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Lochner, Louis P. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 12, Number 2 (Nov. 1910)

Alumni news,   pp. [89]-98

Page 91

Watertown were married at the home of
the bride's parents on September 27, the
Rev. Howard Gold of Madison officiating.
The young couple left immediately for
Cambridge, Mass., where Mr. Owen will
do a year of egraduate work in English.
He received the A. M. degree at Wiscon-
sin in 1909.
        WIINS, '09-ELLIOTT.
  Alma L. Wilkins and Professor George
R. Elliott of the history department at
the University of Wisconsin were mar-
ried early in October at Viroqua, Wis.,
the home of the bride. At home at 207
W. Gilman St., Madison.
    FauTz, Ex- '11-CoLEM-N, '09.
  On October 3 at Monroe, Wis., Adah
Fritz and Alfred Coleman were united in
holy wedlock. A large number of their
student friends were present at the wed-
          HUNTER, '10-BALL.
  The marriage of     Helen  Katherine
Hunter, daughter of James Hunter of
Racine, Wis., and Edwin Marcotte Ball
of Birmingham, Ala., occurred on Octo-
ber 18 at the bride's home in Racine.
  Caroline Adams,- daughter of Mrs.
Anna Adams and of the late Congress-
man. H. C. Adams of Madison, and Fred-
erick A. Chamberlain of Wheeling, W.
Va., were married on October 18 at the
home of the bride. At hine at Wheel-
ing, where the groom holds a position
with the Electric Light and Power com-
pany of that city.
  Albert J. Bleyer, aged 68 years, veter-
an newspaperman and a member of a
family of newspaper men, widely known
through  their association with  daily
papers in Milwaukee, died September 29
at his home, 591 Jackson street. He had
long been in ill health. He is survived
by two sons, Willard G., '96, head of the
course in journalism at the university,
and Addison, senior in the college of en-
  Mrs. Auguste Vogel, aged 86: years,.
widow of Fred Vogel, Sr., and mother of
F. A. Vogel, '02, died at Milwaukee on
October 13. The funeral services were
held at Milwaukee on October 15, the
Rev. Carl Gausewitz, pastor of Grace
Lutheran church, officiating.
                Ex- '10.
  Prof. L. H. Bowling of the govern-
ment college at "Chengtu, China, drowned
recently while descending the little river
Min   between  Shajighai and  Kiating.
He was twenty-nine years old.
           THE CLASSES
  John W. Slaughter, in a recent letter
to the editor, gives this interesting bit of
information about himself: "Mr. Fair-
child's death makes me the oldest living
alumnus of the University of Wisconsin.
I am .of the class of '58. Win. F. Vilas.'
death made me the oldest living member
of Alpha-Phi Delta Theta society. Old
in years as the world reckons, but young
and loving of heart." Mr, Slaughter re-
sides at Webster Groves, Mo.
  Bishop James Whitcomb Bashford of
China addressed the university in con-
vocation on October 20 on "The Social
and Political Awakeniing of China.
  T. E. Bowman is stationer and news
dealer at Durango, Colo.

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