy for the circuit court
 States for the western dis
 consin at Superior, Wis.
   A. G. Zimmerman is judg4
 county court at Madison, W
   Arthur J.. Hoskin is prof
 ing at the Colorado Scho
Golden, Colo.,
   B. R. Goggins is senior p
 law firm of Goggins, Braz
 Grand Rapids, Wis.
   D, W. Heffron is senior n
 law firm of Heffron & CE
 building, Chicago.
   Mrs. James A. Hays (Flo
 i3 the subject of a monogn
 peared in the Tacoma Daiu
19, and was entitled "A Cer
An Appreciation."
   Dean Andrew A. Bruce
school of the University 0
tota was chairman of the
mittee which arranged for
tion  exercises in honor
Frank L. McVey of the 1
North Dakota.
   C. R. Pickering, after g
 Rush Medical college in 18
 one year in Michigan City,
 1894 he located in Muscoda
 he is still practicing medici
 a post graduate course in t
 Post Graduate Medical sci
s in the Pabst
Cant and gen-
hlis Malleable
et Allis, Wis.
gaged in the
eree in bank-
of the United
Lrict of Wis-
e of the Dane
!essor of mai-
and at Johns Hopkins university in 1902
and again in 1907. Owing to overwork
he has, during the past two years, con-
fined his practice to work in his office and
in the village. He is serving his third
  Loyal Durand is general agent for the
Employers' Liability Assurance Corpo-
ration, Limited, of London, England,
with offices in the Mitchell Bldg., Mil-
  L. H. Davidson is assistant secretary
of the Board: of Supervising Engineers
of the Chicago Traction system.
ol of Mines,,     District Attorney W. R. Foley of Su-
               . perior, Wis., has resigned to accept a p'o-
artner of the   sition in the legal department of the Su-
eau & Briere,   perior Street Railway company.
                  Prof. and Mrs. J. F. A. Pyre and son
iem)ber of the  have left for Europe, where the profes-
Lddck, Unity   sor will spend his year's leave of absence
                from the university in study and travel.
rence Baker)     Ruth Marshall is head of the depart-
rm which ap-    ment of biology at Rockford college,
  SNews, Sept.  Rockford, Ill.
tain Woman:       n-iuoerz Y,. nogers is a partner in tne
                firm of Creevey & Rogers, counsellors at
  of the law    law, @0 Wall street, New York City.
f North Da-       Prof. Paul S. Reinsch of the depart-
general com-    ment of political science of the university
the inaugura-   has returned to Madison after serving as
of President    delegate to the fourth Pan-American con-
University of   ference at Buenos Ayres, Argentina.
                  Leaving Buenos Ayres on September 1,
                Professor Reinseh proceeded to Santiago,
                Chile, as minister plenipotentiary 0or the
raduating at    United States, his special mission being
393, practiced to  represent the   government at the
Indiana. In    Chilean Centennary Celebration. Towards
, Wis., where   the end of September, Professor Reinsch
[ne. He took    left Chile and proceeded to Peru where
he New York     he visited President Leguia, the father of
iool in 1899,  Jose Leguia, '13. From Peru Professor

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